7 Great Tips For Enjoying Fun Yearly Family Holidays Together!

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Apply These 7  Useful Tips for Making The Most of Your Yearly Family Holidays Together!

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Yearly Family Holidays

Guidelines to Enjoy Epic Yearly Family Holidays Together, Every Year!

Taking yearly family holidays together is a great way to renew bonds & allows the children to see the world, even if you are just still a couple you can still enjoy wonderful travel experiences together and should go away at least once a year.  Today our fast paced lifestyles are dictated by busy daily routines, building careers, working, juggling budgets and parenting.  There is a reason why we travel, that is, to renew the connection we have with the world around us and feel the true healing power of relaxation.  In fact, science has proven the benefits of travelling and going on holidays!

Annual leave from work for yearly family holidays makes sense as it gives you a chance to relax, renew your spirit and keep your sanity in some cases.  Some popular holiday destinations where you do not need to experience long flights are:

  • Crete
  • Canary islands
  • Cyprus
  • Costa Brava
  • Ibiza
  • Tenerife
  • Lanazarote
  • Malta
  • Menorca plus many others

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Planning your holidays as a family, if your children are old enough, is also an exciting way to get the most out of your yearly family holidays.  It also allows everyone in your family to be satisfied with the destinations, activities and whatever you wish to plan together while on your vacations.  Remember to choose a destination that suits everyone or you may end up with a few disappointed family members!

Below we will go over some useful tips for planning yearly family holidays together.

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Family Beach Holidays

1- Get everyone together as a family to discuss the destination you would like to visit and what each person would like to get out of the trip. Holidays can be adventurous where you can explore exotic destinations or relaxing where you wish to unwind on sandy beaches, or exploration of different cultures, historical places and special sightseeing options.

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Planning Travelling


2- Everyone should have an idea what the budget is going to be for your yearly family holidays so this needs to play a role in which destination and accommodation is going to suit what you can spend, while still having money left over to enjoytours and activities.

Your main expenses are going to be flights and accommodation, with secondary expenses being for holiday shopping, tours, activities, dining and other bits and pieces.  All-Inclusive holiday deals will save you a lot of money for yearly family holidays so start there.

3- To make the most of your holiday destination, everyone should plan a tentative itinerary together which has the option to be flexible.  Discuss places you want to visit and sight see, the different things to do, and how much time will be spent at each location.  Make sure to add some off days where you can simply relax and soak up the sun or whatever you like doing.

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4- Make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy some time out while on holiday, this important especially if your kids are teens they will also want some space to do what they would like while on holiday. Discuss time allowance for everyone making certain there are rules for safety and security.

5- Everyone has different ideas of how a holiday should be with some preferring activity and adventure experiences and others simply relaxing.

Talk about each family members preferences and plan accordingly.  Teens may wish to do some clubbing and socializing with their age groups, small kids want to have fun activities, and adults may wish to explore and do some sightseeing.

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Holiday Planning Tips

6- When the time comes for your yearly family holidays, everyone should participate in packing so that they have everything they need. Have a look at our holiday packing tips in the checklist category for smart packing for your vacations.

7- When you go on yearly family holidays, be flexible.  Things do not always go as planned so avoid putting too much focus on what goes wrong as this may end up ruining the entire trip!

Some days may be raining or there could be a problem with the tour or activity. Take this all in your stride and keep an open mind with some back up plans if things do not work out like you envisaged.

Yearly family holidays should be memorable occasions and everyone has the chance to have some fun and it is a great time to renew your relationships with everyone too.

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Perhaps you have great friends that also have children, if so consider planning epic holidays together and sharing expenses as this can also make holiday budgets go even further as group discounts at hotels, restaurants and tours can be extremely favorable most of the time.

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