Popular Winter Holidays Destinations To Thaw The Icy Chill Out of Your Bones!

The Most Popular Winter Holidays Destinations Where you can Bask in the Sun Under Clear Blue Skies!

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Booking your winter holidays in the sun is easy to do when booking well in advance.  The same goes for any travel and this is always the best way to save money, sometimes we don’t have the time or need a last-minute getaway.  No need to worry as we can help you with that too!  No matter which destinations you would like to visit the same applies, if they are on your bucket list always plan well in advance because tours and other activities can be too busy or expensive which ends up causing a bit of frustration.  In the end you will shave a lot of money off your holiday budget by being prepared.

Booking flights and places to stay long in advance also ensures that you will find the best accommodations in resorts and hotels before they are all full for the holiday seasons.

Beach holidays to warm destinations are the popular choice for people living in countries where winters are very cold, and  Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and islands in the Caribbean are all perfect to get the winter chill out of those bones.

Many families in the United Kingdom love holidaying in The Canary Islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura.  Check out some amazing special offers in winter holidays deals below.

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These Beautiful spots have tons of activities, sightseeing and holiday shopping, not to mention some sensational beaches for relaxation and for children to frolic in the calm seas.

There is also an abundance of options in superb nightlife, restaurants, clubs, bars and quaint cafes.  Due to the popularity of these destinations and the number of tourists, locals are very welcoming and make winter holidays in the sun so much more enjoyable all round.

For example the popular Lanzarote loved by many for memorable winter holidays has some great resorts and accommodation including  ‘Puerto del Carmen’, the ‘Playa Blanca’ and the ‘Costa Teguise’.

Naturally, there are many other options to choose from in hotels and private villa rentals; many just a stones throw from the beach.  Self-catering is often the best way to go as it is a lot cheaper and you can budget to get meals at restaurants of your choice or even cook some local foods!

Tenerife is one of the most sought out holiday spots so it is vital to book early if you want to find the perfect all-inclusive accommodations.

The Canary Islands are an ideal winter holidays destination and here there are over 300 days of the year where you can enjoy blues skies and sunshine.

Sunny Holidays in the Maldives


Winter Holidays in Australia.

Everyone knows that Australia  has a lovely warm climate and even mild winters making it lovely for spending winter holidays.

Accommodation in cities like Perth and Sydney are also plentiful and suitable for couples or large families.

If you want to explore Australia there are many destinations to choose from and during summer you can enjoy some of the best weather in the world with warm temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius.

Imagine enjoying a cocktail on the beach while smugly thinking of your friends and colleagues all freezing back home!

Breathtakingly beautiful scenery for sightseeing, interesting tourist attractions, indigenous and unique wildlife species and great weather all make Australia a top place to visit for winter holidays.

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South Africa and Africa

Africa has a lot to offer tourists at selected destinations and in South Africa, you can visit some of the most gorgeous laid back beaches in Cape Town and Durban and choose from tons of incredible sightseeing and holiday activities.

Travelling around Africa is also exceptionally cheap and accommodation wise there are simply endless options for everyone.

Before travelling to Africa do some research on the prime safe tourist places to visit and for the best of the weather choose from October to April which are the Summer months.

Visit South Africa for Cheap Holidays

South Africa

Visit the Lions in South Africa This Winter

Most Popular Winter Holidays.

Overall for people living in the United Kingdom, Spain comes in first as the most popular destination for holidaymakers and it is easily accessible too.

The beautiful Spanish Coastlines like Costa Del Sol, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca and many others all have access to miles of sandy beaches where you can bask in the sunshine to your heart’s content.

If looking for something slightly different then choose Algarve. This is Portugal’s top tourist spot where millions of holidaymakers from the UK and all over the world flock during the summer months.

Algarve is a prime tourist destination with awesome resorts and hotels to choose from, fabulous nightlife, fine cuisine and wonderful holiday activities to suit the most discerning travellers.

Cyprus is another holiday spot that is becoming more popular with holidaymakers from the United Kingdom.  A lof of travellers prefer Greece as an historic experience but in the South of Cyprus, gorgeous resorts like the ‘Protaras Ayia Napa’ and ‘Paphos’ are in incredibly beautiful settings with amazing weather.

Holidaymakers have wonderful choices of warm destinations for winter holidays and even summer holidays as you prefer.  Our recommendation is to always book early to get the best deals!

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