5 Must See Attractions for an Exciting Weekend in London for The Whole Family!

Enjoy a Weekend in London with Some of the Best Sights & Activities!

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Weekend Holidays in London UK

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat Where Have You Been? For a Weekend In London to See the Queen!

Visiting London is something everyone should have on their bucket lists and if you are local then a weekend in London will give you enough time to see the best attractions in the city.

London is famous for its history, culture and quaint social pubs and where entertainment is concerned there is something for everyone.

Tourists from all over the world flock to London and at any time you will see dozens of tours with foreigners taking pictures, sightseeing and loving every minute they spend in this fantastic city.

At any times of the year whether peak season or out of season, accommodation is never a problem considering there are plentiful hotels, hostels, self-catering apartments and holiday rentals available.

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Weekend Holidays in London UK

Activities abound from sightseeing to fine dining in fine restaurants, no matter what your preferences are in cuisine.  If theatres are your thing, then you absolutely have to book a couple of shows beforehand to see world-class talents.

The incredible shopping is definitely worth a mention with some of the most luxurious and unique stores where you will find fabulous curios, fashion, bespoke clothing, tailors, technology, toys and cosmetics, London truly has it all.

While you spend a weekend in London take time to visit the shopping hubs which are located on Regent, Oxford, Piccadilly and Bond streets, look out for alleys with quaint pubs and stores where you can satisfy all your shopping needs too.

The London Eye is an experience that everyone will love and should do as the view of London and its sheer magnitude will leave you in awe.  It is said to be one of the highest sightseeing wheels in the world.

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Must-See London Attractions.


Below we will list some of the must-visit attractions if you spend a weekend in London, but these are just the tip of the iceberg:

1)Visit the Majestic Tower of London: This is one of the city’s main attractions and most prominent landmarks.  The Tower of London is historically known as a castle of torture, imprisonment, and execution in the dark ages.

Over the ages, it has also served as a royal palace, a fortress and even a royal mint so the history found here is truly a marvel.

2)Visit Kensington Palace: The beautiful and architectural wonder that is The Kensington Palace was the birthplace of Queen Victoria. During this time, it was occupied by William III and Mary II.  It has been a royal residence of the since the 17th century and currently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are residing there.

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Piccadilly Weekend Holidays in London UK


3)Pop into the exotic London Zoo: Most people forget to visit this incredible zoo in Regent’s Park, the home of over 13000 species of animals and birds, a wonderful butterfly paradise and of course the popular monkey’s exhibit.

4)A must visit is Windsor Castle the home of Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle has been the official residence of all the Kings and Queens for the last 9 centuries!  Windsor Castle is historically the longest-occupied castle with royalty in the world.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Attractions

Madame Tussauds Weekend Holidays in London UK

5)Explore Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum: This is an incredible place to visit, filled with wax made effigies perfect in every detail featuring celebrities, royalty, influential and historic characters in beautiful galleries.

During your visit, you will also be able to ride a quaint mini car to see extra figures and historical galleries along the track which is an amazing experience all on its own.

There are dozens more exciting places and attractions you can visit from museums to Westminster Abbey, Soho to Thames River cruises; there are so many things to do and see on a weekend in London that you will probably have to go more than once!

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Sightseeing Weekend Holidays in London UK

Transport Around London

When you spend a weekend in London as a tourist, you have access to transport in the form of taxis, subway trains and buses that stop off at many of the major London attractions.  You can find various ticket offices which provide travel cards to hop on and off at your convenience at great rates too.  This feature is better than paying individual rates for transport whenever you need to go somewhere.

Plan your weekend in London ahead of time and by choosing specific attractions in advance you will save time and money as well as give you priority in some queues which makes exploring London an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Choosing London Accommodations

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There are dozens of places to stay for a weekend in London and many of them are very affordable. Look for bed and breakfast options because eating a hearty breakfast before you start out will keep you satisfied for most of the day.

Find the perfect budget hotel and make your reservation in advance so that your weekend in London is sorted completely with attractions, meals, transport and all the small details.

There are many money-saving benefits of reserving your hotel in London online.

Make comparisons between options and different locations and find the best possible deals where you want to stay for your weekend.

Planning your weekend in London carefully avoids having to pay extravagant prices for accommodation and sightseeing and this will make it an enjoyable holiday as well as a memorable experience.

On Cheap Holidays Abroad you will be able to find some great deals in attractions accommodation and everything in between, all from premium suppliers that offer the best deals.

If you are coming to visit from abroad then you can contact us on Facebook to help you plan an exciting holiday in London.

We will search out the best rates for you from airfare, hotel, and car rentals and even select some major attractions and entertainment you can choose from. Everyone always loves a trip to London because it is a fabulous holiday experience that offers something for everyone no matter what age group you are.

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