Visiting Amsterdam is Truly Enchanting, Truly Historical & Truly Magical!

Amsterdam Travel Options

After Visiting Amsterdam Once, It Will Have You Coming Back for More!

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Visiting Amsterdam for Holidays Abroad

Visit This Gorgeous City for a Holiday, Honeymoon or To Relax From Fast-Paced Living!

If you are in need of a holiday which is something completely different or out of the ordinary, consider visiting Amsterdam. Besides being a stunning destination you will find budget beating holidays which wont hit your pocket as hard as other parts of Europe.  If you have put Netherlands travel on your Bucket list this is the perfect place to start before venturing into the beautiful countryside!

This gorgeous European city has much to offer tourists and is considered a safe destination for the families with loads of things to do in and around the area. The locals are very welcoming to foreigners and exploring this beautiful city is truly a pleasure.

You will find that there are very few communication barriers while visiting Amsterdam because most locals speak English fluently, with some even speaking French and German.  Amsterdam is a wonder to see with it’s web of canals that loop around the city centre which can be used to take in so much of the great history and architecture.

Visitors come from all over the world to visit Amsterdam, a lot of couples choose to visit after their weddings as it is also a great honeymoon destination with it’s charming, peaceful feel. After Paris, this is the fourth most visited city.

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Cheap Holidays to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect city for walking and hiking to see the wonderful sightseeing and interesting attractions it offers.  However, the most popular option is to rent a bike at one of the numerous bike rental stores around the city and because the area is mostly flat, cycling is also a pleasure and walking is not as tiring.

Transportation options further include trains, buses and taxis being both affordable and very reliable.

Some  Attractions to See While Visiting Amsterdam

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There are some awesome monuments and over 40 museums to visit if you love sightseeing and history, and for tourist convenience the pavements(sidewalks) and roads are always clearly marked, making them easy to locate if you are walking or cycling.

It is in Amsterdam where you will find famous works from the likes of Rembrandt and Vermeer amongst others.  But if you are a fan of Van Gogh you have to visit the dedicated Van Gogh Museum in the city.

For a deeper feel and information about Amsterdam, consider visiting the Museum of Willet-Holthuysen which has been claimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Everyone knows the ‘Tulips of Amsterdam’ song and if you want the best sights of these floral beauties then visiting Amsterdam from late June to end august is the best time to see them in all their glory.  Besides tulips, there are other beautiful flower shows including Holland’s pride Narcissus and Daffodils.

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Amsterdam Holidays

Of course, while visiting Amsterdam you should definitely take a boat ride on the canals which are said to stretch for over 90 miles allowing you to see beautiful sites as you cruise along while feeling tranquil and relaxed.

Getting to Amsterdam is very cheap as are the accommodation options in the city. In addition, wining and dining is also fairly cheap at local restaurants and pubs so your holiday budget is certain to go a long way.

Visiting Amsterdam is truly a holiday destination with a difference where you have a chance to explore wonderful culture and incredible history dating back before the 1600s.  It’s a family holiday destination that will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time.

8 Must Do Activities and Attractions While Visiting Amsterdam

While on holiday in Amsterdam be prepared for a an amazing itinerary, with so much to see and experience every moment will keep keep you busy and excited! Below is our list of 8 things to do in Amsterdam;

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Amsterdam vacation Activities

  1. Visit the Dam Square & Royal Palace

Dam Square is located on the site of the Amstel Dam and is close to the beautiful royal palace. This was originally the town hall but later, after the crowning of Napoleon became the royal palace.

A Historical View of The Square

Visiting Amsterdam for Holidays

  1. Browse the inside of Anne Frank’s House

Close to The Square, you will also find Anne Franks house which is a reminder of the Nazi occupation during the 2nd world war.  It can often be quite busy during the tourist season so book in advance for this tour.

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  1. Visit the Incredible Rijksmuseum

Here you will discover some of the most famous artworks in the world as well as beautiful porcelain dolls and dollhouses that you will only find in Holland.  The exquisite artwork is truly magnificent and definitely a sight not to miss out on while visiting Amsterdam.

  1. Don’t Miss out on the Famous Van Gogh Museum

This museum needs no introduction because this is where Van Gogh artworks are exhibited.  His complete artwork collection is shown in this museum and you will be awed by it all especially if you are an art lover.  Immerse yourself in some of the most thought-provoking artwork from this fine artist only in Amsterdam.

  1.  Shop Till You Drop at The Albert Cuypmarkt

Shopaholics will definitely love browsing the ‘Albert Cuypmarkt’  which offers the biggest variety of wares you will ever see all at exceptional value for money, so much so, that you will need another suitcase to take it all home with you!

6. Experience the Vibrant Vondelpark Summer Festival

If vibrant festivals are your thing, then visiting Amsterdam during June and August is perfect not only for the Tulips and flowers but also for the many outdoor festivals, one of which is the Vondelpark Summer Festival. This is an open-air concert where many genres of music are performed from a variety of great artists.  There is also a performance theatre and cabaret, which is loved by young and old with.

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7. The Main Holland Festival

The Dutch have their biggest festival event during June and this continues for three and a half weeks. There is so much to see as performers and artists showcase their flair and talents as well as their wares during the festival.

8. Dine-in Grand Cafes to Sample Delicious Cuisine

You will discover Amsterdam’s notorious cafes all over the city where you can enjoy local cuisine while having a glass of wine or have a delicious snack any time of the day or night, don’t forget to try a Stroopwafel.

There is truly something for everyone in Amsterdam where it concerns holiday activities and fun.  This budget beating destination gives you a chance to truly unwind and relax.


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