Visit Germany On Mid-Week & Weekend Breaks for Sightseeing & Magical Markets!

Holidays In Germany

Visit Germany: A Wonderful Tourist Destination With Interesting Sights, Historical Attractions and Fairy Tale Castles.

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Travellers Can Visit Germany For Short Weekend Breaks or Full Family Holidays

Millions of tourists visit Germany coming from all over the world, and if you live in the UK it is just a short flight to experience unique atmosphere and different culture. There are tons of fabulous things to do when you visit Germany and if you love history and sightseeing you can also definitely get your fill.  Germany is also great for family holidays where the kids are a little older and need something more interesting than the beach.

The most common attractions tourists seek out while holidaying in Germany are visiting the many fairytale-like castles, sampling the local cuisine and of course the famous German beers.

The many beautiful castles all over Germany are historical prized possessions.  Inside most castles, you will find museums and even places to dine on great food or snacks, and also try some fine German beer.

Expert guides are delighted to give you their background history and take you on guided tours. Many people will mention that German beer is the finest in the world and German breweries are loathed to share the brewing secrets of their preservative-free beer, claiming its the special pure spring waters they use in the processes.

Still today, the government makes it mandatory that no preservatives, colourants or additives are allowed in their beer.  Food-wise, German cuisine needs no introduction and you will find dozens of varieties of German sausages Wurst’s, schnitzels and other lovely vegetable dishes with sauerkraut which must be mentioned!

Make sure you try out many other dishes that are not as common but equally delicious and you should always ask restaurants what the daily specials are to keep your taste buds entertained.

Oktoberfest Germany

Have Fun in Germany During Oktoberfest:  It is said to be the biggest beer party you can imagine with more beer flowing than the Nile river, which is an exaggeration of course but it gives you the idea of the sheer magnitude of the festival. The Oktoberfest attracts millions of beer connoisseurs from all over the world each year and is the busiest time in Germany.

Hundreds of beer tents are packed with beer drinkers and revellers and you can buy authentic Oktoberfest beer too from the morning to the night. Visit Germany for the many other super holiday activities, sightseeing and lots more for your holiday.  Below are some of the most popular places to visit while there and you can try one or more depending on the duration of your holiday.

Germany is also the perfect mid-week or weekend break destination for UK Travellers and its cheap to travel there and back as are the many options in accommodations to choose from.

Tours and Attractions in Germany


Places and Cities to Visit While in Germany.

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Berlin In Germany

Explore The Capital City Of Berlin. . .Go Here For Christmas Markets!

Berlin being the capital of Germany is rich in history, culture, nightlife, sightseeing and beautiful architecture. Make the most of sightseeing to visit some luscious parks, wonderful museums, awesome bridges and lovely gardens.  Berlin offers a good blend of culture and modernism with a lot more to do than other cities, so if you are looking for an authentic experience with charm and a difference, then Berlin is your go to.

Walking tours with professional guides are the best way to experience the history of the city as there is much to see and do so this will save you time and energy!  With over 70 Christmas markets during the holiday season, make sure to book as early as possible.

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Munich Germany

 Visit Wonderful Munich.

Munich is located in the south of Germany near the beautiful alps and it is here that the annual Oktoberfest is held. Munich offers some superb cultural activities, delicious cuisine and great entertainment like opera, ballet, fine history museums and art galleries.  Munich is also where the BMW vehicle factory is located and there are often guided tours for car enthusiasts at certain times of the year.

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Hannover in Germany

Visit Historical Hannover.

Hannover oozes history while also being a modern city of contrasts. It is here you will find some incredible architecture, beautiful gardens and royal parks. Visit the many restaurants and bars found in Hannover and enjoy the vibrant nightlife at one of many clubs and bars in the area.

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Dusseldorf City Germany

Pop Over and Visit Dusseldorf.

This fine German city lies next to the huge Rhine River, home to the most majestic castles and exquisite landscapes. You can also look forward to fine holiday shopping while visiting and enjoy the unique fashions and rich German culture the city is known for.

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Cologne in Germany

Cologne Next to The Rhine River.

This city also lies along the Rhine River and is one of the oldest cities in Germany.  Here you can look forward to lovely boat tours, historical sightseeing and fine art galleries and museums. There are also some stunning cathedrals located in Cologne.

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Frankfurt City in Germany

Don’t Miss Out On Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is the network of connections to many other destinations in Europe and where most people begin their holiday in Germany. This city is the economic and financial hub of Germany and was the place where kings and emperors lived in ancient times.

There are dozens of wonderful holiday experiences you can look forward to when visiting Frankfurt and the cultural experiences are plentiful as it is a hub of tourist activity.

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Hamburg in Germany

 Visit The City of Hamburg.

Located on the River Elbe, Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany. It is also the main harbour city in Germany giving it that ocean side charm with a wealth of great restaurants and pubs to enjoy delicious seafood. Two-thirds of Hamburg are covered in beautiful parks with huge trees and this is also a popular place for picnics and especially romance!

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Stuttgart in Germany

Stuttgart by The Mountains.

Stuttgart is located by the Swabia Mountains close to where the Black forest lies. This is the home of Mercedes Benz and Porsche so the city has plentiful shopping and modern architecture, it certainly is a city not to be missed. There are also fine wine festivals held here at certain times of the year.

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Dresden In Germany

Dresden, The Metropolitan City.

Dresden is the biggest metropolitan area in Germany where much of the manufacturing takes place and is also rich in German culture.

Other fine cities to visit when you visit Germany on holidays or short breaks are Kreuzberg and Freiberg which both offer their own unique experiences, attractions, tours and activities for visitors.

When you visit Germany for holidays  you will never be bored and the locals are always welcoming to tourists.  For something completely different for your next vacation consider visiting this fine European country and you will definitely love the time spent there.

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