What Sort of Traveler are You? Here is Some Insight in to UK Travelers Preferences for 2019

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Holiday Preferences and Choices for UK Travelers When Planning Holidays Locally and Abroad.

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What UK Travelers Want For Yearly Holidays and Weekend Get-Aways.

With technology and modes of transport allowing easier access to travelers all over the world, visiting exotic destinations and going on adventurous holidays packed with unique experiences is now easier than ever before.

UK travelers are a breed on their own seeking something extra special on every holiday they go on whether it’s a ‘staycation’, local vacation, weekend getaway or visiting destinations abroad.

Holiday wants and preferences also change by different age groups with seniors without children looking out for sightseeing and country style holidays and the younger generation seeking adventurous experiences and beach holidays.

Those that fall into young adults and family groups are the fun in the sun type and are normally in the age group 30 to 40 years of age.  Lastly higher-income individuals lookout for luxury holidays at premium resorts at exotic island destinations and unique holiday experiences.

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UK Travelers Insights

Some Options in Holidays Preferred by UK Travelers.

Most people in the United Kingdom enjoy travelling at least twice per year mixing the options in a local holiday and one abroad depending on their budgets.

Holiday choices during the summer for British travelers include popular destinations like Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and France.  In the latter part of the year, many UK travelers seek warm beach holidays to escape the winter freeze and these top destinations are often packed with British tourists.

Luxury cruises have also become hugely popular as prices continue to become more affordable to everyone and with numerous destination options and durations of cruises with luxury cruise lines the choices are endless.

Finally, the younger crowd, newlywed couples and young families seek adventure experience holidays and tours while the older generation prefers historic experiences and sightseeing holidays.

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Holiday Planning Preferences for UK Travelers

With Internet access and mobile phones, British travelers now find it easy and convenient to book their entire holiday online and travel and tourism websites have provided this convenience to everyone.  Here is some insight into UK travelers preferences when planning holidays and travel.

At the conclusion of the online booking confirmations, documents and receipts can simply be printed or stored on a mobile device and you are ready to go.

UK Travelers planning their upcoming holidays still procrastinate, often leaving the bookings for accommodation and flights until the last minute and as a result, spending more than what would have been the case if the holiday was booked early.

The high volume of searches for last-minute holiday deals is an indication of this fact and the downside is that on last-minute holiday deals you may not quite get what you would have enjoyed planning the holiday at your leisure.

Today up to 80% of people book online saving on travel agents fees while 12% may book by phoning in and some may even visit a travel agency in person.  Desktop computers are still the preferred technology used for booking holidays, followed by tablets and lastly mobile phones.

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The Budget Preferences in Holiday Options.

UK travelers love the convenience of an all-inclusive holiday where flights and accommodation are included with extras like bed and breakfast or those where drinks are included.

Package holidays, all-inclusive cruises and all-inclusive holiday deals with flights and hotels included are the most popular bookings using online travel agencies while older generations will still do inquiries by phone.

Affluent travelers will leave the entire holiday booking in their travel agents hands and are usually happy to pay whatever agencies fees and commissions there are for the services. The duration of holidays can now be planned according to your budget using booking websites to make comparisons and change dates until the holiday suits the budget as closely as possible.

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All Inclusive Holidays

Travelling Habits for British Travelers.

If a great holiday experience was enjoyed at a particular destination then many will return a few times and in some cases, the holiday destinations will even become a favourite to visit year after year.

The same applies to the smooth experience of booking a holiday and the services enjoyed which will in turn also make UK travelers use the services in the future.  British travelers are also influenced by holiday reviews and word of mouth from family, friends and work colleagues on where they will go on holiday and where they will avoid.

Social media is another popular medium for British travelers seeking information and feedback on holiday places they are thinking of visiting.

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Holiday destinations are chosen for the weather conditions, especially if the holiday will be a sightseeing one or relaxation on warm beaches more than anything else.

Each year more and more UK travelers are becoming more discerning in choices for holidays with many now wanting to explore countries abroad, experiencing different cultures and landscapes that make these destinations unique.

For most people, a holiday is no longer just time to get away and relax but rather a complete experience in adventure, sightseeing, spiritual renewal and excitement.  Whatever type of traveler you are, travel is always good for the soul and stimulates the mind when you explore new horizons.

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