12 Tips for Travelling With Little Kids That Every Parent Needs to Know!

Tips for Safe Travelling With Family

Please Share These 12 Tips for Travelling With Little Kids With Parents You Know That Are Travelling on Holidays Soon!

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Tips for Parents Travelling With Children

Useful Guidelines for Travelling With Little Kids By Air on Holidays Abroad.

Travelling with little kids for your holidays can be stressful and you don’t want that considering that your holiday is a time to relax for everyone. It can be quite challenging when travelling with little kids when you go on family holidays and these useful tips will help you plan and cope better.

Flying abroad with children can be particularly stressful and even more so if it is the childs first flight or they are still toddlers.

Proper planning using this checklist will help you make your holiday an enjoyable experience for everyone and if you know a family with children that are travelling soon please share this article with them on Facebook.

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Helpful Tips For Travelling With Little Kids By Air On Holidays Abroad.

1) Make sure to Always Book Your Seats In Advance.

It can happen that you end up separated in different rows on the aircraft so avoid this from happening by booking your seats as soon as they open.  Many airlines now allow online booking with pictures of the layout of the plane to make things simple for everyone.

Children over 2 will have their own seats, while sometimes small babies will be allowed to sit on a parents lap. Check with the airlines to see what the procedure is for little kids.

Most airlines have websites with all the details you need for seating arrangements.

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2) Boarding Passes, Itinerary and Holiday Details.

Keep records on your phone or tablets of boarding passes and holiday information for easy retrieval.  Note down flight numbers, itineraries, parking tickets and reservation numbers.

You can even send this information to your phone so that it is instantly on hand when you arrive at your destination and at the airports.

3) Leave Early and Give Everyone Extra Time.

When you have to think about the children then you need ample time for planning and handling all the issues that come with flying. Think about the time needed for baggage check-in at airport security and distances from departure gates.

Be their early so as soon as security is open you can start going through with the whole family which will be less stressful when the crowds start forming.  To speed up getting through security, avoid wearing belts and wear slip-on shoes that can be removed quickly.  Keep all metal objects on you to a minimum including on your children.

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4) Plan to use Conveniences of Airport Lounges.

Most people believe that airport lounges are just for business class passengers but there are often lounges’ for everyone at most international airports which are freely available to all passengers.

With small kids you will have time to get snacks and drinks and there are some lounges that offer play areas for children too.

The lounge will also give you time to gather yourself and relax a bit before going through to departure gates. 

5) Take Activities Along for Little kids on The Flight.

Plan to have coloring books or little toys and gifts for kids to keep them busy and occupied.  Children have short attention spans so give this some thought. Today you can use tablets and technology which is helpful and most long flight aircraft will have entertainment on board such as movies and music as well as charging ports to keep their devices on.

6) Take Your Time leaving the Plane after landing.

Everyone wants to rush off the aircraft after landing, especially after long flights!  Some passengers push and shove while getting their hand luggage in overhead compartments.  Be patient and rather wait a little longer to avoid this rush.  You will also find that it is easier to get your luggage off the conveyor after everyone else has departed.

7) Dress Children Comfortably and Visibly.

Dress children and small toddlers in bright colour clothing which helps for visibility in case they wander.  Put clear & concise identification in their pockets, or on armbands with your phone numbers in case they get lost.

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Travelling With Little Kids

8) Using Rest Rooms and Refreshing.

Little children often need the restroom more often than adults so take them to the restroom as close to boarding as possible.  Also, avoid giving them too much too drink to stop them from ‘needing to go’ too often.

9) Air Travel Accessories for Little kids.

One of the most important and often overlooked tips for travelling with little kids is toiletries and accessories.  Keep baby wipes and sanitary refresher towels to mop up spills and accidents.

Keep these extras in your carry on luggage and some sweet treats and chewing gum to pop their ears (if they are old enough for this) which you can give to children on the plane.  Once you have gone through security these can be bought at pharmacies and duty-free shops.

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11) Travel Insurance for Everyone.

When travelling with little kids it is vital to make sure you have adequate travel insurance.  You can review some travel insurance options for families which can be cheaper if you buy it for everyone on a single policy.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and if you have very young children check the terms and conditions of the medical cover in your policy to make certain it is sound.

12) Travel Early Rather Than Late.

A last important tip for travelling with little kids is to choose flights as early in the day as possible.  Children get tired as the day goes on and can become irritable and difficult.  Avoid night flying if possible and choose flights with as little stops and delays as you can, even if they cost a little more.

These useful tips for travelling with little kids will help you plan your holiday better and make it less stressful.  Share them with parents you know that are going on holidays soon and they will be grateful for the heads up!

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