8 More Travel Tips You Can Take To The Bank for Smooth, Trouble Free Holidays!

8 Travel Tips For Smart Travellers to Enjoy Hassle-Free Travelling Locally and Abroad.

Travel Tips for Enjoyable Holidays

Travel Tips and Guidelines for Perfect Holiday Experiences

If you love travelling then it would be wise to take these smart travel tips into consideration.  Some of them may be ideas you have never even thought about, so visit our guides section for more free travel tips as well as some downloads of great books with useful travel guides that will save you time and money when you go on holidays.

The guides below are general travel tips but you will find many others for travelling with children, airport security, stress free flying and some amazing tips for the ultimate way to pack your luggage.

1- Always Pack Liquids and Cosmetics in a Plastic Bag.

Besides saving you disasters if one of the containers leaks in your luggage, you will also find baggage security request or recommend this depending on where you are flying from and flying to.  If you have liquids and medication in secure leak-proof bags then you are one step ahead.

2- Take An Extra Day Off Before Travelling.

Planning holidays, packing and all the other arrangements can be stressful so consider taking a day off before your holiday begins.  The same is useful for having an extra day to relax after your holiday before returning to your 9 to 5. The extra time allows you to think of what needs to be done both before and after your holidays.

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3- Save Money & Book Holidays Online.

When booking your holidays, go for all-inclusive options and packages, this will save money on agents fees and commissions, best of all it is convenient and simple to use with most agencies reporting more than 70% of bookings are now being done online!

Use Cheap Holidays Abroad  to book and get everything right all in one go, from flights to accommodation and even tours, experiences, travel insurance and car rentals.

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4- Purchase Travel Insurance: Not Negotiable.

People want to save money on their holiday and the first thing to go out of the window is travel insurance.  One of the most vital travel tips is taking out this cover, especially if you are travelling to a foreign country.

You never know when things can go wrong and more than likely when you do not have insurance and medical cover, things tend to happen, its Murphy’s Law!

5- Check Flights From Different Airports.

Most people try and fly from the airport closest to where they live but a lot of money can be saved by travelling a little further to fly from an alternative airport.

Travelling by train or car to an airport a little farther away will still be more cost-effective in some cases.  Do your due diligence when booking flights, check stopovers and flight times before you book so you don’t end up with 3 stops that are hours long when the destination is less than 6 hours away!  If are prepared to stop it can save you a bit of money over flying direct, but it will cost you valuable holiday time.

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6- Check Prices between Hotels and Resorts.

There are vast differences between the prices of accommodation between resorts, hotels and even holiday rentals.  In addition to this, the amount of stars a hotel or accommodation has is proportional to what you are going to pay for it but it is not always better to book higher star accommodation.

If you are travelling solo then go for staying in hostels or shared accommodation and you will shave a lot of money off the prices of places to stay especially if you are backpacking.

7- Check Flight and Country Security.

Check online to learn about security measures at certain destinations and what is not allowed before you fly, some countries have strict security and may hold you up.  Look up luggage restrictions and what you can take with you on the flight and be aware of what is allowed and not allowed in the country where you are travelling to.

Knowing what is acceptable for security for all aspects of your trip will save you grief, explanations and fines later on.

Never accept luggage from others, keep your luggage in sight at all times until it is checked and lock your suitcases with mini but strong and durable padlocks to be safe. If you see luggage has been tampered with don’t touch it and call security immediately because you may be a mule for something.

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When the plane finally lands and everyone is ready to disembark, be patient and let everyone go first. It is pointless standing in the aisle queue with your hand luggage for 15 minutes while waiting for the impatient ones in front of you to get off, finish that film or get your phone up on the local network so long.

8- Travel Documents and Cash.

Although this is one of the most important travel tips, people still get stranded because they do not make adequate arrangements for managing holiday cash and travel documents.

Always make three copies of your travel documents and take two with you while leaving a set with friends or family at home in case yours are lost or stolen.

Also consider splitting cash and carrying it on different persons to avoid losing it all in one go and keep some in cards as well as traveller’s checks.

Hope you enjoyed these useful travel tips!  You will find many others in the Cheap Holidays Abroad “Holiday Checklist Section” on our homepage.  Travel safely, have fun and relax on your next holiday with peace of mind so you can truly let go.

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