14 Basic Travel Safety Tips for Holiday and Business Travelers to ALWAYS Remember!

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Apply These 14 Basic Travel Safety Tips for Holiday and Business Travel To Make Your Experience Abroad a Memorable One!

Staying Safe While Travelling

Travel Safety Tips Every Traveller Should Be Aware of When Visiting Abroad

Travelling is great for the soul and at some time or another in your life you are going to travel to countries you have never been to before.  Read and share these important basic travel safety tips and keep them in mind no matter what destination you will be visiting.

These useful travel safety tips will ensure your holiday is exciting, a smooth enjoyable experience and most importantly will help you avoid nasty experiences.

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First of all use the technology at your disposal to thoroughly research the country where you will be travelling to for business or for a holiday. Learn as much as you can about local customs, the currencies, regulations and laws of your destination.

Knowing what to expect when you are there will make you feel more comfortable on your holiday and if the language is not English, get a basic phrasebook to help you communicate and always keep it handy on you.

Go to travel agents as well and see what they have in the way of maps, guidebooks, first aid kits and other useful items which you should take along on holiday.  Abide by the following travel safety tips and make them non negotiable if you can!

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Travel Safety Tips for Business or Holidays.

1 – Always get decent quality travel insurance and choose cover where you are immediately covered after your payment. You can apply for travel insurance on our booking site Cheap Holidays Abroad Bookings for Convenience.

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2 – One of the most important travel safety tips which people ignore is making copies of their travel documents, reservations, flight bookings and passports. If these are lost or stolen having copies of them makes it easier to replace at your embassy and are proof that you did have all your papers in order before your originals were stolen or lost.

3 – While on holidays in foreign countries keep a low profile and don’t act like an unsure tourist. Try and blend in with the locals and avoid wearing flashy jewellery, and new clothes that stand out.

4 – Do not discuss your travel plans on social media or publicly because this is how you can be targeted by criminals. If you want to tell friends about your holiday do this after it is over. There are lots of trolls, scam artists, and criminals online that target tourists that will be visiting their countries.

5 – Some countries may have high levels of crime especially in certain areas so stay alert and keep valuables, jewellery and excess money locked in the hotel or resort safe. Only take as much money as you need for the day or activities or tours.

6 – Fanny packs or concealed money belts are popular to store cash and other essential documents safely on your person while you are travelling and are a great investment. Invest in quality durable ones.

7 – When handing over credit or debit cards to make payments do not get distracted and keep a watchful eye on them until they are handed back to you. Check them carefully before you put them away again because smart criminals can palm you a false card without you knowing.

8 – While relaxing on beaches always keep a watchful eye on your personal items and if you go swim then ask someone to watch them while you do. Never leave personal items or suitcases or handbags and purses unattended.

9 – Always respect local laws and customs in the country you are visiting and should you get into any trouble then contact your nearest embassy for help or if that is not possible your hotel or resort staff.

10 – Make a note of police stations and hospitals in your area when you arrive and also write down some key phrases in case the country does not have English as their main language. Words like “Help!” or “Where is the police station?” or “Can you get me a taxi?” are useful phrases to know.

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Travel Safety Tips for Flying.

11 – Check in promptly when it opens at the airport and do not procrastinate in the main terminal area or discuss travel plans with any strangers while you are waiting.

Be familiar with exits and safe areas within airport terminals and know where security personnel are located in case you need them. NEVER leave bags and luggage unattended and verify baggage claim check when checking in baggage and collecting them at your destinations.

Accommodation Hotel & Resort Safety.

You will find some great travel safety tips on accommodation in our checklist category but here are some tips we will go over to remind you. Always keep a card with your hotel or resort address in your wallets or purses to give to a taxi driver or transport you are using.

12 – Choose accommodation that is reputable in safe tourist areas. Book lower level rooms like second floors if you can because these are the best to exit in case of fires or emergencies. However, try to avoid the ground floor as these are easily accessible by burglars.

When arriving at your hotel check where the emergency exits & fire escapes are and alarm pulls or buttons. Always keep your hotel or resorts room doors locked and if you use room service first verify who is knocking before answering. Do not invite strangers to visit your accommodation while you are on holidays or business travel.

Use the hotel safe to immediately store valuable cameras, smartphones, jewellery, and money.  Do not leave anything visibly lying around for staff to see. When you leave your room for the day, consider putting the “Do not disturb” sign on your door and only call in the cleaning staff when you want them to clean your rooms.

Always carry the room keys with you because it is not necessary to leave it at the front desk and stow it securely so that no one can see the label and read where you are staying while on your holiday.

Lastly, when you return from the day out or any excursions especially at night, be vigilant before entering parking lots or hotel and resort entrances.

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Out and About Travel Safety Tips

13 – Get a map and keep it handy for the area where you are staying, try to familiarize yourself with the location of your accommodation and ask the local hotel staff where unsafe areas are and avoid them even by circling them with a marker on your tour map.

Avoid staying out late at nights and visit clubs, bars and venues you know are safe for tourists and visitors. When walking back to your hotel in cases where you do not need a taxi, stay on wide streets which are well lit.

If walking is not feasible then call a reputable taxi or transport service to get you back to your hotel. At bars and clubs watch while drinks are being poured or opened in front of you and don’t accept drinks from strangers.

If attacked by criminals or burglars, don’t resist especially if they are armed because it may lead to violence or even death. Rather give them what they want and report the crime as soon as possible.

14 – Wherever you go always remain together in a group for safety and do not let children or young adults out of your sight while in strange countries.

Enjoy safe travels and stay vigilant with these smart travel safety tips.

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