8 Tips for Saving Money on Travel You Should Be Reminded of Before Planning Your Holidays Abroad!

Saving Money On Holidays

Apply These Useful Tips for Saving Money on Holidays and Travel To Make Your Budget Go Further!

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How to Make Your Travel Budget Go Further

How to Save Money on Your Holiday Accommodation, Flights, Tours and Activities.

Before the rise of the Internet, planning your holidays meant visiting a travel agency and waiting on quotes with a lot less information.  Things are a lot different, more convenient and effective thanks to technology and by using our tips for booking online you can start saving money on holidays and travel easily.

Cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your holiday either and applying these tips for saving money on holidays and travel will allow your vacation budget to go so much further and even allow you to visit better destinations than your average holiday options.

The first thing you should decide is where you want to go on holiday and be set on the destination, only then should you move on to planning your holidays.

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Tips for Saving Money on Holidays and Travel

Take Note of These Proven Tips for Saving Money On Holidays and Travel:

1) Many travel agencies charge commissions and agency fees but by using the Internet to do your own bookings for flights, accommodation and holiday activities you save a percentage on each.

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2) Early booking is crucial and is the biggest money saver, from experience we can tell you that the same holiday can cost almost double with just a month’s difference in booking time. Prices can increase up to 10% per week in many cases!

This is one of the most important tips for saving money on holidays and travel people still ignore. Consider planning Christmas holidays now for example and get better deals, guaranteed.

3). Look at all the options in accommodation from self-catering to all-inclusive, and make a comparison between the star ratings to see where you can save money.

Many holiday destinations have accommodation in 1, 2, 3, star options which still offer you fabulous service and rooms, you don’t need to go 4 or 5-star luxury as the holiday is more about the location than the hotel.

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Holiday Accommodation savings Tips

4) Look for ‘internet booking only’ travel suppliers which offer great coupon saving deals for booking online. You can plan your entire holiday all in the comfort of your own home and save money this way with discounted deals. All-inclusive holiday deals where flights and accommodation are summed up into one price will save you a lot of money and hassles while booking your holidays

If you are strapped for time to get personalized services from Cheap Holidays Abroad by contacting us on Facebook and we will do all the legwork for you to find great deals for easy booking.

5) This one is fairly obvious but should be mentioned, avoid peak times if possible because rates are hugely different between peak and off-peak.

If you do not have children in school then go on holidays out of season and enjoy your getaway without the destination and attractions being overcrowded with tourists. Travel a little earlier or after peak seasons and save a lot of money on your holiday budgets.

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Tips for Saving Money on Flights and Accommodation

6) Book tours and attractions online well in advance or if possible at the same time as booking your holiday.  Planning your activities in advance and having an itinerary saves you time and money.

If you have an idea of activities you like or want to try while on holiday then you will also have travelling arrangements to make, like renting a car.  Transportation, train fares and other travelling requirements are essential for a smooth, enjoyable holiday at your preferred destination.

7) Another important tip for saving money on holidays and travel is planning your meals and entertainment. Oddly enough the last thing on many travellers’ minds is what they are going to eat and where.

Keep a portion of your holiday budget aside for meals in restaurants; take out foods, sweet things and all the little extras.  If you are taking self-catering accommodation options, then work out your meal plans in advance for the entire duration of your holiday carefully, to save you money.

8) Book non-cancellation holiday deals and you will notice there is a huge difference between these and cancellation option bookings.  But beware, if something comes up you will not be able to get a full or even partial refund so have a back up plan like an option to sell the holiday to someone you know!

Make certain you are satisfied with your accommodation and flights 100% and then only book your holiday.  Special rate deals are non-refundable and this is why they are special rate deals in the first place being far cheaper than what they would be otherwise.  So be sure!

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Cheap Holidays Abroad

It can be stressful planning a holiday abroad because there are so many things to think about and you can easily forget to do something or overlook a crucial detail.

Cheap holidays Abroad has some great tips for saving money on holidays and travel as well as other useful information in the holidays’ checklist section.

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