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Sunset Madrid, Spain

Visit These Popular Destinations in Spain For Awesome Holidays Over The Christmas Season!

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Barcelona Popular Destinations in Spain

Choose These Popular Destinations in Spain to Go Somewhere Warm This Winter!

Plan a wonderful holiday over winter by visiting these popular destinations in Spain but book early to save money and grab some awesome deals now. British tourists love visiting Spain and it is actually a huge favourite for tourists from all over the world.

Everyone knows that Barcelona tops the list in tourist attractions and sightseeing, but we are going to focus on some alternative destinations here to give you more ideas.

Spain offers something special for everyone no matter what age group and you can look forward to sampling delicious cuisine, enjoying fabulous tours, attractions and activities, or if you want to unwind, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found in Spain.

Spanish people are extremely friendly and even more welcoming to visitors.  Their laid back lifestyle is infectious and you will find yourself relaxing away from the fast-paced lifestyle you are used to.

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Spanish Cuisine

Look forward to enjoying any of the numerous tourist attractions from gorgeous architecture to historical sites and breathtaking panoramic country views while on holiday.

A huge plus for tourists is the wonderfully comfortable climate all year round, this is one of the main reasons why it is perfect for those who live in countries where winter is icy cold in nearby regions.  These popular destinations in Spain will give you some ideas on where you can plan your holiday this year and if you have never visited this fabulous country you should definitely add it to your Bucket List.

Some Tours and Attractions in Spain

Most Popular Destinations in Spain: Tour The Beautiful Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands tops the list of popular destinations in Spain consisting of 7 large islands, which are:

  • Fuerteventura
  • Tenerife
  • The Gran Canaria
  • La Palma
  • El Hierro
  • Lanzarote
  • La Gomera

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Canary island Beaches

Tourists love visiting the Canary Islands, especially those that are seeking glorious warm sunny beaches, panoramic landscapes, endless blue skies and calm ocean waters.

Every island offers something unique in rich culture, fabulous holiday shopping, super holiday activities and memorable tourist attractions.  Any holiday to the Canary Islands is a memorable one, but because of the popularity as a tourist destination, booking early is crucial if you want to get a great deal and pay half of what everyone else is paying!

Visit and Experience The Beauty of Valencia.

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Visit Valencia In Spain

Another one of the top popular destinations in Spain is Valencia located on the eastern side of the country.  This area is made up of majestic mountain ranges offering breathtaking scenery and landscapes unspoiled by modern construction.

If you are looking for gorgeous coastlines you will also not be disappointed and there are some fabulous beaches here such as La Malvarrosa, Saler Beach, and Gandia.

You will love the calming views and you can stroll down the coastline to visit some fine restaurants and quaint roadside cafes boasting authentic Spanish cuisine.  Valencia will charm you with its abundance of attractions ranging from interesting museums to nightlife including cinemas, theatres and bustling social bars.

Visit The Capital Madrid.

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Madrid Sunset

The Spanish capital Madrid offers something special for tourists who prefer a metropolitan style holiday.

Madrid is where all of Spain’s main business and commerce takes place, even still, it is one of the top destinations in Spain for tourists due to many factors.  Madrid is also known for its controversial bullfights, colourful flamenco displays and many great historical sites visited by history buffs.

Tours and attractions in Madrid are also plentiful ranging from visiting the popular museums and Retiro Park, being awed by the well known ‘Queen Sofia Arts Center’, ‘Sobrino de Botin’ and the absolute must visit the ‘El Rastro’, and ‘Templo de Debod’.

The Basque Country Area In Spain.

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Popular Destinations in Spain

This lies in the northern area of Spain, known for the panoramic beautiful scenery of the Basque mountain ranges. Basque Country offers a unique tourism experience and a rich, diverse history which can be seen in the many great museums and on historical site tours.

Take a quality can camera along to photograph interesting rock formations, sheer looming cliffs and inspiring mountains that make up the beauty of the Spanish countryside.  There are also endless sprawling farms, luscious valleys and fields to can explore with diverse cultures as the area borders on France.

These popular destinations in Spain are just a few of the many options at one of the most love European destinations.  There are some incredible deals on flights and accommodation if you book well in advance on Cheap Holidays Abroad so find something special in Spain today.

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