Plan Your Magical All-Inclusive Holiday In Ireland to Explore This Popular Enchanting Tourist Destination

Holidays in Ireland

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Visit Ireland

Take Your Whole Family Along for a Wonderful And Memorable Holiday in Ireland.

A holiday in Ireland is perfect for those seeking a unique relaxing experience and tourists come from all over the world to visit this charming country from as far as Russia, Australia and the United States.

Ireland offers holidaymakers plenty to do in sightseeing, shopping, gorgeous beaches, rich culture, history and fine dining. Take along a good camera to visit some of the most incredible scenery you will ever see in the world with fabulous places that you should visit in lakes, beaches and castles.

Some examples of these sites you should definitely include are the cliffs of ‘Moher in Clare’, ‘The Round-stone in Galway’, and ‘The Ring of Kerry’. Tours to majestic castles are plentiful, and you can also visit traditional stately homes like Westport House, Bun-ratty Castle and Ashford Castle plus many others.

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Accommodation In Ireland

Many of these stately mansions and castles have been beautifully restored and some even offer visitors luxurious accommodation.

For those living in the United Kingdom a holiday in Ireland is perfect for a long weekend getaway and it’s just a short hop to so travel to get there is cheap. All inclusive deals from Cheap Holidays Abroad will get you great accommodation and flights all inclusive packages if you book early!


The Capital of Ireland is Dublin, with a population of almost 700,000 people, and offers great sightseeing and tours of historic places. Other cities and towns include Limerick, Galway, Belfast, Killarney, and Waterford plus many others.

Tours and Activities in Ireland

There are many charming smaller villages that you will love visiting to experience the cultures there throughout the country, and you will love the delicious cuisine offered by the Irish.

To explore them all to the maximum, consider renting a car or plan a backpacking trip to see the wonders and beauty of this incredible island.

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Transportation while on holiday in Ireland is no problem with their excellent networks of buses trains; taxis and if you like you can rent a car. While exploring Ireland you are apt to discover there are numerous pubs, taverns, and restaurants and in fine weather you can enjoy dining outdoors or socializing with a drink.

Nightlife is also plentiful for the night owls and there are plenty of fun clubs where you can dance the night’s away while on holiday in Ireland.

Ireland Beaches and Bays

For beach lovers, there are some beautiful world class beaches to be enjoyed in Ireland like the Galway County on Galway Bay that offers some great surf and sandy shores.

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It is best go on holiday to Ireland during the summer months from early June through to early September; otherwise you can expect raining weather and fog during the autumn and winter months which can make your experience of Ireland unpleasant.

If you want to sample some of the finest seafood dishes then make sure you visit any of the coastal villages along the way from Dublin to Galway City.

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A holiday to Ireland has much to offer and is the perfect and popular getaway for many in the UK and Europe.

Your visit to Ireland will certainly make you many fine memories and it’s perfect for the whole family too. Book your holidays online with Cheap Holidays Abroad to Ireland and get super value for your holiday budgets

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