Have Fun On Holidays With Your Furry Friends at These Pet-friendly Hotels and Resorts.

Find Perfect Accommodation Options at Pet-Friendly Hotels and Resorts To Take Your Furry Friend along on Holidays!

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Budget Beating Pet-Friendly Hotels and Resorts to Take Fido Along on Holiday.

(*Pro Tip: Once you Have searched for accommodation Options at Your Destination Tick The Pets-Allowed or Pet-Friendly Options.)

Many people struggle to find pet-friendly hotels and resorts when they want to go on vacations and take their furry friends along.  Pet lovers will tell you that their pets are an integral part of their family and are like their children for that matter, so when holiday time comes around many will take their pets on holiday with them which is better than paying for a service to take care of them.

Many pet owners cannot bear the thought of putting their pets in kennels so that they are cooped up for the duration of time they are away.  Finding pet-friendly accommodation and travel is now quite simple using the convenience of the internet and Cheap Holidays Abroad are glad to help.

Planning accommodation and transport means narrowing down searches to pet-friendly hotels or resorts and suitable travel options to get there safely and affordably.

Millions of Britons are proud pet owners and treat their beloved pets with nothing less than the best, and pet lovers all around the world also do the same.  Statistics show that almost 30% of pet lovers look for pet-friendly hotels and resorts around holiday times, and the figure is similar in the United States and globally.

Many premium accommodation suppliers have added the convenience of offering pet owners pet-friendly hotels and resorts, holiday home rentals, guest homes and even condos at many locations around the world.

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*If you want to take your pets along on holiday here are a few useful tips to consider.

a) Making Your Reservation at Pet-Friendly Hotels and Resorts.

You need to take lots of factors into consideration when making travel plans for the pet. The size and type of your pet the disposition towards travelling and how well behaved it is.

When choosing the accommodation you need to make absolutely certain that the hotel does accept pets and up to what sizes are acceptable.

Some pet-friendly hotels and resorts will have specific restrictions on the sizes and breeds of dogs and cats as you will agree to take Danny the Great Dane along may have some problems

There may be also certain times when it would not be suitable to take along pets for tours attractions and adventure activities so you will need to ask about a pet sitter, or find out what the pet policy is for leaving pets unattended for short durations like a day or so in some cases.

b) Holiday Packing Essentials for Your Pet.

When packing for a holiday with your pet you should take along their favourite toys and blankets and some of their favourite food and treats if it might not be available at the destination you will be visiting together.

You should also take along the inoculation history pamphlet which is provided by most vets, and of course, consider pet identification in the form of microchips and collars with all the necessary details on them.

Lastly, find out where the nearest vet services are on holiday and keep the number of your own vet on hand just in case of emergencies.

Your pet’s microchip, as well as the identification tag on a collar, should indicate the pet’s name, your own and an additional contact number, and optionally an immunization tag if applicable.

While on holiday you must never let your pet out of your sight because for them it is a strange place and they could become anxious and run away. It may also happen that people that do not like animals will antagonize and tease or even hurt them which will be detrimental to your pet.

c) Transportation for Dogs and Cats.

Just like pet-friendly hotels and resorts now easy to find and book there are also suitable means of transport for dogs and cats in the form of mobile kennels and cages.

These portable kennels for your pets can be lined with their blankets in order to offer them comfortable and secure spaces and you can even place your pet in them if you need to go out for a short while.

Airlines also have certain restrictions for carrying dogs and cats so read up on their website what steps should be taken especially if the flights are a little long.

In some cases, there are mild sedatives which will help the pets cope with all the noise and movements and your vet or the transportation companies can give you proper recommendations.

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d) Research Your Holiday Destination.

Most tourist destinations are often pet-friendly and also have sufficient choice in pet-friendly hotels and resorts across the price spectrums to suit your budget.

You will find great holiday destinations in most countries where it is safe and even fun to take along your pet. There are also dog-friendly beaches and parks where your pet can frolic and enjoy new sights sounds and smells.

e) General Tips.

Remember before travelling to always check with your local vet what vaccinations are needed to suit the country, the destination and the environment of your holiday spots.

It is necessary and by law to display that your dogs and cats have been immunized from rabies and this information can be added to collar tags.

Read all the rules and restrictions of requirements at pet-friendly hotels and resorts so that you know what is expected and thus be able to enjoy your holiday together with complete peace of mind.

Try and avoid leaving pets alone in strange places unless someone is there to take care of them properly.

Travelling and holidays with your faithful furry friends can be fun and memorable for everyone and all you need to do is use your commonsense to ensure that everything has been taken proper care of beforehand.

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