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Tourists from all over the world love visiting the island of Maui, in Hawaii.  When visiting there for the first time you will certainly fall in love with this enchanting island.  This is only one of four main islands in Hawaii but one of the most popular tourist spots for a quality holiday experience!

This tropical paradise boasts some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery, panoramic landscapes and sights, luscious beaches and crystal clear blue waters.

You will never be bored while visiting the island of Maui thanks to many tourist activities and attractions to suit any age, it certainly is a well rounded family holiday destination!

When booking your holiday to this Hawaiian island you will find that there are endless options in budget beating accommodation in hotels and resorts.

Accommodation Options

Maui Hawaii

There are tons of fun activities on the island and it makes the perfect vacation whether you want to relax and renew your spirit or enjoy a little adventure.

Examples of Tours and Activities


Exciting Water Sports in Maui.

Considering this gorgeous island has some of the greatest beaches in the world, water sports are a big deal. Some examples of fun activities you can look forward to are surfing, jet skiing, parasailing and scuba diving, or just enjoying swimming to cool off.

With fabulous waves, surfing is popular in Maui with many tournaments and international surfing competitions being held every year.

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Maui Snorkeling Activities

Incredible Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Some of the most beautiful coral reefs which are teeming with exotic marine life can be found around the island of Maui and if you love snorkelling and scuba diving you will definitely get your fill here swimming with indigenous species of fish among colourful coral reefs.

Relaxing and Sunbathing Your Cares Away.

The island of Maui is the perfect vacation destination for spiritual renewal and while basking on sandy beaches you can perfect your tan.

The climate is mostly temperate and comfortable although some days can be quite warm, this is what you want if you are escaping the winter cold for a while!  Make sure you take along a decent sunscreen for protection from those UV rays.

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Maui Social Activities

Socializing, Nightlife and Parties

Hawaii has some fabulous nightlife so be sure to check timetables for when there are beach parties, dancing and hula shows around huge bonfires and more.  There are also some fabulous parties and get-togethers at the local hotels and resorts so dance, enjoy your drinks, make friends and have a good time!

Tours and Sightseeing Trips on Maui

The island of Maui has a lot to offer besides its wonderful beaches and you can choose guided sightseeing tours to visit some fascinating places.

There are some interesting museums where you can learn about Hawaiian culture and there are also scheduled group tours which are a lot of fun, these are a really good way to meet fellow travellers and make new friends too.

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Maui Countryside

Just Relax and Read a Book

The island of Maui is perfect for getting away from fast-paced modern life and you can kick back, relax and let the stress go while on holiday here.

Read a good book while relaxing inside the comforts of your hotel or resort rooms and soak in the peace and quiet.

Hawaii is a dream destination for many families and also the perfect destination for a wonderful honeymoon, the charm and island style living ingrains itself into many tourist, calling them to return again and again.

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