Hot Air Ballooning Tours With a Birds Eye View of the Magical Wonders of Turkey and Tuscany

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

Hot Air Ballooning & Sightseeing: The Ultimate Way To Make The Most Of Beautiful Turkish and Italian Landscapes.

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Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

Hot Air Ballooning Tours:  A Serene Experience Everyone Should Have on Their Bucket List!

If you have hot air ballooning on your bucket list of experiences then you will love hot air ballooning in Turkey and Tuscany, Italy as it gives you a wonderful panoramic view of their beautiful landscapes.

We have chosen these two beautiful destinations to give you an example but there are many other perfect countries offering these tours in Asia, Egypt, parts of Africa and the United States.  Holidays to Turkey and Tuscany for the United Kingdom are also budget-friendly!

People that have visited Tuscany and Turkey know that these destinations offer an unforgettable holiday to remember with most people that visit these awesome holiday spots coming back again and again.

Hot air ballooning offers sightseeing in a way you will never forget and while up in the sky you will be able to watch the landscape peacefully scroll by with a bird’s eye view.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Sightseeing

In case you didn’t know, Turkey has easy access to visit countries of Asia and Europe so you could take a balloon ride in Turkey as part of your holiday on the way to any destinations there.

Most people holiday in the North-Western corner of Turkey where you can enjoy all the wonderful attractions in magnificent Istanbul which is the capital city extending on two sides of the Bosporus Strait.

Seeing the breathtaking natural beauty of the city and the surrounding landscape is truly magical on hot air ballooning rides and you can choose specific areas to visit on different tours.

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Turkey offers fabulous accommodation in hotels and resorts like the Kusadasi and Bodrum, two modern beach resorts that are located on a beautiful coastline.  Further options range from hotels to self-catering or even private holiday rentals.

Turkey is also known as the land of the gods, second after Greece and has some humbling, awe-inspiring historical sites which you can visit that are absolutely incredible, dating back hundreds of years.  For this reason, thousands of history buffs love visiting from all over the world.

In the south of Turkey, you have the gorgeous Mediterranean coastlines which stretch all the way out to the Aegean Sea along the South Western area of Turkey, an area perfect for beach and water sports lovers.

Choose hot air ballooning to visit all the beauty of Turkey that has everything from sprawling green pine forests to mountains and of course the sensational bright blue colour of the sea, which goes by the name the ‘Turquoise Coast’.

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Hot Air Ballooning Tours

Turkey offers numerous tours to visit many natural wonders like the unique Travertines of Pamukkale (the cotton castle) and another superb attraction, The Ancient City of Aphrodisias boasting beautifully carved statues which are an incredible sight to see.

You can choose hot air ballooning in central Anatolia, to see the amazing moonlike landscape of Cappadocia where you will see houses and early churches carved into the huge rocks which are a photographers dream.

Visit Turkey for hot air ballooning experiences and enjoy a holiday in world-class, modern accommodations and superb tourism facilities.

Best of all, Turkey offers budget beating holidays at a premium tourist destination which is suitable for the whole family with a myriad of attractions and fun holiday activities.

Hot Air Ballooning in Tuscany, Italy

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Balloon Tour Adventure Experiences

Another fantastic place where you can serenely float over some of the most magical scenery in vineyards and centuries-old landscapes is Tuscany, Italy.

Experience some of the top tourist attractions from above during incredible hot air balloon excursions of different duration’s.

Tuscany is a popular destination for tourists that want to experience Italy at its best and there is much to see and experience for everyone if you plan carefully.

Tuscany is located smack bang in the centre of Italy and stretches all the way down to the beautiful Mediterranean coast.  This area of Italy is divided into ten provinces, each including some of the quaintest villages and towns as well as popular ones the likes of Siena, Pisa and Florence all extremely popular tourist destinations.

If you want to enjoy hot air ballooning in Italy then choose from a variety of accessible accommodations ranging from holiday rentals to hotels, or if you like and wish to eat only Italian, then consider self-catering options and visit local restaurants and cafes.

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Choose hot air ballooning from a variety of great tours and excursions some with meals included and over different areas of Tuscany.  Float over the well-known vineyards where classic Italian wines are made the likes of Chianti and Montepulciano and view of miles of olive groves where you can buy the finest virgin olive oils in the world.

Tuscany has a lot more to offer tourists from breathtaking architecture from the Renaissance period and incredible priceless artworks only rivaled by those in Paris and Amsterdam where many world-renowned artists have their works displayed.

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Balloon Rides in Tuscany

Experience a magical holiday with fun sightseeing tours guided by friendly Italian professional tour guides, enjoy great shopping for souvenirs and of course you will dine on the finest Italian cuisine at many of the quaint restaurants, pubs and street cafes.

Book your hot air ballooning tour to see the wonders of Tuscany today and further enjoy a superb holiday that offers something special for everyone.  Sightseeing in a hot air balloon is simply breathtaking and you can see so much more than when you are on the ground.

If you love photography, then go hot air ballooning and you will have some of the most enchanting shots you will ever take to adorn your holiday album after this unforgettable experience.

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Tuscany Holidays Sight Seeing

  • Hot Air Ballooning has been a form of manned flight for centuries.
  • Large special cloth material balloons are inflated by gas to make them rise.
  • Baskets that carry people are attached to these balloons.
  • It is a safe mode of flying and Balloons can reach heights of up to 69000 feet
  • Heated air makes the balloon inflate and rise and gas Flames maintain the heat
  • Hot air balloons rides are for durations of an hour and longer.

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