5 Fabulous Experiences to Make Your Holidays in Costa Rica Extra Special

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5 Awesome Experiences to Try Out On Your Holidays In Costa Rica!

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Holidays in Costa Rica

Make Your Holidays in Costa Rica Memorable By Being Adventurous.

Millions of tourists go on holidays in Costa Rica and this destination certainly offers something special for everyone.

Costa Rica is a Central American country with beautiful beaches and coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans. This wonderful destination offers a multitude of things to do and experience and holidays in Costa Rica will always be busy with some exciting activity or another.

One of the things that make Costa Rica a great holiday destination is the warm climate and whether you want a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure filled one then holidays in Cost Rica are perfect for you.

Popular Tours and Activities in Costa Rica


Some of the popular attractions in Costa Rica are its diverse wildlife, the unspoiled Amazon forests, incredibly beautiful lakes, beaches and panoramic scenery. Accommodation for holidays in Costa Rica is also plentiful with options from luxurious resorts to hotels, holiday rentals and bed and breakfasts.

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Nature lovers are passionate about visiting this beautiful country with over 40000 species of flora and fauna, the luscious tropical rain forests and mangrove swamps are a must see so book a tour when you are there. When you choose to go on holidays in Costa Rica there are some superb activities and attractions and some of the best of these are described below.

Take the family on holiday to this wonderful country and enjoy a memorable time together and like many other tourists, you will definitely revisit in the future.

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Here are 5 Experiences worth doing while on holidays in Costa Rica, these are things you must experience on your Costa Rica vacation!

  1. White Water Rafting Experiences

Costa Rica is a country with a variety of beautiful rivers that are known to provide the most thrilling white water rafting experiences. Choose this exciting attraction under the supervision of professionals and you will remember the thrills and fun forever.

It does not matter whether you have white water rafted before because your entire experience is under supervision to make you get the most out of it and keep you safe.

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White Water Rafting

  1. Aerial Explorations

While on holidays in Costa Rica be sure to try out the many different aerial exploration sightseeing experiences. This can be by helicopter rides; balloon rides, cable lifts, chair lifts and zip lining adventures.

Costa Rica has incredible rain forests and canopies and aerial exploration allows you to see nature and bird watching at its ultimate.  Zip-line tours are extremely popular and affordable and possibly one of the best nature experiences you’ve had.

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Holidays in Costa Rica

  1. Beach Relaxation and Adventures.

Some of the most stunning beaches in the world can be found in Costa Rica and you can explore caves, rock pools or just bask in the warm sunshine and relax.

When you have your holidays in Costa Rica, choose from some incredible beach resorts if you are visiting for a beach family holiday. There are tons of water sports to be had on most beaches from snorkelling to parasailing, surfing to diving and exploring unspoiled colourful coral reefs teeming with marine life.

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Costa Rica Holidays

  1. Windsurfing & Parasailing.

Costa Rica is blessed by strong Trade winds blowing along the beaches making it a popular windsurfing and parasailing spot seconded only by Cape Town in South Africa.

Windsurfing is also popular on many of the pristine lakes such as Lake Arenas. it is said to be one of the best windsurfing sites in the world!  So check it out!

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Costa Rica Beaches


  1. Fishing, Snorkelling and Scuba Diving.

Fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving experiences are a memorable activity which almost every touris enjoys on holidays in Costa Rica.  Go fishing at the Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos and do some fine angling in these waters.

Quepos Manuel Antonio is a place teeming with many kinds of fish, and novice or professional anglers will have a wonderful experience enjoying the best inshore and coastal fishing in Costa Rica.

Enjoy extreme scuba diving on the beautiful great coral reefs that offer a wonderful time underwater with so many types of coral and marine life.

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These are just a few of some of the loads of activities you must experience on holidays in Costa Rica and you can take along the family keeping them entertained all day long!

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