12 Smart Tips for Flying Without Stress Every Airline Wants you to Know!

Helpful Guidelines for Flying Without Stress for Holidays Business or Leisure Travel.

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Flying Without Stress

Guidelines For flying Safely Without Stress or Frustration!

These tips for flying without stress are useful to apply and many airlines have shared their tips to help travellers get organized properly before the flight.

Whether your trip is a short one or many hours, it can be stressful and uncomfortable if you have not planned properly in advance.

Travelling by air is common these days and naturally, the quickest way to get to your destination for holidays or business.

Still, flying and checking in at an airport can be stressful and these tips for flying without stress will help you enjoy a smoother more organized experience.

Planning the Day Before your Flights:

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Flying Without Stress

1) Finish packing your bags completely and once done, close them and lock them if possible or secure the as best you can. Put them in the hallway so that they are ready to load into the vehicle the next day.

2) Double check all your paperwork for the flight which includes tickets, passports if necessary, boarding passes, and anything else that you need relevant to traveling by air.

3) On the day before, also make sure that you have a comprehensive checklist written out with things you wish to do before leaving your home.

Things like home security, house sitters if you will be using them, pets etc. which you can tick off as you handle these tasks.  This checklist will prevent you from overlooking anything that you may worry about after leaving your home.

4) Today many flights allow you to choose your seats and print boarding passes 24 hours before the flight which is convenient and something less to worry about.

Although there are kiosks to print boarding passes at the airport, it is better to book seats online then have a hard copy printed which is much more convenient.  You can walk straight to check in your luggage without hunting around for boarding pass kiosks.

5) Most flights recommend that you be there at least 3 hours before the flight which helps cater for traffic when traveling to the airport and other unforeseen delays passengers sometimes come across.  Leaving early will reduce worry and you will be able to get there and enjoy flying without stress that built up because you were delayed and arrived in the nick of time.

6) Check baggage restrictions in height and weights and plan carefully what you are going to take as carry-on luggage.  Many people are frustrated and angry when getting to board and they are told their carry on is too heavy too large or not permitted.

The Day of the Flight:

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Travelling Safely by Air

7) If you have taken the above points into consideration, you will already be well organized for flying without stress and today is the day when you will be taking to the skies.  Get up early to double-check everything and plan to leave for the airport early as well.  If you leave early it allows you to cater for unforeseen traffic jams, accidents or other situations where you are stuck with time ticking away.

8) When checking-in your luggage there will always be a queue so be patient and wait for your turn.  Stressed out people are angry and frustrated and they will look flustered and unprepared maybe even jumping the queue. Sometimes the queue looks long but everyone is on the same flight so just relax and wait your turn.

9) Make sure that you do not have any restricted items in your carry-on luggage and if there were no details on the airline website do it at the airport or at the check-in counter. If you are carrying restricted items you may have to discard these if you want to board and there are no other options.

10) Once boarding begins for flying stress-free you need to find your seat, stow your carry-on luggage and strap yourself in.  Often people will block the way for others fussing about stowing luggage and causing frustration for everyone else and this should not be you.

11) If there is a stop-over and you need change planes, if you have everything properly planned and easy to access in your carry-on luggage then it should all go smoothly. Listen to instructions for changing flights which include the delay between flights, where the boarding gates are and how to check in again.

Knowing all these details will save you stress and you will be able to walk to the next boarding gate without having to run or search frantically where the gate is which can be a problem in huge airport terminals.

12) Once the plane has landed, don’t jump up like everyone else does! Rather patiently wait your turn to take your carry-on luggage and exit the plane.  Often the front rows will exit first and each section will flow in an orderly fashion.  Trying to rush will get your blood pressure up and those of other passengers so stay calm and wait for your turn.

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Fling on Holidays Abroad

Flying without stress is easy as long as you follow these simple rules which apply for all airlines.  Proper planning will reduce stress levels and if you are flying with children then add extra time and preparation for everyone to enjoy a smooth travel experience.

Careful holiday planning will always ensure that your holiday is an enjoyable experience rather than a frustrating one where everything goes wrong because you forgot to do something.

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