10 Basic Flying Etiquette Tips to Avoid Being a Rude Obnoxious Passenger.

Passenger Etiquette

Some Basic Rules for Flying Etiquette That Will Make Flights Pleasant for Everyone!

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Everyone Should Apply These Basic Good Manners for Flying When Travelling By Air.

For some reason many travelers become rude and nasty when travelling with manners going out the window, and many will feel a little guilty afterwards that they disregarded these flying etiquette basics.  Many air hostesses and pilots of large airlines will tell you that the etiquette and kindness between travellers leaves little to be desired.

Unfortunately you will always come across some passengers that are ill mannered, rude, noisy and obnoxious, it is a given that there will always be at least one on every flight!

It seems like basic good manners and politeness is forgotten by many people when they travel by air, and perhaps while reading this you probably feel guilty about being one of them after crossing some lines? In some cases, rowdiness and even drunkenness during the flight has caused airlines to escort people off the plane after it lands, and even make them pay hefty fines.

Sure flying can be uncomfortable and cramped while up there in that thin metal compartment, and you may not have been able to book an ideal seat either, but this should not mean your behaviors must change into those of rudeness and selfishness.

Below are a Few Guidelines About Flying Etiquette to Make Travelling More Enjoyable for Everyone.

  1. Be Quiet and Considerate of Others.

Once you are up in the air you have no escape and the people that are flying with you are all in the same position. Playing music loudly to disturb other passengers or leaving your children to run amok if you are a parent is a no-no.

Talking loudly to your fellow traveler or family member, or even leaning over to talk to someone behind you should also be avoided.

Be mindful, quiet and considerate of other passengers and think before you do something.

  1. Getting Around The Airports at Destinations.

Many people place their baggage in front of access ways, escalators and moving walkways at airports causing congestion and irate passengers.

Stopping in the middle of walkways makes you get in the way and if you are excited about arriving or meeting family after a long while, stand where you do not obstruct traffic flow.

  1. Crowding Around Luggage Arrival.

After you land you need to retrieve your luggage, and it is like Black Friday in some terminals with many being so impatient they will push other passengers out of the way to grab their luggage.

You WILL have a chance to get your luggage soon enough and there is no hurry to do so.

Rude Flight Passengers


  1. Being Rude to Air Hostesses and Flight Personnel.

Shouting and arguing with air hostesses, flight personnel, baggage handlers, ticket desks and passport control is NOT going to earn you any brownie points or save time.

Everyone has a job to do in their own time and you are NOT a celebrity that needs to be dealt with before other passengers.

Loudly calling air hostesses for another drink, more food, or an extra blanket when they are at the other side of the plane is something many passengers do, and this is very bad flying etiquette.

  1. Boarding and Disembarking on Planes.

When boarding it is a good thing to go directly to your seat, stow your luggage and sit down quietly.  Many passengers hold up queues by fiddling with bags and baggage for boarding and getting off the plane.

There are often one or two exit points on planes and the passengers will disembark from front to back, so sit quietly until it is your turn to leave.  Good flying etiquette means boarding and getting off the plane quickly and quietly with all your baggage.

Flying Etiquette

  1. Reclining Seats All the Way.

This is a big hate for well mannered passengers where the person in front of them has no consideration reclining their seats as far back as they can go.

This is terrible flying etiquette especially during meal times because there is very limited room for trays.

Treat your fellow passenger behind you with respect and if you do want to recline ask whether it is fine with them and how far before it becomes a problem.

Flying Travel

  1. Fighting over Armrests in the Middle Seat.

The armrests belong to passengers in the middle seat and this is not negotiable.

Aisle seats have one armrest and the benefit of being able to stand up and walk around the plane or use the ablutions’ without climbing over everyone.  The window seat allows you to lean against the window and see out of the plane. Thus the middle seat owns the armrests because that is all the benefits they have while flying.

If you want to share the armrest then ask rather than be an entitled person that simply takes them over.

  1. Passengers Should Be Kind and Considerate Towards Each Other.

You are all flying to the same destination so when you see a fellow passenger struggling with something, ask them if you can help?

Perhaps someone that is short, is battling to get luggage into their overhead bin, or someone is struggling with their meal or where their seat is.  Don’t be afraid to offer a hand to anyone, at anytime while flying, because you are all in it together until you part ways.

Carry On Luggage

  1. First On Boarding is for Disabled Passengers and Small Children.

Disabled people, premium class passengers and families with small babies often get to board before anyone else.

Be patient and get over it, because you turn will come soon enough and at least you can do everything without any assistance after all.

  1. Aircraft are Public Places.

While flying, respect that the aircraft is a public place and you should respect others that are flying with you just as you would anywhere public.

Everyone wants to have their own private space but while flying this is limited and you may end up sitting next to a fellow passenger that you would rather have avoided otherwise.  When flying you should also dress comfortably and appropriately and your personal belongings should be carried on your person or stowed in the overhead bins.

Do not put your feet up on armrests, make sure your children behave properly and avoid drinking too much and becoming drunk and rowdy.

Other irritating issues that can cause passengers to get annoyed is banging on touch screens behind them, children kicking the seat continuously, being noisy and talking loudly, and treating air hostesses like your personal slaves.

Don’t fall into the category of being a selfish person when you fly and rather follow some simple flying etiquette that makes the journey a pleasant experience for everyone.


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