What Makes Costa Rica Family Holidays So Popular for UK Tourists to Escape The Winter?

 The Best Family Holidays Costa Rica Has To Offer In A Tropical Paradise Destination!

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Costa Rica Family Holidays

Costa Rica Family Holidays: The Perfect Destination for UK Travellers.

Many tourists that have visited, aptly call Costa Rica – ‘A Modern Day Paradise’ and if you want to plan the best family holidays to Costa Rica ever, then you will find everything you desire in superb options available within the links in this article.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a small country that has tons to offer everyone with sunshine, gorgeous beaches, fascinating volcanoes, great food, sightseeing and lots of holiday activities.  If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture there are wonderful museums, art galleries and sightseeing tours to satisfy your exotic cravings, located in the capital San Jose.

This popular tourist destination is visited by millions of people from all over the world catering for beach lovers, adventure seekers, those that love bird watching or exploring indigenous wildlife and if you are into fine dining, awesome cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds.

Enjoy the Best Costa Rica Family Holidays Throughout Most of The Year!

You can look forward to wonderful family holidays in Costa Rica with the best times to visit between December and April because the rainy seasons occur from September to November for the most part.

Costa Rica family holidays are also magical for small children with numerous activities suitable for every age group from wildlife sightseeing in national parks to water parks, and for teens there are fun activities such as zip-lining, kayaking, water sports and surfing to name but a few, too.

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Costa Rica Activities

There are specific beaches where the waves are smaller so these are perfect for small children to swim and play in the sand with most resorts, hotels and holiday cottages having private pools and some have private beaches for hotel guests.

With tourism being a huge part of the economy and a large source of revenue, the locals are friendly and will go out of their way to make travellers feel welcome in every way.

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Sight Seeing In Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers endless tours for nature and outdoor lovers in beautiful national parks, tours to see the majestic volcano and of course fun on pristine beaches..

You can plan tours to visit stunning wildlife nature preserves where you will be able to see some indigenous wildlife from an array of birds, mammals, majestic reptiles and colorful rain-forest birds and flora.

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Costa Rica National Parks Wild Life

Birdwatchers will be amazed that Costa Rica has over 850 species, making it a bird watchers paradise with some of the most beautiful colored tropical birds in the world.

Besides renewing your spirit and relaxing on sun-soaked beaches during family holidays in Costa Rica, choose from a myriad of excellent adventure sports such as adrenaline rushing river rafting, hiking trails and fascinating scuba diving.

Plan Sightseeing tours under supervision of professional guides which include day trips for visiting the volcanoes, taking boat trips down unspoiled jungle rivers or a panoramic sightseeing trip on the world’s first Rain Forest Aerial Tram.

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Local cuisine is sure to tantalize your taste buds and souvenir shopping will delight! The choice in Costa Rica hotels and other accommodation is available to suit any budgets with some unique tropical fruits found here to snack on at most, you can look forward to tastes sensations only found at this wonderful destination not to mention incredible coffees in a variety of different flavors too.

Costa Rica Holidays for Honeymoons and Anniversaries

This tropical paradise is perfect for couples on honeymoons and also great for celebrating special relationship anniversaries. Visit romantic and tranquil locations at every turn, or if you prefer nightlife there is just as much vibrancy as one could expect anywhere else for fun and dancing.

Many Costa Rica hotels and resorts offer special romantic all-inclusive deals, guided tours and holiday packages to make your relationship celebration something even more special.  Honeymoons in Costa Rica will make beautiful memories that you will both cherish forever.

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Honeymoons in Costa Rica

Look up discount honeymoon packages at most Costa Rica hotels and luxury resorts with a popular option being in Playa Hermosa where you can plan romantic sunset sailings at night, or if you like try the ultimate luxury film star vacation at the Four Season Costa Rica Hotel in Guanacaste.

Family Holidays Costa Rica:  Something for Everyone

Costa Rica is the perfect family holiday destination as there are definitely activities for everyone whether you want to party all night long and dance to the rhythm of salsa music or lounge in the sun on fabulous beaches.

There is an abundance of fun nightlife and entertainment with many bars, nightclubs, cinemas and theatres at certain places as well as exciting fiestas to entertain tourists almost every day.

Costa Rica family holidays will not disappoint and you will find some incredible deals that suit your budget in flights, hotels, resorts and holiday activities.

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Costa Rica Family Holidays Abroad