Epic Dubai Holidays, An Awesome Destination & Experience For Everyone’s Bucket List!

Visit Dubai United Arab Emirates

Dubai Holidays are an Unforgettable Experience for The Whole Family Which Will Have you Coming Back for More!

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Choose Amazing Dubai Holidays That Create Incredible Experiences and Memories

Millions of tourists and celebrities love visiting Dubai and for travellers from the United Kingdom, Dubai holidays are also now becoming hugely popular.

With just a short 7 hour flight away, Dubai is perfect whether you want a beach holiday or something special to immerse yourself in Arab culture, incredible shopping and sightseeing while being awed by the incredible architecture of the high rise buildings reaching up into the skies.

Tours and Activities for Dubai Holidays

Dubai holidays are more popular during the winter months when it’s cooler because during peak summer months it can become uncomfortably hot.

Visiting this modern metropolis with almost 800 000 residents is an amazing experience everyone should add to their bucket list.  Choose budget beating accommodation in luxurious comfort in one of the many fabulous hotels equipped with all the contemporary comforts you can dream of!

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Atlantis Hotel Dubai

Dubai holidays at the premium tourist destination can be expensive at times but choose your holiday carefully by doing some research on the best times to avoid the sizzling hot temperatures and crowds at certain times of the year.

Best Time for Sightseeing:  If you’re looking for the ideal combination of fewer crowds and pleasant weather, the best time for sightseeing in Dubai is between mid-November, and if you hate the heat then consider avoiding the months of July to early September when it’s incredibly hot with temperatures ranging from 35 degrees Celsius and upwards of that.

The worst time for sightseeing is in the summer, and particularly July and August when the entire city practically goes into hibernation to avoid the unbearable heat.  At that time, it’s far too hot to spend more than a few minutes outdoors.

For beach lovers to enjoy the magical beaches in Dubai consider choosing April through to end of May early June, when the sea is comfortably warm to swim in and water sports are plentiful.

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Dubai Beach Holiday

Dubai holidays offer something for everyone young and old, from relaxation on gorgeous beaches to exciting sightseeing and adventure vacation activities.  Take cruises from the Dubai Marina for sightseeing down the creek and enjoy glorious sunsets.

The United Arab Emirates is a well known international conference destination with many special events, incredible exhibitions, and leisure travel activities to suit the most discerning tastes.  Find great deals in flights and accommodation by booking online with Cheap Holidays Abroad!

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Dubai Camel Rides

Experience fun desert safaris on dunes riding in 4 wheeled drive vehicles or more causal camel rides, sightseeing to explore wadis (which are dry river beds), and even sand-skiing.

Dubai is well known for satisfying tourists offering diverse options in activities for your holiday from Arabian Desert barbecues to traditional picnics.  Visit the huge aquarium teeming with diverse colorful marine life and if you love water parks then you can certainly get your fill at the many options to choose from.

Options like the Aqua-venture and ‘Wild Wadi’, the first of its kind, are just some examples that have rides to take your breath away!

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Dubai Aquarium

Watch some exciting camel and horse racing, or go on cruises in wooden dhows on the Dubai Creek for visiting popular spots for shopping at the old city souks (Dubai markets) and creek side dhow quays.

While on holidays in Dubai it is important to respect the local customs during your stay and avoid being rude, drinking or smoking in public or using raucous language.  For the most unbelievable vacation shopping experience that you will remember forever, Dubai holidays will have you coming home with loads of souvenirs.

Visit modern shopping malls, spice markets, traditional souks and markets where you can buy some incredible state of the art technology and other interesting wares like decor, home goods, fashion and more.

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Dubai Shopping

Dubai has low customs duties which means that most goods purchased in Dubai are often far cheaper than goods purchased in other countries especially technology items.  It is best to experience this magical destination firsthand on your next holiday, and come home with amazing memories you will love sharing with family and friends.

Dubai holidays are certainly something far different than your normal holiday and you will definitely return for a few more visits in the future!

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Dubai Spice Market


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