5 Pro Tips For Staying Safe Over The Upcoming Christmas Holidays and Festive Season No Matter Where you Live! Read Them NOW~

Safty Over Christmas Holidays

Keep These Christmas Holidays Safety Tips In Mind & Don’t Become a Statistic!

Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays are a Time Of Joy, Love and Forgiveness. Here is How to Stay Safe!

Whether you are travelling abroad for the holiday season at the end of the year or staying at home,  Christmas Holidays can be a dangerous time on the roads and accidents are more likely to occur at home during this time.  For these reasons it is often referred to as the silly season.  If you are Planning Christmas Travel you should start booking now to get ahead of the pack!

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As a matter of fact, statistics from the beginning of November to the middle of January show that more people die from suicides, heart attacks, have strokes, get killed in road accidents and suffer from assault compared to any other time of the year.

This is very sad but unfortunately true. The medical profession does not want to say exactly what the real causes of death are over the holiday seasons in many instances, however a lot of accidents could be avoided.  So to keep safe and also let you know what to look out for, take these safety notes into consideration.

Firstly from research done in different countries by experts, the stats are all more or less on par with one another.  They indicate the highest deaths happen during Christmas Day, family day(or Boxing Day) and on New Year’s Day to mid January.

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Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why so many people die during the festive holiday season:

Road Deaths: Increases in drunk driving, losing control on slippery roads in areas where it snows or cold weather is prevalent, being on mobile phones more than normal(probably arranging those special dinners), planning gift shopping, arguments and disputes about who is going to visit who and other festive related a occasions.

1) Pro Tip: Don’t drink and drive and don’t text and drive these Christmas holidays; Things that we all know by now but STILL ignore.  Keep your vehicle in good condition and abide by the road rules no matter where you live!

Other road deaths during the holidays are caused from not paying attention, more likely due distraction thus losing control and rear-ending or causing head-on collisions by veering onto the wrong side of the road.

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Holidays Suicides: Many people that are mostly lonely, feel this even more acutely over the Christmas season. Worse are those that have lost a partner, close friend or a child during this time in the past as they will be negatively affected and feel deeply depressed on the anniversary of the loss.

Seniors that live far away from family or where their children largely ignore them over this time, feel badly neglected and suffer more acute illnesses as a result.  Many will also ignore treatment as they feel that there is really nothing to live for!

They are not hearing from their family that are just too busy for them.

2) Pro-Tip: Visit grandparents, family and friends and be forgiving if you have quarreled during the year and drifted apart. Be friendly with everyone and give a smile, some encouragement and a handshake which will go a long way to make others feel wanted and loved.

Stress and Pressures: Gift shopping, planning family get togethers, dinners, financial pressures of meeting all these commitments and trying to make sure everyone is going to be happy can end up being a causing stress which can affect you negatively.

This chronic stress people suffer is more common during the festive season, causing more heart attacks, strokes, and cause infections to become acute and can develop into fatal diseases.

Added to this; that odd pain in your chest or down your arm you are feeling which won’t go away and you brush it aside for now being too busy, could be a serious illness without the sufferer knowing that it is! Don’t promise to deal with it and plan to get treatment after the festive season….

Then it could be too late!  Add to this the increase in alcohol and food consumption which also causes more road accidents, more choking and bad food choices, causing heart diseases.

To add to all this, the increase in drug abuse is more prevalent during celebrations over this period resulting in overdose and deaths.

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How to Stay Safe Over Christmas

3) Pro-Tip: Awareness during this time and thinking about what you are doing and feeling are important to maintaining control of stress.  Proper planning for all your celebrations, gifts, dinners, family get togethers and travel should be done while you are calm and have a clear head!

Anger and Assault: The festive season comes with added anger issues and assaults, fighting over limited special offers, family fights between siblings about who the parents are going to spend the season with and suffering impatiently in long queues which cause anger, more impatience and rising agitation.

The stress and anger of this rushed, last-minute Christmas shopping can erupt like a volcano causing fights between people and often spirals out of control.

For example, many have seen videos of two women slapping, scratching and pulling each other’s hair, all over bottles of coca-cola at a chain store on ‘special limited offer’, fighting to grab the bottles from each other.

It was worse than seeing two wildcats fight and the screams and verbal abuse were the worse we have heard, just over a special offer on cold drinks? Shocking to watch!

Just like Black Friday madness; who has not seen the chaos on TV where people bully each other to grab the special offers?

Christmas Holidays safety

4)Pro-Tip:  Maintain control of your frustration and anger while doing your Christmas shopping and if you are smart and want to save money while avoiding the Christmas rush, start gift shopping a few months in advance and hide the gifts away.

Access to Care: Some experts cite that the death rates are higher over the festive season due to limitations on care because most clinics and hospitals run on skeleton staff to give employees time off which is understandable.

Perhaps this shortage can cause people to neglect to get proper care for life-threatening illnesses as mentioned above….until it is too late.

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5) Pro-Tip:  Keep a note of which emergency services are available in your area and hours of operation so if there are accidents, serious illness or other occurrences where you need urgent medical care, you will know how to access this.

The festive season is a joyful time and should not be a festive season with memories which are not happy, so spare a thought all round and share the joy goodwill and happiness.

Visit your parents, make peace and forgive family feuds, repair friendships and help take some pressure off others where you see they are in need.

For people that have lost someone special over this time, support those more than ever before while they grieve and commemorate their sad occasion to help them move on.

Get them involved in activities to help get their mind off their loss if possible and keep them busy while giving as much support to them as you possibly can!

i) Care institutions often employ staff that do not celebrate this season like Christmas for example; to be available for taking care of the sick and elderly over these periods when they need medical attention, or for whoever requires it urgently.

ii) If you know people that have to work over Christmas and the New Year, treat them politely and not impatiently because they are there for you while you are enjoying your vacation time.

Drive politely and sensibly; get a taxi when you have had too much to drink or eat or rather stay over until you have slept it off.  Lastly use your smartphone sensibly, your credit cards with care and plan events so that everyone has a joyful occasion!

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