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Flights and Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

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This popular holiday destination for tourists is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in Egypt.  It sits on a narrow coastal band that lies between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai.

Egypt is a warm destination perfect for travellers that wish to escape the cold winters and at certain times of the year, it can get really hot with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Sharm-El-Sheikh has a beautiful landscape as you would expect being close to the sea with enchanting natural beaches next to calm ocean waters.

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Book Cheap Flights to Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm-El-Sheikh is popular with British and American tourists that come to explore the fabulous coral reefs which boast 1000s of species of fish as well as some interesting shipwrecks, perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.  Like most tropical destinations, this area of Egypt offers visitors glorious beaches, spectacular scenery and loads of great holiday activities.

You can also indulge in exciting water sports activities, so there really is something to keep everyone in the whole family at peak enjoyment.

Relax on incredibly beautiful beaches which are considered to be among the best in the world, many just a few meters away from popular resorts and hotels.

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Holiday Accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh

You can get cheap flights to Sharm-El-Sheikh International Airport and find that most hotels and resorts have shuttles waiting for guests.

Some examples of accommodation include the popular Hilton Sharks  Bay Resort, Viva Sharm and Grand Oasis.

If you want 5-star luxuries you also have a choice of accommodation where every need is pampered by attentive staff like at the Amwaj Oyun Resort and Casino or the Monte Carlo Sharm Resort and Spa.

If you enjoy shopping and entertainment then visit the popular tourist area the Na’ama Bay in Sharm-El-Sheikh that offers numerous curios and gifts as well as restaurants.

Choose from a variety of cultural live entertainment, dine in superb restaurants & cafés, socialize in pubs and bars, or try your luck at the casinos.

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Sharm El Sheikh Tours and Attractions

Activities and Attractions in Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Visit the area of Om El Seed Hill that offers tourists a spectacular beach with beautiful sea reefs, and calm waters that are ideal for relaxing and swimming even for children.

There is also an underwater park, the Ras Mohammed, which is located south of Sharm-El-Sheikh.  Here you can scuba dive and see some incredible marine life in colourful coral reefs.

Take tours in a glass-bottomed boat if you prefer to see these reefs and fish without getting wet!

There are also some extremely picturesque areas and scenery located in Shark’s Bay and at Ras Um Sid, which is next to a beautiful lighthouse, a very popular spot tourists enjoy visiting.

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Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh All Inclusive

There is an abundance of choice in fun nightlife with options in night clubs, bars and luxurious restaurants where you can sample the finest cuisine in Egypt.

There are discos for the teens and social clubs, so definitely something for everyone.  Egypt offers you indigenous shopping and if you visit the Sharm-El-Sheikh mall you can browse a huge array of both local as well as foreign products.

If you love handmade items this is where you will find as much as you can carry in shoes, bags, apparel, leather goods, jewellery and even lovely pottery.

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Popular Places to Visit in Sharm El Sheikh  

The Na’ama Bay.

This long sandy bay is home to one of the finest resorts built in the early eighties and renovated to make it a beautiful luxurious tourist spot.  Amble down fabulous pathways lined with Bougainvillaea and Oleander and enjoy some great scenery in the area.

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Beaches and Attractions in Sharm El Sheikh

The Ras Um Sid Cliff.

The cliff links the Na’ama Bay area and the Sharm El Maya making it centrally located.  Here you will enjoy panoramic views of the bay that are breathtaking and photogenic.

Being a popular tourist area, means there are many options for holiday accommodations.  Egypt is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket lists as it is filled with history and wonder which gives a feeling of how great the earth and its people are!

Sharm El Maya.

This is the bay area developed for tourism in the old town of Sharm El Sheikh, a magnificent bay that is a natural harbour and home to many boats, both local and visiting tourists.  Palm trees grow along the sandy beaches making it the perfect place to relax and sunbathe to get a perfect tan!

Tours, attractions and experiences are plentiful at this awesome Egyptian destination and it is also perfect for family holidays.

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Cheap Flights to Sharm El Sheikh With Hotels Included

  • Sharm-El-Sheikh is Located on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast.
  • You, Will, Find it on the Southeastern Coast of the Sinai Peninsula.
  • It is a Family Safe Tourist Destination.
  • Sharm-El-Sheikh has an International Airport.
  • There is an Abundance of Holiday Activities and Tours.
  • Here You Will Find the Red Sea and Wonderful Beaches and Reefs

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