Cayman Islands Holidays: Tranquil Waters and Flawless Beaches Create A Tropical Paradise For All!

Holidaymakers Love the Sunny Weather All Year Round in The Cayman Islands & You Will Too!

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Cayman Islands Catamaran Cruise

Visit the Stunning Cayman Islands This Coming Festive Season

The Cayman Islands are found in the Caribbean Sea located about 140 miles south of Cuba and 253 Miles northwest of Jamaica consisting of three islands: The Grand Cayman, The Cayman Brac, and The Little Cayman Island.

What Do The Cayman Islands Offer Holiday Makers?

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Cayman Islands Beach

This epic tourist destination attracts visitors from all over the world and is also very busy because they have so much to offer in sightseeing, holiday activities and lovely tours.

This tropical island also boasts dazzling white sandy beaches and is a scuba diving and snorkelling paradise all bathed in warm sunshine almost all year round.

The friendly locals in the Cayman Islands welcome tourists with open arms as tourism is one of the prime revenue streams for these islands.  If you want the perfect tan then rest assured you will get it during the summer months when temperatures reach 34 degrees Celsius.

During winter the temperatures are a little more comfortable reaching 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, common temperatures for countries that lay near the equator.

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The Cayman islands do get a little rain but this is during May and in the month of October while March to the beginning of May are usually the driest months.  The Cayman Islands offer lots for tourists and families from fine cuisine to holiday activities, adventure experiences and fabulous options in all types of vacation accommodations.

The cuisine has a strong Jamaican influence and you will naturally find a myriad of seafood dishes cooked in a variety of ways, often served with the local vegetables.

However, if a specific type of cuisine is more suitable to your palate do not fear, for you will find dozens of other dishes from French to Italian, German to Thai and Chinese!

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Sunset over the ocean

The Cayman Islands Nightlife & Shopping

The Islands are well known for their vibrant nightlife offering visitors a choice of lively dance clubs, lounges, pool halls, sports bars, social pubs and live music bars which will have your feet tapping no matter what your preferences are.

You will find that hotels and resorts have details on any events and current happenings, they will assist with recommendations of places to visit to enhance your holiday experience. For vacation shopping the Islands are also a treat, offering tourists tax-free shopping so almost everything you buy is around 35% cheaper.

Everything you can think of will be found in a variety of shops and stalls from fine jewellery to clothing, technology to souvenirs so take along an extra suitcase!

The recommended spot to do your shopping is definitely George Town in the Grand Cayman, which is home to a fine shopping centre and one of the best in the Caribbean!

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Cayman Islands Bay Area

Transportation Around The Islands

There are no problems getting around while you are on holiday because there are options from taxis to rental cars, public transport to scooters, bicycles and shuttle services.  If you want to get the best deals for rental cars then book way before your holiday on the Grand Cayman island.

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Cayman Islands Blue Sea

Attractions in The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have no shortage of activities and attractions to offer tourists and holidaymakers starting with the beautiful azure ocean waters where you will discover beautiful marine life in protected marine parks.

The Seven Mile Beach is popular in this tropical paradise for beach lovers an expanse of white sand that stretches for miles in both directions.

The main Grand Cayman island is the go-to for snorkelling and scuba diving but all the islands are surrounded by coral reefs only surpassed by those in Australia.

If you want to participate in these activities, expert guides will give you a short training course and you will find the experience uniquely exciting seeing the dozens of marine life species and colourful corals that are exquisite and beautiful in every sense.

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Sandy Beach Caman Islands

Attractions on the Islands


Visiting Sting Ray City is an amazing experience that you need to take a boat tour to enjoy.  This is an area where the water is shallow and you can interact with tame stingrays in all sorts of different sizes.  Sometimes there can be hundreds of these swimming around you and you can also feed them depending on the specific stingray tour you choose.

Another popular tourist attraction is visiting the turtle farm which ensures that these species do not become extinct.

All in all, there are activities that the whole family will love on the Cayman Islands, where watersports also abound and great shopping is to be had.

Being a major cruise ship destination you will probably also get the chance to see these majestic ships dock which will have you hankering to go on a cruise yourself.  Friendly tour guides are there to make sure that tourists enjoy their experiences immensely and you will find everyone extremely hospitable and welcoming.

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  • The Cayman islands Offer Incredible Holiday Activities for The Whole Family
  • The Caymans Islands is a Tropical Paradise With Warm Weather all Year Round!
  • It’s a Fabulous Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Destination for Enthusiasts.
  • Cayman Island Has Incredible Nightlife and Budget Beating Shopping.
  • The Cayman Islands is the Perfect Beach Vacation Spot for The Whole Family!
  • You Can Take a Cruise Holiday to The Cayman Islands

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