Experience Golden Sandy Beaches and Beautiful Lagoons on Your All Inclusive Family Holidays to Malta!

Malta Beaches

Visit Epic Golden Beaches, Inland Seas, Panoramic Valleys and Beautiful Lagoons On All Inclusive Family Holidays to Malta

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Holidays to Malta

Book Your All Inclusive Family Holidays to Malta 30% Cheaper Than Anywhere Else!

Enjoy wonderful all inclusive family holidays to Malta with the whole family and experience this small country with incredible beaches, beautiful inland seas and calm lagoons making this an epic tourist destination for British travellers.

Malta’s climate is quite comfortable almost all year round so booking a holiday early for next year isn’t tough and we can help you save on your all inclusive family holidays to Malta at the perfect time from August through to October 2020.

Some of the things which make Malta so entrancing for the perfect family holiday at a beach destination is that there are tours, activities and adventure at every turn and usually equipped for the whole family.  You can revel in the likes of parasailing, jet skiing and surfing amongst other less intense water sports.  Equipment is also easily accessible for hire from rental stores at most popular beaches.

Malta is a small island located in the middle of the Mediterranean and although a very popular beach holiday destination for many European countries, tourists also come from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful island.

Book your all inclusive family holidays to Malta for the next summer holiday season, although you could book a trip for any date and even then Malta will not disappoint, even off-peak seasons are not as quiet as you may think with the ever growing base of tourists.

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All Inclusive  Family Holidays to Malta

Tours and Holiday Activities in Malta.

There are dozens of fun things to do while on holiday in Malta which aren’t as related to the lazy days on the beach such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, boat trips and markets.  The area of Gozo in Malta is a particularly popular location for rock climbing enthusiasts and there are plentiful choices from climbing steep cliffs, to thrilling mountain biking on hilly roads.

Malta has specific events at certain times of the year like rock concerts and theatre shows,  if you love history then it doesn’t lack in museums and historical sites either, many islands tend to have a rich history due to the nature of different cultural influences, and Malta is no different.


Travelling Around in Malta!

With Malta being a small island, travelling around is a snap with a rental car or local transportation.  You can easily access the top spots where you will find popular beaches, hotels, holiday resorts, restaurants and much more. Nightlife is abundant, and if you love socializing in a more relaxed environment, bars and cafes are everywhere & cater to various taste.

Use convenient shuttles, rent bicycles or take a taxi but if you need help simply ask at your front desk or even a local as will be happy to give you assistance.


Relaxing All Inclusive family holidays to Malta in Gozo

If you want to relax and renew your spirit then Gozo is the popular holiday destination in Malta for the best in peaceful settings. Malta is not just about Malta. Yes, that’s right, The Republic of Malta also covers Gozo, this is Malta’s smaller sister island which remains mostly rural and thus a perfect place for a peaceful holiday or even for a romantic getaway for couples.

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Gozo in Malta

Photograph the panoramic views and breathtaking scenery by the seaside town of Xlendi which is nestled next to a beautiful bay & surrounded by majestic towering cliffs.

The popular beaches of Ramla-Hamla and San Blas Bay are lovely for family swimming occasions but it can be difficult accessing them because of the steep paths and trails to get down to them, so be sure you are fit and ready before going to these spots!

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Top Hotels and Accommodation for All Inclusive Family Holidays to Malta.

There is no lack of luxury in Malta, with some of the most well known 5 star hotels and resorts around.  If you prefer and need something a little less budget breaking then consider a lovely self-catering apartment for accommodation and you will find a wide choice in really good locations.  Book your all inclusive family holidays to Malta at any of the main locations which also include St. Julian’s and Sliema, these are situated in the north of Malta.

All-inclusive family holidays to Malta are popular for UK travellers because the flight is really short, at only 3 hours many UK tourists are surprised at the warm climate only a short flight away.

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All Inclusive Family Holidays to Malta

Winters are mild at an average of 16 degrees Celsius and summers are warm to hot ranging in temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius.  Book your all inclusive family holidays to Malta with cheap flights and get more holidays for your money.

Malta has dozens of popular golden sandy beaches, wonderful holiday tours & activities as well as attractions for the whole family, it definitely is the type of holiday you can enjoy many times over.

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