Why Holiday Reviews Should Be Taken with a Pinch of Sea-Salt Most of the Time!

Why Holiday Reviews Should Not Be The Prime Reason To Prevent You From Booking Accommodation, Tours, or Destinations!

Holiday Reviews

SPOILER ALERT:  Not All Holiday Reviews are Reliable.

While booking accommodation or choosing a country for your next travel experience, you may decide to have a look at a few holiday reviews from people that have stayed in a hotel, visited a destination or gone on a specific tour that interests you.

Some reviews however can be so bad that they will put you off from booking altogether, while others make you think twice about choosing the accommodation.

There are always a few things to think about when you read holiday reviews before making any decision, one of the most important things is to manage expectations.

Another important point to take note of is the fact that there are some real pessimistic and negative people that will not go to bed happy unless they have complained or trashed a product or service because it makes them feel accomplished or better in some or other way!

A prime example of this is to simply read some social media posts where many people offer opinions, give toxic feedback and complain about the smallest things to get attention because they will never be satisfied with anything, even if it is free.

Sure there are things that could go wrong on holiday and they happen to everyone at some time or another, but even though the holiday itself can be bad, planning is usually to blame or unforeseen circumstances can turn your dream holiday turn into a complete nightmare…..

Nightmare Travel

Some of the most common things that go wrong while on holiday that can make you vow, “NEVER AGAIN!” include;

  1.  Losing travel documents
  2. Getting Robbed
  3. Catastrophic Weather
  4. Accommodation Mix-Ups
  5. Delayed Flights
  6. Becoming Ill

Before you go raging and blaming everyone and everything for your experience by going online to write a trashy holiday review, cool off, take some time to think about the experience and certain factors at play because sometimes it is not really anyone’s fault but rather ‘life happening’ or just plain bad luck!

Hotel Reviews

Below we will list some reasons why holiday reviews should not always be taken as the final information to make your decision about anything.

1) Manage Your Expectations. 

In Life, you will always get what you pay for and that is set in stone. If you go on holiday and it has been amazingly cheap then don’t expect five-star luxury, and there may be a few things that could be below your standards.  If you want to go on a holiday for a few pounds then go all out to enjoy the holiday to the fullest instead of complaining about everything.

2) Murphy’s Law Happens.

Things can go wrong no matter how perfect you expected them to be.  Sometimes those little gremlins will throw a spanner in the works and when they do, take it in your stride.  Don’t trash a place because the food was a little below par on that day, or your accommodation had a minor problem like the air con wasn’t functioning properly or the shower head in the bathroom was loose.

3) Trying to Garner Freebies.

Some people will go all out complaining and being the loudest for everyone to hear or read in holiday reviews because they are trying to score freebies. Any hotel or business wants to resolve a complaint the best way they can often giving vouchers or something to the customer to ease the situation, remember that patience pays.

4) Waiting Before Complaining Unnecessarily.

Before going all out to trash a product, services, accommodation or food, some people do not give a chance for the management or staff to rectify the problem first.  In busy times it can take a little longer to sort out a problem and most companies will want you to be happy.

Holiday Reviews

5)  Trying to Get Attention.

Serial complainers and moaners want attention and you see it a lot on social media. they will trash any service in the strongest words they can use whining about everything not being up to their standards. Even if everything was perfect(which it can never be), they would still find something to complain about even if the weather on their holiday was not to THEIR liking.

6) Things Beyond Anyone’s Control.

You have heard the saying ‘Shit Happens’ and sometimes it does when you least expect causing an unpleasant experience with a service or product.  Most of the time it does not matter how hard a company tries to make everything go as smoothly as possible, something may not be quite right as per point 2 above.  Understand this before moaning and trashing a company.

7) Doing Proper Investigation.

Before writing a bad holiday review, do some investigation first about the matter you are complaining about. There are many reviews about accommodation being noisy outside the hotel or resort but people should realize that on those specific occasions it was beyond the hosts control.  It could have been a festival, a rowdy crowd, a bunch of drunks or an accident.

8) Bad Planning on Your Part.

This ties in a little with managing your expectations, so before you write a trashy holiday review you should understand that right from the beginning you were in charge.  If you want to only spend a little money and book a one-star or self-catering accommodation, realize that is what you paid for.  Perhaps you just wanted to go away on vacation and were happy to be able to do it on your tight budget.

Just enjoy the getaway as much as you can and be grateful you were able to go away on holiday because many people cannot afford to at all!

Holiday reviews are useful in some cases but you should learn to read between the lines and make your own sensible decisions.  Everyone has different tastes for everything and what may be good for the goose is not always good for the gander!


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