10 Great Places to In Visit Beautiful Hawaii Holidays: The Dreamy Destination for Perfect Family Holidays!

Hawaii Holidays

All Inclusive Hawaii Holidays And Popular Places To Visit…

All Inclusive Hawaii Holidays

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Travel To The Beautiful Islands on Hawaii Holidays.

All inclusive Hawaii holidays are perfect for family holidays because these islands offer exciting fun-filled and even adventurous activities for everyone and when you book hotels with meals inclusive, your holiday budget goes so much further.

That’s beside of course taking time out to luxuriate in the sun on beautiful beaches in between.

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Why Visit Hawaii on Family Holidays?

There are simply endless options in many amazing activities to do in Hawaii and to give you an idea we have listed some of the more popular options.  You will even find the perfect guided tours if your plan is exploration and adventure.

First of all, you should remember that Hawaii is made up of quite a few different islands and each one of these offers their own specific activities for family holidays. If you are planning all-inclusive Hawaii holidays then find out which ones include some of the tours or these activities listed below.

The goal of your family holiday together is for you all to have the most fun possible, make cherished memories, take time out to relax from your busy lifestyle and enjoy your Hawaiian vacation to the maximum…

Hawaii Holidays

Here is a list of popular Hawaiian activities:

  1. Visit the Beautiful Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is situated close to the island of Oahu, and for lovers of marine life and snorkeling, it boasts an amazingly beautiful coral reef that many insist will take your breath away.

There are multiple fish species that make Hanauma Bay coral reef their home, and for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts this is a fascinating marine exploration activity not to be missed.

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  1. Visit the Majestic Hawaii Volcanoes

When you visit the majestic Volcanoes National Park like many others you will find it an experience out of this world. This incredibly beautiful protected national park consists of over 300,000 acres that are preserved for hiking and sightseeing. You can also encounter the Mona Lau volcano that is currently dormant and if you are feeling adventurous, consider visiting the active, lava flowing Kilauea volcano.

Families will love exploring the Volcanoes national park and it is worth spending a few days there too.

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  1. Driving along Maui Drive

If you plan all inclusive Hawaii holidays, see if you can add the Maui drive excursion where you will drive from the Kahului Airport all the way to Hana. On this route reminiscent of the beautiful Garden Route in Cape Town South Africa you will pass over dozens of bridges while taking in the beautiful landscape where pineapples grow and proceed through the tropical rain forest where other amazing fruits grow in addition to Eucalyptus trees.

It takes a few hours to make this short drive, but as you reach the end you will certainly be impressed with the vision of black sandy beaches that are simply breathtaking in their beauty. When you finally arrive in Hana you can enjoy planned guided excursions to waterfalls and for the fitness junkies, some great hikes.

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Hawaii Holidays

  1. Visit the Waimea Canyon

On one of the bigger islands, Kauai, is the Waimea Canyon which all tourists must see on their visit to Hawaii which is simply a fascinating experience. The canyon is large and colorful and Mark Twain dubbed it the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

You will love the beauty, adventure and panoramic scenery at Waimea Canyon so you must include this guided tour on your family holiday in Hawaii “to do” list.

  1. Lounging in the Sun on Waikiki Beach

If you want the most stunning luxurious resort and a beautiful relaxing beach where you can soak up the sun, then Waikiki Beach is the perfect place for you.

The majority of holiday resorts are located on Waikiki and this spot was made popular in the 1800s by Hawaiian royalty who often frequented the area for its pristine beautiful beaches. Waikiki beach is a luxury holiday at its best if you want to pamper the whole family in Hawaii.

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  1. The Kona Coasts.

The Kona coasts are also a popular resort location and its stunning beaches are fabulous for sunbathing and for a variety of great family activities including fishing and snorkeling.

Many people choose their family holidays at Kona coast simply because there are so many activities available in one place.

There are also guided tours to the sprawling coffee plantations that produce the natural and organic Kona coffee. On these trips you will be able to see how coffee is grown, the way it is picked, cured and processed, and ultimately how it is packaged and sold.

  1. The Na’Pali Coast

The island of Kauai is where you will discover one of natures wonders in beauty the Na’Pali Coast.

Here are breathtakingly towering cliffs originating on the ocean’s floor and rising up from the water to create incredible crashing waterfalls streaming down over centuries causing artistic erosion in the stone.

You can choose options to visit the Na’Pali coast with helicopter rides and boat charters, although hiking can also be planned if you are fit and feeling active but it can take some time to get there this way.

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  1. Visiting the Lao Valley on Hawaii Holidays.

If you would like a smattering of history on your all-inclusive Hawaii holidays then visit the cloud covered Iao valley on the island of Maui. Professional guides will educate you on this flourishing valley which is the home of the agricultural god, Lono.

You will be amazed at the beauty of the valley and the general feeling of awe of its history which guides will tell you about while you visit this amazing place on Maui.

  1. Majestic Whale Watching

Whale watching is an awesome experience and a spectacular one so be sure to investigate what whale watching charters are on offer for your Hawaiian holidays.

These planned whale watching tours can conveniently be booked from Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, or Maui but due to popularity book well in advance and check the time of the year when these are available.

  1. Visit Luau

When you visit the magical islands of Hawaii you absolutely must attend a Polynesian Luau to round off your vacation. You will love the vibrancy of it all including the food, music, fun dancing, and sites of the Luau. This will make your holiday to Hawaii one to remember and something that will stay in your mind for years to come.

When you want to plan the perfect vacation for your family, all inclusive Hawaii holidays are the first choice and once you have visited and experienced the magic and enchantment of these islands and their friendly cultures, like many others you will return again because there is simply so much to see and do on these beautiful sunny islands.

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