Visit Santorini: An Island Paradise Where Romance and Magic are in the Air!

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Santorini Greece Holidays

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April and May are the best times to visit Santorini, a beautiful Greek holiday destination that tourists from all over the world love.

Santorini is known for its fine wines, wonderful weather all year round and friendly welcoming locals. Honeymooners also love visiting Santorini because it is a romantic destination with beautiful scenery and gorgeous sunsets.

As a matter of fact, this beautiful location is a photographer’s paradise and there is a rich history in archaeological wonders the likes of Ancient Thira and smaller islands like Thirassia, Palea Kameni and other fabulous places everyone should visit while in Santorini.

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Honeymoons Santorini

This island paradise was formed from a volcanic eruption and the crystal clear the blue Aegean Sea adds to its beauty.  In the evening, sunsets are best enjoyed from the waterfront whilst enjoying a light meal and a drink.

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Accommodation options come in all types including beautiful hotels, holiday villa rentals and if you like there are self-catering or bed and breakfast guest houses with friendly welcoming Greek Hosts.

The Belvedere Hotel  is a popular choice for honeymooners and couples celebrating anniversaries, it is located in the midst of the majestic mountains and panoramic views from the balcony over the ocean and mountains are simply spectacular.

Hotel Belvedere Balcony

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Belvedere Hotel Santorini

Tours and Activities when You Visit Santorini.


When you visit Santorini on holiday, you can rest assured there will be quite a lot of activities to keep busy, some are truly adventurous and they include sightseeing, hiking, water sports and winery tours.

Visit the charming Red Beach to relax and enjoy the sunshine and peace while renewing your spirit.  Afterwards, enjoy cocktails and great cuisine in a local restaurant or in your hotel.

There are some fabulous scuba diving experiences from local diving clubs with expert guides and be sure you take time to visit The Akrotiri which is a historical site with the ancient ruins of a city that was once covered by volcanic ash.

The two islands as mentioned above namely the Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni are really something special with scenic views and interesting history. Visit Santorini and look forward to a retreat in peaceful island paradise surroundings with a warm sea breeze caressing your cheeks while you take in a beautiful romantic sunset.

This fabulous holiday destination is perfect for romance, couples and even families that want to renew their bonds.  the flight to Santorini is short unless you have stopovers but there are always some budget beating all-inclusive holiday deals with flights to this magical destination so keep an eye out!

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