Hold off Booking  Summer 2021 Holidays While Current UK Travel Bans is In Effect.

Uk Travel 2021 Summer Holidays

UK Travel This Summer Holidays Yay or Nay?

Everyone is hoping that  UK travel restrictions will be lifted for the coming summer holidays but many factors will be evaluated before UK travellers can head overseas. There is still a little conflicting news in the media and between travel suppliers but do proper research first to be safe rather than sorry.

There is still a ban in place for overseas travel for UK citizens enforced by the UK government, but with a rapid rollout of the vaccines, this could hopefully change sooner than later.

Traveling anywhere is going to depend on the effectiveness of the vaccine and infection rates and currently, it does begin to look positive.  Still, it is sensible to hold off any travel bookings right now until the UK government gives the two thumbs up so keep a watchful eye on BBC and local news.

Summer UK Travel Abroad May be Possible?

Regular reviews of the current COVID situation are done in order to see whether it is possible to relax UK travel restrictions. However, where you are planning to travel comes with its own restriction and regulations regarding COVID so it works both ways.

It would be horrid to end up in quarantine for most of your holiday in the country you want to visit, so keep your eye on local and countries abroad travel restrictions before you book whether travel is open or not.

UK Summer Holidays

The Frustrating Waves of COVID & Variants Affecting International Tourism.

With different variants of the virus popping up all over local governments fear new waves of infections that may be resistant to current vaccines. However, there is hope after the latest evaluations of effectiveness for the different vaccines against COVID showing that vaccines are doing their job.

Other Factors that May Make Travel Out of The Question.

Even though travel may open if everything dies down regarding COVID infections and successful vaccine rollouts, the average person may find travel extremely expensive with high prices for flights, accommodation, and tourism to remain for quite some time..

It may be sensible and cost-effective to plan local travel to explore interesting areas and local attractions of the UK you have never visited rather than traveling abroad for your next holidays during summer 2021.

Until there is a decision set in stone from the government for travel in the upcoming summer holidays it may be better to hold off all bookings. In reality, it is going to be many months or even years before travel and tourism become normal again, even with vaccine rollouts.

Every country has its own travel restrictions and regulations regarding COVID so whatever travel becomes available again do your due diligence.

Even when UK travel opens again it is not going to be a smooth ride because every country has its own COVID regulations. It may end up being an unpleasant experience travelling abroad as well as an expensive one.

COVID 19 UK Travel

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