6 Valuable Tips for Travelling Abroad With Children and Family Friendly Holidays In Turkey.

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Smart Tips For Parents For Enjoyable Travelling Abroad With Children!

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Going on vacation with the whole family is so much more fun and little children get extremely happy and excited when they know they are going to be travelling abroad in a big airplane. (For a good example for travelling abroad with children we have used TURKEY considering it is one of the best family-friendly vacation destinations but there are numerous other options besides).

Taking small children to far away holiday destinations can be stressful for parents but it doesn’t have to be if you plan for everything to go smoothly. Here we will revisit some useful tips for travelling with kids on vacation to help everyone enjoy their holiday to the maximum

The first consideration is choosing the destination you are going to visit and once that is done you can start planning for everything that goes with that.

Holiday Accommodation in Turkey.

Family Friendly Turkey Hotels

Investigate hotels, resorts and other accommodation that is child-friendly and family-friendly, and if you have small children find out whether there are babysitting services available.

One popular destination that is child-friendly with suitable all-inclusive family accommodation is Southern Turkey but there are many others too.

Many Turkey resorts often hire skilled qualified babysitting contractors and child entertainers within the resort areas to keep the youngsters occupied and safe.

While your children are being taken care of, you as parents can enjoy a little relaxation or go on a tour.

Most family-friendly resorts will have bed and breakfast or breakfast and dinner included and will also feature a wide range of restaurants you can choose from.

They usually have a variety of basic meals or specifics, in different types of family-friendly cuisine.

Children are happy with this arrangement for meals because most of them get bored so with varieties of places to eat at everyone remains happy.

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1.Doctors and Hospitals

When travelling abroad with children, it’s best to ask the resorts or hotels that you are staying at where access to emergency hospitals and medical clinics are around the accommodation area.

Small kids are unpredictable especially in different climates, so you never know when you need medication or doctor services.

It’s better to be prepared for small scrapes and bites so always take a basic first aid kit on vacation and one a little more comprehensive if you are taking children with you.

2. Sleeping Arrangements

Many children may have trouble sleeping in strange beds so take along a teddy bear, familiar blanket or bedding which will make them feel at home.

This is something that slips most parents mind so make a mental note of that.

3. Activities and Tours

Investigate activities and sightseeing tours that will interest everyone and keep the children occupied and happy at the destinations you choose.

Although the children will spend most of their time enjoying swimming at the beaches and the pool there are many other fun activities for the whole family and you can discuss with everyone what they would like to do suitable for their age groups.

Most tourism destinations offer a wide range of adventure tours, water sports, sightseeing, water theme parks and family suitable entertainment.

You can also ask the hotel and resort what is currently available and they will always be glad to help.

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4. Packing and Luggage

Pack sufficient changes of clothes for children and of course bathing suits and high strength sunblock when you travel abroad.

You need to have comfortable outfits for the day, when it is warm and sunny and always add a few thicker items and jackets for the evenings, in case it gets chilly.

If you want to enjoy fun walks on the beach by night when its cooler you will need suitable clothing to dress your children properly.  However, in the case of clothing, you can always locally buy items as needed.

5.Travelling: Air and Road

If this is your first time taking children on flights be aware that many children can feel ill or stressed so consider taking suitable medication along and letting air hostesses know too.

For long trips by road some children can also get car sick, so be prepared for this event.

Allow more time than needed for touring drives and sightseeing between towns and cities because you never know when you need to stop for a little while to allow the little ones to recover a little bit.

Always have several sick bags at hand in the plane and for the road trips. Keep them readily handy for little mishaps.

Make a list of things to do for family holidays travelling abroad with children, when you have properly organized your trips the whole family will be as relaxed.

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6.Documents and Cash

Make sure that all your travel documents are kept safely in a mini travel wallet or bag that you keep at all times. A smart tip is to make THREE copies of all your documents.

One you can leave with friends to courier to you if you lose the other two and the other copy can be carried by your spouse in case you lose the originals.

For holiday cash check the rate of exchange and carry local currency as well as your own currency split between you and your spouse or partner.

Check and double-check accommodation bookings and flight times and make sure that you leave well before the time.  It is better to be very early than just in time because you never know what happens with traffic on the way to the airports.

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