5 Tips On How to Share Your Holidays Memories On Travel Blogs


How to Earn Extra Money Sharing Your Overseas Holidays Writing Travel Blogs.

How to Start Travel Blogs

Starting and Maintaining Profitable Travel Blogs

Blogging is a super way to share your travelling experiences and a travel blog is both fun and interesting to people that want to travel in the future too. With travel restrictions in place with the COVID-19 pandemic, consider sharing past travel memories with others that hankering to tour the world again in the future.

When you build your travel blog it can also become a super money spinner when you share your overseas travel experiences, because it is simple enough to find some super travel affiliate programs to advertise. Rest assured travel and tourism although now limited during this pandemic will open again soon enough.

While on holidays abroad, document your travel by making notes of places you visit; taking beautiful pictures to brighten your blog up, and add some amusing things that happened to you to entertain visitors. Visit our picture galleries for some beautiful holiday destination pictures, and you are welcome to share these on your blog too.

Travel Blogs to Share Travel Experiences

Maybe you have wanderlust or want a gap year to backpack to some exotic locations, and if so, it is perfect to keep your travel blog updated with lively information as you tour the different destinations abroad. Here are some useful tips to build travel blogs including how to monetize it as well.

A) Choose what sort of Travel you will focus on– Try to stick to a theme on your travel blogs, like your cruising experiences if you are a cruising enthusiast, or historical travel experiences if you love history in the different countries. Perhaps backpacking is your passion or travelling by trains.

There are endless options for starting travel blogs, but try and make it focussed on a certain travel niche, rather than overcomplicated, and trying to stuff it full of every possible option in overseas travel experiences.

B) Entertain your Reader and followers– keep it natural and write like a real person when you communicate with your readers. Add a bit of humour here and there and write engaging content that will be shared.

Don’t be shy to add funny experiences, videos of fascinating places you went to visit, or even scary stuff that happened to you while on holiday because these all make travel blogs just so much more entertaining to read.

C) Be Unique and original– There are many travel blogs out there and you want yours to stand out so try and make it different and original. That will keep your readers coming back for more. Add special photos of interesting facts about your travelling experiences and make it a fun travel blog.

Travel Blogging Guides

D) Share it and share it. – When you build a travel blog, make sure to add a Facebook page to it and social media sharing buttons so that others can share it on your blog as well as a Facebook page. Your readers will also know when you add new content as well.

E) Add Useful Travel Tips. Lastly, on your travelling blog, you can be helpful by adding useful tips about travelling abroad. Your readers will appreciate it and when they travel, they will put these handy hints to good use.

Here is a useful guide on how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

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