10 Tips to Avoid Your Family Holiday Becoming a Horror Story

10 Tips to Avoid Your Family Holiday Becoming a Horror Story

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Travel Tips To Overcome and Unforeseen Problems on Your Family Holiday…

Bad Family Holiday Experiences


Oh Dear… What Now When Things on your Family Holiday Go South

Lots of people have horror stories to tell about how their family holiday turned into an absolute nightmare and many things can go wrong especially when you are visiting a foreign country. Do this poll and tell us what happened to you when Murphys Law threw the book at you. Click Here

Your family holiday should be a memorable and enjoyable experience and use the tips and resources on our website which should help you make sure that you have catered for any possible thing that can go wrong.

I have heard travel stories where tourists have been robbed, where illness struck, food poisoning and even one where the wife gambled away all the holiday money in her excitement while visiting Las Vegas. Lost passports, losing luggage, accommodation bookings incorrect, and even adverse weather conditions are all things that can make a family holiday a catastrophe…


These 10 useful travel tips will cover most unforeseen problems that could arise on your family holiday:

1.Avoid getting robbed by carrying hidden wallets that can hold your personal identification and valuables and spilt valuables up between family members.
2.Have back up travellers’ checks and prepaid debit cards to make sure that you have funds in case something goes wrong. Always leave some backup traveller’s checks at the hotel.
3.Always tell the resort or hotel where you are going, and make sure every family member knows what your itinerary is including family members at home.
4.Make 3 copies of  Passports, travel documents, tickets and identification.  Leave some at a family member to courier to you in case you lose the originals.
5.Don’t keep all credit cards and cash in one wallet spread it between family members so that if your wallet gets stolen you don’t lose it all in one go.
6.Rather use prepaid debit cards and local currencies where possible instead of a credit card.
7.Make sure that everyone has each other’s phone numbers on your family holiday, including those of family members back home and arrange a meeting point in case, someone gets lost
8.Take out peace of mind travel insurance in case someone becomes ill or that there is an accident.. Be sure to keep a copy of your travel insurance at home as well.
9.When going on a family holiday take everyone’s basic medical information along for example like blood types and allergies. so that doctors will be able to treat necessary problems.<
10.Make sure small children carry identification with them in case they get lost during holiday activities. This can be in the form of identification waterproof bracelets plastic cards with all the details of the accommodation and contact numbers or whatever method you find practical.

Family Holiday

11 Family Holiday Safety Tips.

Safety on your family holiday is equally important and these further guidelines are useful to know even though some are common sense..

1) When using taxis to travel from an airport to your accommodation or resorts, ONLY use registered, licensed taxis or hotel identified taxis.
2) Be vigilant and watch your route to get to your hotel and if you landed at night rather arrange transport from the hotel instead of using taxis.
3)  While on holidays ask about dangerous areas in the city or town that should be avoided especially at night.
4) Stay together as a family and for sightseeing arrange tours where you will travel in a group if possible.
5) keep a basic language dictionary when visiting foreign countries or investigate translation applications because not all countries ‘speak a da English’.
6)  Don’t advertise expensive jewellery and keep cash and your valuables in hidden body wallets or money belts. Also, keep valuables and travel documents in the hotel safe.
7)  Plan your holiday activities properly and take tours to where popular tourist sightseeing is the norm. Use licensed registered guides to help you.
8) Read the local areas guidebooks and at your hotel talk with other tourists to get help on where to visit and what areas are best avoided.
9) When leaving restaurants and nightclubs late at night arrange proper transport to get you back to your hotel as mentioned in point number one.
10)  Don’t wear expensive looking jewellery.
11) On public transport keep your handbags and travel luggage close to you at all times.

These basic family holiday tips will keep you safe and always use your common sense when you are visiting a foreign country to keep you and your family safe at all times. Your family holiday will be a memorable one and if you read these guidelines you will see that the same should be applied to many of them in everyday life too.

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