Smart Ways to Plan a Holiday Abroad During COVID-19 & Useful Information

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Can You Go On Your Summer Holiday Right Now?

Many countries are opening their borders to tourism again and those hankering after a holiday abroad will find that there are some safe options available. Travelling locally and to nearby nations in Europe is your best bet right now, and fortunately, many tourist spots are currently not overcrowded which means social distancing is not a problem.

Cheap Holidays Abroad recently recommended a Villa holiday abroad for safe family holidays where you can rent your own home away from home and bask in the sun safely away from Covid-19 crowds.

If you do some research online you will easily find the mandatory rules and regulations for flying and tourism, and armed with some common sense and your Cocid-19 mask, you can still get away from it all on a well deserved holiday.

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Plan Your Holiday Abroad Today

Investigate the country you are travelling to border restrictions and flight regulations carefully while planning a holiday abroad, and you will find they are not as draconian as you believe, all just in place for making certain that passengers are safe.

Recent research data shows that there are only rare occasions of transmissions during flights and as long as people follow the WHO and flight organization guidelines this will remain so.

Social Distancing is the Key to a Safe Holiday Abroad.

Beach vacations at the sea in the sunshine are the most popular options right now and renting a Villa rather than staying in a hotel is the smart option.

There are social distancing rules for visiting the beaches and you cannot catch the virus from seawater but from other beachgoers so keep your distance.

A villa rental for your holiday abroad can be booked for your whole family, for couples or a group of friends but make certain you know all there is to know about travelling between your countries and where you are going and what is necessary once you return home.

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Adhering to all the protocols for preventing transmission and infection of the virus should be second nature by now for almost everyone. Sometimes people do forget the rules and it is simple to politely ask that person to maintain their distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands thoroughly.

Download this Free Travel Fact Sheet from the European Commission with full guidelines on travelĀ  if you are planning a holiday abroad.

For further reading of where tourism is now available in different countries do a search on Google for updated information. This news article from Sky News recently updated is also useful information you can use to plan your next holiday with peace of mind CLICK HERE

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