Spanish Villas The Safe Family Holiday Option This Summer for The Ultimate Social Distancing.

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Best Holiday Destination For Families

Book Your Spanish Villas Early This Year To Avoid Disappointment.

Everyone knows that Spain is an awesome place to enjoy the summer holidays, and the options are endless in gorgeous beaches, interesting sightseeing, fabulous culture, and vibrant nightlife.  Staying safe from COVID is easy when you rent any of the wonderful Spanish villas for a lovely summer holiday this year.

Due to villa holidays being extremely popular we do advise you to book early to avoid disappointment though, so take some time planning your holiday with the family using the convenience of the internet and secure your villa with a small deposit today!

Menorca Spanish Villas

There are endless budget beating choices in Spanish villas accommodation with those that sleep from 8 guests and more so go as a small group and split the costs. These gorgeous villas have all the amenities you desire and you can look forward to staying in luxury and soak up Vitamin D in the warm Spanish sunshine next to the pool or on the beaches nearby.

You can book your Spanish villas early to avoid disappointment at destinations like:



Costa Blanca


Wherever you stay in Spain you will have easy access to all the holiday activities you desire from exploring Spanish history to golfing, relaxing on sandy beaches to sampling delicious Spanish cuisine. Spain is a top tourist destination considering everything it has to offer and the ultimate destination for a memorable family holiday.

The only real problem you will experience when booking your summer holiday to Spain is choosing the Spanish villas because each one is simply incredible. There are a variety of destinations in Spain where you can choose Villas so there is certainly something to suit every taste.

Lanzarote Spanish Villas

Spain is a hugely popular destination not only because of the lovely weather but also considering that it has endless choices to offer in fun and memorable holiday activities.

Everyone loves the Spanish culture, the friendliness of the locals, the awesome cuisine, and the beaches are simply sensational. Nightlife is in abundance when lockdown restrictions are lifted but you can still enjoy meals at small local cafes and restaurants where available. The beautiful panoramic sights are breathtaking and all in all this is the perfect family or group holiday or if you like a romantic honeymoon destination for everyone.

Here are current travel restrictions in Spain as at January 2021 but surely by September Summer Holidays, these will have changed for the better. Learn More

Safe COVID Travel.

When booking your holiday make certain to investigate all the terms and conditions of traveling during the summer but where it concerns social distancing there is no need to worry when you stay in your very own Spanish Villas.

Once you are aware of what regulations apply to wherever you are planning to travel this year then you should be all set. For holiday suppliers that are open like Cheap Holidays Abroad partners all the refund policies and ABTA protection are in place for your complete peace of mind.

Costa Blanca Holidays Spain

Find wonderful accommodation in any of Spain’s fantastic coastal cities like Alicante or Benidorm, or if you are inclined to wonderful historical sightseeing consider Madrid or Barcelona.

Holidaying in Spain is a popular option considering flights are cheap to get there and whether you choose Spanish villas or resort accommodation you will find a budget beating deal.

Whatever summer holiday you are planning this year Cheap Holidays Abroad offer you a wide selection of our travel suppliers and follow us on Facebook too to watch out for some smashing holiday deals.

With our carefully selected travel partners, it is easy to find awesome budget-beating holiday deals so as soon as you can book your holiday before spots are filled. You can make comparisons in prices using the convenience of the internet in the comfort of your own home and even compete and secure your bookings online with a small deposit.

Mallorca Spanish Holidays

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