Travel Tips For Visiting South Africa and How to Keep in Touch with Family While Abroad Using a VPN

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Smart South Africa Travel Tips and How to Keep in Touch with a VPN Using Wifi Hotspots!

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Visit Sunny South Africa The Land of Diversity

Located on the southernmost point of the African continent, South Africa is a fantastic destination for all types of travellers.

With its white sandy beaches, an abundance of wildlife, friendly locals, and amazing food, there is plenty to see and explore in this vast land. South African isn’t just the land of the big 5 safari animals and nomadic tribes; there are millions of people, incredible natural landscapes, and big cities. Inland safari destinations are populated by big game.

South Africa

South Africa is a big country. There’s plenty to see and explore — and a lot to learn before you go. You need to be thoroughly prepared before you hop on a plane to the African nation and that’s why we’re here. This article is equipped with South Africa travel tips and useful information to give you smooth sailing throughout your trip.

Find information on popular attractions, culture, the best time to visit, and so on. Keep reading.

South Africa

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Must-See Attractions

From pristine beaches to inland safari destinations, museums, and fantastic cities, there’s a lot to see and explore in South Africa. The Kruger National Park, the most famous and popular location for an African safari, is a great point to kick off your South Africa trip. Kruger National Park was the country’s first national park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you’ll find iconic African wildlife and over 500 bird species.

South Africa

Named after the San people who lived in the area for centuries, the Sanbona Reserve on the Western Cape is one of the largest private game reserves in South Africa and a great place to catch a glimpse of all members of the big five.

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After thrilling wildlife experiences in the park, relax and have a good time in one of the white sand beaches in South Africa. Sit back and enjoy the gently lapping waves and beautiful sceneries in some of the best beaches in the world.

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Other popular attractions include the Table Mountain, Robben Island, the Cango Caves, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, and the Apartheid Museum. Robben Island is the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years and is known to all South Africans. both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Heritage Site.

The Apartheid Museum is also a good example of places to visit to get a glimpse of the country’s history.

South Africa

Local Culture

From the harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, South Africa is a great place to learn some history. Culturally, the country has a unique blend of African and colonial structures. South Africa boasts of a collection of cultures spread across different parts of the country.

The vast majority of South Africans live in rural settings where cultural traditions are still the norm. The country has eleven official languages including English and a bunch of recognized languages such as Afrikaans.

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South Africa


The Best Time to Visit.

Due to the country’s varying regional climate and wildlife opportunities, South Africa is a year-round destination. The best time to go to South Africa depends on what you want to see. For superb game viewing on a South African safari in KwaZulu-Natal and Kruger National Park, the best time to go is during the drier winter months between May and October.

At this time of the year, animals are easier to spot in the thinned-out bush and around water sources. The hot summer months between November and March are perfect for a Cape Town Holiday beach.

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Keeping in Touch With Family While Abroad.

Keep in touch with your friends and family via the internet throughout your trip. However, be careful when using free Wi-Fi. Digital threats such as hacking incidents, data retention, and government surveillance are commonplace in South Africa.

Use a VPN when connecting to the internet via public Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, hotels, restaurant, hotels, and cities across the country. Using a VPN gives a secure connection even on public Wi-Fi. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic making it unreadable to hackers, ISPs, government agencies, and other prying eyes.

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