Cant Travel Right Now…But You Can Sing These 3 Super Songs That Remind you to LIVE!

3 Great Songs That Remind You to Live! Sing Those Blues Away.

Remembering Life’s Simple Happiness in Today’s Scary Times.

Travel is mostly banned worldwide right now with this scary pandemic but while you are isolated or in lock-down, you can remind yourself life is worth living, there is still joy and good everywhere, and there are people doing the best to help each other more than ever before. You can still unleash the song in your heart!

Ditch the doom and gloom and sing happy songs while you are at home, dream a little, and live life the best you can right now. Let loose the optimist in you no matter how dark things may look right now. (Below are some videos of happy songs and more in this post)

Spare a Moment of Prayer and be Joyful.

Sometimes while I am in the shower or alone there is always one of three songs that seem pop up out of my subconscious, at the time, and I start singing them, or humming the tunes.

On certain days these tunes get stuck in my head all day…

Giving these tunes/songs some thought it actually makes me realize how relevant to life they are, and this is why I deemed it appropriate to share what I think about them.

It is especially important right now to get closer to family, renew your bonds with God, and don’t be afraid to tell those close to you that you love them.

Just today I was singing this one while thinking about my two grown up sons, called the Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. I went to have a look online for it, and found that the video of this song has been viewed over 8 million times.

It was written quite a few years ago, but for today’s fast paced lifestyles, with families being torn apart it is more apt than ever before. Isolation has made it even worse for many families living apart right now too.

In normal times busy parents with fast paced careers and jobs, just do not spend time with their children anymore, and perhaps the same is going to come full circle when you are retired.

Your children will just be too busy to spend time with you…

We are all just so busy chasing money and trying to live, that we actually don’t live our lives at all.

The world has changed right now with this pandemic showing us we have new priorities, those which we have forgotten in our modern lifestyles.

Think about that fact for a few moments; about your own family and how much time you really spend together.

If it has been in the past fleeting, only on special occasions, or when you think you have time, then make a concerted decision to change. In today’s times of this horrific pandemic fix those relationships now before it is too late.

Spend more time with your loved ones before it is too late, and remember time is short.

Sing a Song

Another song I often sing to myself is the one by The Hollies ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s my Brother” I lost both my brothers early in life, and recently my sister  too, and in hindsight it seems I could have, should have, spent more time with them when I had the chance.

It is not just that we are all brothers and sisters and you can define the song in another way which is telling you to reach out to anyone offering a helping hand in support any way you are able to…

It seems that people have become colder towards each other and less caring too and I see that a lot on social media how people are criticizing and lambasting others. Are you trashing your country’s president, being nasty to others because of their opinions, or simply being a hater troll on social media?

Stop that if you are  guilty of doing this.

There is so much family conflict as well, and brothers, sisters, and even parents can become totally alienated from each other for lifetimes over trivial matters. Where is the love…?

These days when you smile at someone, it is treated with suspicion, and when last did you perform an act of charity straight from the heart that will make you feel great and fulfilled afterwards?

It does not make you weak reaching out to others to ask for help, forgiving to heal a conflict with friends, family, colleagues, or offering your friendship, and a warm smile to someone is all free.

Think a little about that for a while, and make a firm decision to be a better person especially in today’s troubled times while we are suffering this pandemic. Think especially about the seniors right now how fearful they are so reach out if you know old people or have grandparents in your family.

Its Time to help Others


The last favorite song always stuck in my mind is the one ‘Sing a Song sung performed by famous people like Shirley Bassey, Perry Como and the Carpenters, which is my favorite versionIt has also been performed in some children’s shows too.

This tune also makes me feel good when I sing it, (sometimes out loud) and it reminds me that I am good enough for everyone, for everything and have a purpose in this world.

Have a song in your heart, live love with joy and happiness, because you can and to do so you just need to slow down life just that little bit… You are special to someone…

I thought I would just share these thoughts about these songs which I think are really good and the links to those videos of these so you can listen to them. I am sure that can help you feel better about yourself and your life. Just in case you are feeling down. Listen to the words…

There are many other songs that have great lyrics which we can apply to life like the one that was very popular back in the day’ Don’t Worry be happy’ ‘All you need is Love’ and many more.

Why not start singing right now and you will find it brushes away the doom and gloom. You have your own favorite songs I am sure.

Singing is good for you and you can make up some favorite tunes of your own to sing to your children or grandchildren.

Here is one I made up for my granddaughter the love of my life, that I often sing to her since she was one year old, to the tune of ‘This Old Man he played one etc’ it goes like this:

‘I love you… You Love me,

We are happy family…

Because you are my Sweetie pea,

I love you and you Love me’!

Happy Songs



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