Apply These Passport Safety Tips While at Home and Travelling Abroad for Peace of Mind.

Passport Safety

Tips for Passport Safety, Travel Documents & Cash While On Holidays Abroad and At Home.

Travel Abroad Safety

Take Heed of These Passport Safety Tips While Travelling Abroad and Share Them With The Family Too.

These passport safety tips will help you keep this valuable document and your other travel documents safe, while travelling and at home .

Your passport will be the most valuable item that you must keep safe while travelling abroad.  It confirms your  citizenship of whichever country you are from and for this reason may be the most valuable document you have in your possession.

First of all, never give your passport to anyone as collateral for any reason, (something which many people do), and always watch it carefully while it is in someone else’s hands while using it to confirm identification, book into hotels, or checking in for your flights.

Many countries you enter will require certain details before your flight lands; like your reason for travel, where you will be staying and your passport number, so you will need to have it handy.

When registering at hotels your proof of identification will also be required, and this is once again your passport.  It is used so many times for various things which we do not really take note of but pointing them out highlights the importance.

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In certain countries,  the law may require that your passport will be needed to be kept by the resort or motel overnight for verification by law officials, and this is standard in many countries due to passport fraud being rife all over the world.

Should this be the case where you are staying and your passport is not returned immediately the next day, report this to the authorities, your country embassy and/or your consulate with no delay.

With passport fraud on the rise all over the world, it is vital that the authorities do everything possible to protect the integrity of legitimate passport holders and citizens.  Often this may cause slight delays at airports, and hotels or where passports are used for verifying your identity, so exercise some patience.

If your passports are lost or stolen, there will be lengthy delays in getting a new one issued because details are checked and re-checked of the applicant.  Your embassy may provide you with a temporary travel document to return home in the meantime if this happens.

Safeguarding Your Passport.

Passport safety must be your number one concern with this extremely valuable document.  In many cases loss or theft of passports is due to carelessness of the holder and could have been avoided with a few common sense precautions.

Sometimes while travelling you will need to keep your passport with you for banking and cashing out travelers checks, and in some countries it is required to be on your person at all times.  When this is the case, make certain you keep it in a safe place securely on your person.

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Keep it securely in your handbag if you are a woman, making sure you are always holding your bag and strap tightly while out and about.  Men should keep it in a money pouch or fanny pack that has a strong belt and is firmly attached.

When you do not need your passport, it is wise to rather leave it in the hotel or accommodation safe and not packed into your luggage or in the closet or in the bedside drawers.

 Guard Passport Theft by Thieves!

Think about passport safety at all times and beware that coat pockets, hip pockets and wallets are all susceptible to thieves with expert pick pocketing skills.

While travelling and enjoying holiday activities prevent money and passport theft by carrying all your belongings in a secure way and avoid crowded areas and streets where pick pockets lurk.

Planning Travelling

Women with shoulder bags should keep the bag securely tucked under the arm and at the same time wrap the bag strap around your arm as well. Men should keep their wallets and passports in their front pockets or use strong durable money belts. If possible use waterproof money packs or wallets.

While travelling or wherever you go always be vigilant in large crowds on buses and trains, while shopping and on the subways.  Don’t fall for distractions by strangers because they often work in pairs or trios and one will distract while the others will rob you.

Keep copies of your passport and all your travel documents, and make at least three of them.

One copy can be left with family or friends at home and the others with family members that are travelling with you. In countries where you need keep your passport on your person, rather keep a colour copy which suffices in almost all cases.

Consider applying these passport safety tips at all times and chances are you will never have any problems at home or travelling abroad.

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