3 Natural Treasures in Costa Rica Everyone Should Visit While On Holiday in This Central American Paradise!

Visit These Epic Natural Treasures in Costa Rica To Make Your Holiday Unforgettable Experience!

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Costa Rica Beaches

Choose The very Best Tours To See The Natural Treasures in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a prime tourist destination for holiday makers all over the world due to the adventurous nature of the country.  Luscious jungles meet gorgeous beaches and there are certainly a ton of activities and natural treasures in Costa Rica to explore while on holiday.

There is so much to do and see while on holiday in Costa Rica and with limited time you should definitely plan your itinerary for this one! Between relaxing on the beach and exploring local markets, plan a trip to see some amazing natural treasures in Costa Rica, you won’t regret it.

Costa Rica is a fabulous destination to visit for any age group and your holiday will be an unforgettable experience from start to finish in one of the greenest places on the planet.

Each one of these natural treasures in Costa Rica are unique in their own way with many tours and guides available with others not requiring much more than to be admired or perhaps captured on camera.

1. Nauyaca Falls Costa Rica.

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Nauyaca Falls

This beautiful array of waterfalls is located on the central Pacific coast, close to the surfing village of Dominical and nearby the bustling city of San Isidro de General.

To visit these waterfalls, which are privately owned, you will need to arrange one of the tours as shown above.  You can go on a hiking trip to see them or even arrange a horseback ride to visit with meals included.

Seeing these beautiful waterfalls will help anyone understand why this is one of the natural treasures in Costa Rica .

There are two levels of waterfalls towering over 500 feet and the lower falls consisting of a wide cascade of over 100 feet that plummets into a lovely pool where you can jump in or swim according to the instructions of your tour guide if you would like to cool off.

You can spend a few hours swimming in the pool and relaxing with a packed lunch afterwards, depending on the tour you choose.

2. Epic Natural Treasures In Costa Rica including The Volcano and Lake Arenal.

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Lake Arenal

This Majestic Volcano Arenal towers over the Lake Arenal and is located in the north central region of Costa Rica. Incidentally what makes it a wonderful tourist attraction is that it is the most active volcano in Costa Rica having periods of daily eruptions, at night you will see the warm glow of volcanic lava which is a sight to behold.

The Costa Rican government has flooded the area where the village of Arenal used to be and this has become Costa Rica’s largest lake. You can choose your tour or sightseeing trip to this fabulous tourist attraction to enjoy another of the best natural treasures in Costa Rica.

There are guided fishing trips if you are an avid angler and it is here where you will find some of the best rainbow bass fishing in the world.  While there, take part in water sports like parasailing when available, as well as windsurfing which is a firm favorite in Lake Arenal.

There are many types of hotel and resort accommodations in the Arenal area and if you are on a budget there are budget beating holiday rentals and small hotels to choose from.

Take a tour to visit the lake Arenal and volcano area which are both truly an amazing piece of paradise.  Take along your camera for some wonderful panoramic pictures of the active volcano which towers majestically over the picturesque lake.

3. The Manuel Antonio National Park.

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Manuel Antonio National Park

With many natural treasures in Costa Rica the likes of indigenous bird and animal life as well as forests and wild flowers, a must visit is the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national parks, Manuel Antonio.

You will find this national park located just south of Quepos on the central Pacific coastline and this park is only a few hours from San Jose making it very accessible with multiple transportation options.

Although the Manuel Antonio is a very small park compared to the other parks in the country, most tourists choose to visit this destination more than any of the others.  The national park boasts some pristine white sandy beaches with a panoramic backdrop of lush green forested mountains that plunge straight down to the deep blue Pacific.

It is best to book your tours to visit the Manuel Antonio due to its popularity as shown above for the best way to experience all it has to offer.

While there you are sure to spot some of the indigenous species of monkeys and the charming sloths, marmosets, speckled caimans river otters, beautiful flora and over 200 species of colourful birds.

If you are a beach lover, you can look forward to relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is so beautiful, it is often dubbed the Garden of Eden and the sights and experiences will leave you breathless with a true fondness and longing for nature.

Costa Rica has some amazing holiday destinations and you can choose to book accommodation nearby any of these natural treasures of Costa Rica , just remember to plan tours to maximize your experience of this magical tourist destination.

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