£1 = 18 ZAR: Holidays in South Africa Are Exceptional Value for Holiday Budgets!

Visit Cape Town South Africa

Get More Value For Your Holiday Budget When Going On Fabulous Holidays in South Africa!

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Cape Town South Africa

Get Lot’s More Holiday for Your Money With Holidays In South Africa!

Holidays in South Africa are popular with tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately many people make their opinions of this country and many others by what they read in the news, this is often mostly negative because bad news sells.

People travel from all over the world to come and enjoy the beauty of South Africa and other parts of Africa where you can enjoy amazing experiences of natural beauty and wildlife.

Holidays in South Africa have sensational sightseeing areas with breathtaking beauty and an extremely diverse landscape with it being one of the most memorable experiences for every visitor.   Popular destinations in South Africa include:

  • The beautiful beaches and sightseeing of the coasts of Durban/Kwa-Zulu Natal.
  • The Garden Routes, Majestic Cape Town, and Table Mountain.
  • The Kruger National Park and Wildlife Experiences.
  • The City of Johannesburg and Townships of Soweto.
  • The Peaceful Coasts of East London.
  • Port Elizabeth
  • The Drakensburg Mountain Ranges and more

Tours and Activities in South Africa.

There are a number of wonderful holidays in South Africa with superb tour packages available at sensational value for money, and with the favorable rate of exchange you get more holidays for your money.

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Holidays in South Africa

Look forward to accommodation in luxurious hotels  because you will certainly get a lot more for your sterling.

Cheap Holidays Abroad offer some amazing all inclusive deals for holidays in South Africa and you can use the convenience of your phone or pc to book your complete holiday online.

Weather in South Africa is pleasantly warm and at times quite hot while winters are mild compared to the United Kingdom with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees Celsius so you can actually visit here all year round according to your preferences.

Plan what you desire to see and the activities you would like to participate in with private guided tours from experienced friendly guides, there is also no place in the world with friendlier locals, ask anyone for help or directions as long as you are within safer areas, though you should be weary of criminals and scam artists.

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Wildlife South Africa

Plan a magical getaway or vacation in exciting South Africa  if only for one thing, and that is the wildlife.  The stunning wildlife in the famous Kruger National Park is unrivalled but you need quite some time to see it all so make sure you book for long enough!  An alternate nature experience which is a must do road-trip, is the famous garden route along the west coast, this 200km stretch will mesmerize with its charm and beauty.

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South Africa Vacations

Book holidays in South Africa and  discover the tribal dancing in Kwazulu Natal or visit the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, or if you prefer a sunny beach holiday in the city, the nearby Sun City where many international golf tournaments are held.  Sun City is also the place to be providing an excellent location for tours to see Rhinos, Lions, Cheetahs and loads of other wildlife after which you can enjoy the Valley of The Waves at Sun City, a wave park with slides, pools, cafes and of course an artificial beach!

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Durban South Africa

If you are planning a vacation with a difference for you or your family, then holidays in South Africa are a must especially with the current rate of exchange.

Many tourists from all over the world visit South Africa so it is wise to book early to avoid disappointment.

No matter what sightseeing or adventure experiences you want to choose ,rest assured that trained hands and safety on tours will ensure you enjoy a vacation that is relaxing, exciting as well as interesting when you learn all about the indigenous cultures in Africa.

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Kruger Park

Browse some great deals for holidays in South Africa with Cheap Holidays Abroad and find the best in tours and all inclusive packages that appeal to you the most on our website, you are also welcome to contact us for details and assistance for your convenience.

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South Africa Culture

South Africa is definitely a destination for everyone’s Bucket List because no matter what type of person you are, there is certainly a destination in the country that will appeal to you.


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