The Land of The Rising Sun is an Oriental Treat, Experience Incredible Holidays in Japan!

Japan Holidays

Amazing Holidays in Japan, a Magical Experience of Asia That Will Leave You Wanting More!

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Plan Your Holidays In Japan To See The Most and Experience The Best of Asia!

Japan is an amazing country to visit rich with history, mystery, wonderful culture and dozens of adventures and experiences.  This special country in Asia is a hugely popular tourist destination.  Holidays in Japan are great for everyone no matter what age group you are.

Exploring Some Facts About the Country of Japan

Japan actually consists of four islands and several others.  When looking on the world map you will discover that it takes the shape of a seahorse.

The islands cover a massive 378000 square Kilometres and Tokyo is the capital.  This modern metropolis is the most visited by tourists from all over the globe and at times it may feel overwhelmingly crowded.

Japan also features beautiful countryside villages with breathtaking landscapes consisting of majestic mountains including the tallest, Mount Fuji.  Japan offers many monuments to visit incredibly diverse histories and plenty to do for tourists so that you will never have a dull moment while vacationing there.

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Best Times to Travel to Japan?

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Considering that the islands of Japan lay in the temperate northeastern parts of the world, the climate is mostly mild and summer begins around the month of July. That means the best time for holidays in Japan is late June to October.  Up until then, Japan experiences its rainy season which can often be quiet heavy as it lays in the monsoon areas.

From July onward days are sunny and mild making it pleasant for travellers, during this time it is early spring so if you want to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom, choose the end of July as this is a perfect time to plan your holidays in Japan.

The Japanese People

The Japanese are extremely polite to foreigners and very welcoming but know that it is a densely populated country so the cities will always be hives of activity.  Japan has its own unique religious beliefs and Buddhism is important with arts and architecture strongly influenced by this religion.

The other main religious group is Shinto-ism that is a religion founded on legends, myths, and ritual practices dating back centuries.

Some of the Japanese respect both religions and because of this there are never any religious clashes.

Places to Visit for Holidays in Japan.

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A Must Visit Popular Tourist Spot is Nagasaki

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On your holidays in Japan visit the popular tourist spot Nagasaki where you can visit the ‘Spectacle Bridge’. This ancient feat of gorgeous architecture is a stone bridge resembling a pair of glasses and it certainly is breathtaking to see.

Another great tour is visiting the beautiful yellow and red shrine known as ‘The Confucius Shrine’ and also the stunning Museum of Natural History near Nagasaki where you can see some incredible Asian treasures.

Visit the museum and be humbled by the pieces on display from the August 9, 1945, atomic bomb tragedy as well as the nearby Nagasaki Peace Park.  Lastly, visit ‘Nishizaka Hill’ located in Nagasaki on your Japan holidays which is is the site of a religious monument to the 26 martyrs that were crucified here for practising Christianity in the late 1600s.

Visiting Tokyo the Hub of Activity in Japan!

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Tours and Travel In Japan

Tokyo is a shopping paradise of awesome technology, fine apparel and everything you want in fine cuisines.

Start with a visit to the amazing Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo which is the largest wholesale market in Japan and a sushi lover’s paradise that will fascinate you while you watch the locals skillfully prepare these delicacies.  Enjoy the fresh tastes and smells of the market firsthand, the traditional way!

Take a day to visit Asakusa in Tokyo, another popular tourist stop off area packed with lovely shops, restaurants and the ‘Senso Temple’ which is an incredible sight of intricate architecture.

The East Gardens are open to the public and are found outside of the Imperial Palace.  Yasukuni Jinja is the Torii gate that stands at the entrance to a shrine built-in memory of those who died in the wars while defending Japan.

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If you are a theatre lover then a must-see is The Kabuki Theatre that regularly hosts traditional Japanese Kabuki performances in the Ginza district.

The Edo Tokyo Museum is also close by displaying artefacts and items from Tokyo’s rich history. The exhibits include replicas of the ancient Kabuki Theatre and the original Edo Castle.

The Hama Rikyo Park is a great place to take a touristy stroll and is located next to Tokyo Bay where you can see the most beautiful and immaculate gardens in the city.

One of the most loved tours is to the enormous Tokyo National Museum which houses the largest collection of Japanese artefacts and artworks in the world.

There are said to be over 100,000 pieces, however, because of space limitations to display only 4,000, exhibits are constantly rotated so you may see different things each time you visit.

Japan Holidays Visiting Hiroshima

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Holidays in Japan Attractions

Yet another popular tourist destination, Hiroshima offers you lots to see and experience.  First off make sure you go and see the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

This park commemorates the explosion of the first atomic bomb where the Peace Memorial Museum is located.  The well known Hiroshima Castle and the Atomic Dome are also sites not to miss when visiting Hiroshima.

Exploring Beach Holidays in Japan

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Holidays in Japan Beaches

Beach lovers can also get their fill of some beautiful beaches in Japan with the Izu Peninsula in the Shizuoka Prefecture being one of most popular beach getaway destinations for locals from Tokyo.

Other popular beaches include

  • Shirahama, Wakayama Beaches
  • Chirihama Beach
  • Tsunoshima Island, Yamaguchi Beaches
  • The Amami Oshima Island, Kagoshima Beaches.

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Most beaches in Japan are also the perfect snorkelling and diving spots for the enthusiast with beautiful marine life and rich coral reefs in crystal clear waters to explore.

Planning your holidays in Japan should be done with some care and you can look forward to visiting a country that likes cleanliness, manners, politeness and order.

There are some fabulous destinations here and you can visit some selected attractions in this article to get some great ideas for memorable holidays in Japan so add it to your bucket list today.

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