5 Reasons Your Holiday To Cyprus Won’t Be Your Last One at This Super Family Friendly Vacation Destination!

Holiday To Cyprus

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(Cyprus was still Corona Virus Free at The Time of Publishing)

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A holiday to Cyprus should be on every travellers bucket lists especially if you are a beach lover and enjoy diverse vacation activities and adventures. The beautiful island of Cyprus lies on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, offering tourists warm sunny weather almost all year round.

If you have never been on holiday to Cyprus you will love visiting this charming destination. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and being a popular tourist destination offers superb accommodation options in hotels, resorts and holiday rentals.

Explore the incredible scenery, bask on pristine beaches and enjoy the welcoming friendliness of locals that go out their way to make your visit truly special.

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5 Top Reasons to Book Your Holiday to Cyprus

1) Cyprus offers holiday makers the perfect weather with over 300 days of sunshine during the year. This makes this island perfect for sun seekers and the weather never get too cold or uncomfortably hot either.

It is considered that the climate in Cyprus is healthy too and many seniors buy homes to retire there simply because of its perfect weather.

2) Flights to this island are cheap with many airlines now servicing the airport from mainland Europe. Direct flights and connecting flights are both budget friendly making your holiday to Cyprus a great deal.

3) There are great activities, tours and rich history to explore when you visit Cyprus. This island has been populated for over 9000 years offering history buffs great historical sites to visit majestic castle and fortress ruins and some awesome museums too. Vacations activities abound in Cyprus and many holiday makers return over and over again.

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Monastery in Cyprus

There is so much to do and see in Cyprus that holiday makers return frequently and many decide to settle permanently on this amazing island.

4) Visit the popular tourist spot Aphrodite’s island that is also rich in indigenous flora and fauna; with many rare species of orchid and home to rare birds of prey, like owls, beautiful flamingos and butterflies.  During the spring and autumn months walking tours are extremely popular to experience all these wonders of Cyprus.

5) When you holiday to Cyprus you will love the warmth and friendliness of the locals and the laid back lifestyle.

Cypriot people believe in living slow leisurely lifestyles with long lunches, siestas in the afternoons and fine dinners at great restaurants to enjoy great conversation and a slow evening together. Choose a holiday to Cyprus and enjoy an experience that will help you unwind renew your spirit and truly relax because this beautiful island has it all.

Tours and Family Activities in Cyprus.

For newlywed couples Cyprus is also the perfect honeymoon and the ultimate romantic getaway, but equally popular for family holidays.

There are super activities and adventures to look forward to while on holiday to Cyprus with some examples below.

a) Visit the Gorgeous Ayia Napa Theme Park:

This Water World theme park at Ayia Napa is a popular family escape and the kids will love it. It is also currently the largest water theme park in the country, and with it being a Greek mythology theme park, visitors discover it to be both educational and fun.

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Cyprus Theme Park

b) Make Sure You Visit ‘The Camel Park’:

The Camel Park is another popular tourist stop off located in the Mazotos village and you can look forward to an exciting experience here. Children can ride camels and explore the beautiful surrounding countryside. There is also swimming pools and a nearby museum that you will enjoy visiting.

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Cyprus Camels

c) Relax and Soak Up The Sun on Epic Beaches:

Visit any of the choice of world class beaches in Cyprus from the ‘Geroskipou’ to ‘Dassoudi Beach’ and ‘Germasogeia’ and many others along the coastlines. Naturally you can participate in many fun water sport activities or just go swimming in the clear ocean waters.

d) Pop In at The Penguin Village:

The Penguin Village is fun for children at ‘Le Meridien hotel in Limas sol’ offering parents a day-camp environment to keep the little ones occupied. They will love the interesting, educational, and fun activities and have their own separate restaurant play area and pool with lifeguards present.

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Penguin Village

e) Visit the Fun Donkey Park:

You should also make time to visit the Oroklini Donkey Park at Lornaca Village which cares for many unwanted donkeys often up to 50 at a time. Visitors are welcome to visit and support them by browsing the gift and souvenir shop and there are of course also fun donkey rides too.

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Donkey Rides in Cyprus

Your holiday to Cyprus offers endless fun and entertainment and it certainly will not be the last time you choose to visit this charming destination.

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