Awesome Tours, Attractions and Sightseeing to Experience While On Holiday in Algarve, Portugal.

Holidays in Algarve Portugal

Consider Visiting Popular Tourist Spots While on Holiday in Algarve Portugal, a Popular Beach Destination for UK Tourists!

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Algarve Portugal

Where to Visit While On Holiday In Algarve Portugal.

Going on Holiday in Algarve Portugal is a popular choice for many UK travellers because the weather is comfortably warm almost all year round and flying there from the UK is also relatively cheap. Algarve has some beautiful golf courses if you are an avid golfer and besides the stunning beaches, there are some wonderful places to visit.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular attractions you can visit when you go on holiday in Algarve Portugal.

Tours and Attractions in Algarve


 Explore the Town of Lagos

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Lagos Algarve

Algarve Portugal has a rich and also an impressive history which can be seen in the architecture of some of its long-standing buildings. While visiting Lagos make sure to visit some historical churches the likes of Santa Antonio, Santa Maria of Misericoridai and many others.

You can also relax at cafes along the marina and enjoy watching the people go by or pop into some quaint restaurants and sample fine Portuguese cuisine.

Visit Charming Loulé.

During the huge earthquake of 1755, many of Loulé’s most beautiful architecture and buildings were destroyed.  You can still visit some sections of castles which are still standing that date back as far as the 12th century!  Take time to shop in the busy markets found in this town and you are sure to pick up some great souvenirs and other useful wares.

Loule is a bustling town and you will enjoy the friendliness of the locals, it is another great spot where you can enjoy some great Portuguese dishes in small cafes and restaurants in the area.

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Holidays In Algarve Portugal

Fascinating Historical Faro.

Most tourists fly to the airport located in Faro but never take time to explore the area which has much to offer.

Faro also boasts some rich historical sites and buildings with a beautiful Roman cathedral you should also make sure to browse around the awesome ‘Infante Dom Henrique Museum’.  If you are flying back after your beach holiday in Algarve Portugal, consider taking an extra day to visit Faro before going home because it certainly is worth the time.

Visit The Town of Sagres.

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Sagres is located to the far south-west of Europe and locals have dubbed this the end of the world.  Consider visiting this area when there is fine weather because as it is a coastline jutting out into the Atlantic it can be windy.

It’s worth stopping off here because you will see some of the most beautiful panoramic sights and there is much to explore in the town too.

The Rich Historical Town of Silves.

While on holiday in Algarve Portugal, stop off in the Town of Silves which is an inland area of Algarve.  Silves is another beautiful and charming historic town boasting architectural delights the likes of Phoenician, Roman and Moorish influences.

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Silves Algarve

Here you can also find an awe inspiring castle which is mostly still intact with its own cathedral built on the site of a Moorish Mosque.  This quaint town has narrow streets and lovely hidden cafes where you can relax and enjoy Portuguese coffees, wines, and fine cuisine.

While on holiday in Algarve Portugal do a little bit of sightseeing between relaxing on their beautiful beaches and explore as much as you can to experience the full flavour of this popular tourist destination.

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