Croatia Holidays: Visit This Incredibly Beautiful Destination That Will Have You Coming Back Again and Again!

The Magic of Croatia Holidays Beckons Offering a Magnificent Holiday For Families and Tourists From All Over The World.

Croatia Holidays Offers Something for Everyone Seeking a Fantastic Yearly Holiday!

Croatia has become one of Europe’s hottest destinations and already thousands of tourists from all over the world love choosing this for their summer vacations.

This beautiful country boasts almost 2000 kilometres of panoramic coastlines that include charming pine-fringed coves, wide silky sandy beaches and quaint lagoons.

There are over 1000 islands in Croatia ranging from lush green islands to hilly rocky wooded islands offering photographers the perfect opportunity to get amazing landscape shots with beautiful scenery.  Yachting enthusiasts love visiting this gorgeous destination for the multitude of sailing options and if you are a beach lover there is an endless choice of stunning beaches.

Snorkelling and scuba diving in these waters offers you a paradise of marine life and colorful coral and water sports are plentiful.

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Croatia has a fascinating history and cultural lifestyle with the walled city of Dubrovnik on its southern part being the stop-off point for many Mediterranean cruise liners.  Besides all this, the coast offers a lot of deep historical significance for history buffs.

In southern Dalmatia, the towns of Hvar and Korcula are reminiscent of Venice in architecture without the canals and in Istria; the dominant bell tower in Rovinj is modeled after that on St Mark’s Square in Venice.

Visiting Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik has been dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and it’s understandable when you see the awe-inspiring curtain of walls surrounding the city paved in marble and dotted with magnificent Renaissance sculpture.

The Town of Hvar

The town of HVAR offers a splendid harbor promenade and sculptured facades, and is well known for vibrant nightlife that has become the most popular in the Adriatic.

Things to Do In Croatia


Korcula Town

This quaint town resembles Hvar in some instances particularly the narrow cluster of streets and alleys but it is in a quieter location on a narrow peninsula.

The Town of Rovinj

This town maintains the favor of a fishing village and thousands of tourists love visiting this quaint spot each year because the town is so pretty and colorful.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park

This magnificent spot has 16 turquoise lakes that seem to glow and there are fabulous waterfalls everywhere. This is also a UNESCO world heritage site popular with tourists visiting Croatia.

The Brela Beach

Here beach enthusiasts can explore idyllic coves, some bordered with majestic pine trees, and recently this was named one of the top twenty beaches in the world.

Locals are very friendly after the horrible wars of the 19990s and very welcoming to tourists. As a matter of fact, many locals speak English so communication is not too much of a barrier in Croatia.

Things to Do and see In Croatia

Croatia is situated on the Adriatic coast and is a small and beautiful country that has magical things to experience while on vacation.

You can look forward to a wide range of activities, tours, sightseeing, sunbathing, vacation shopping and fine dining. Besides this Croatia also has many naturist resorts, nudist beaches and towns more popular with visiting tourists from all over the globe. Choose some Gorgeous Accommodation Options Below:

Adventurous activities include mountain biking and climbing, hiking and water sports. The country also has a unique history with many significant historical places to visit stunning panoramic sightseeing and nightlife for the young at heart.

Tourists love to visit the miles of beautiful unexplored coastline boasting; pristine white sands, crystal clear blue waters and magnificent coral reefs which make it a diver’s paradise.

For sightseeing in Croatia look forward to majestic mountains lakes and crystal clean rivers, plus you can visit 7 national parks there if you are a nature lover.

These protected parks are overflowing with indigenous flora and fauna as well as beautiful cascading waterfalls.  Some of the wildlife includes bears, wild sheep, the lynx and exotic bird-life.

Visiting Zagreb – The Capital of Croatia

Here you can choose to explore many caves and mountains, visit forests and enjoy the great restaurants, clubs, bars and vacation shopping for tourists.

If you love history here you will get your fill of stunning museums with there being more at this location than anywhere else in the world.

For this reason, Zagreb is a lot quieter than other tourist spots more visited by history buffs and older people.  In the evening, sit and eat fine food in one of the many cafes and simply watch the world go by in peace and relaxation.

Visiting the City of Trogir

Trogir is another fabulous city that Croatia has to offer and a popular tourist destination on the Dalmatian coast.  Visit the beautiful St.Lawrence Church a truly grand structure in Trogir.

Why Visit Croatia

Whether you want relaxation or adventure this sensational destination offers it all on Croatia Holidays.

If you want to hike then explore the countless footpaths and trekking trails where you will venture into beautiful unspoiled, natural areas.

Here you can discover the magic of nature in wonderful mountains, majestic river valleys and canyons, through to endless plains blending into dense forests and lush green hills.

Sailing is perfect for those that love this activity as Croatia offers favorable among the islands in Croatian territorial waters.

Sailing in Croatia

Alpinists and freestyle climbers will find the perfect activities and climbing environments with many being close to towns and popular holiday resorts.

The best-known climbing destinations that suit both beginners and advanced climbing professionals are located at the continental parts of the country on the mountains of Klek, Papuk, Kalnik, on Samarske-stijene and Bijele-stijene.

Croatia is the perfect holiday destination no matter what age group you are and many families love visiting here. Accommodation options range from affordable to luxurious resorts with wonderful views, truly a vacation paradise and no doubt it will become one of your favourite holiday spots to visit again in the future.

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