5 Child Car Safety and Road Travelling Tips to ALWAYS Adhere to For Safety and Peace of Mind

Child Car Safety

Child Car Safety Tips For Parents and How to Plan an Enjoyable Road Trip

Car Safety Tips For Children

Remember These Child Car Safety Tips for Travelling with Children.

Whether you are travelling by bus, plane, train or boat always think safety for your children because they cannot think for themselves.  These car safety tips apply for your family holidays and everyday life

When you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you may overlook some basic child car safety rules and this could be a fatal mistake.  Never overlook these basic safety requirements when you are travelling anywhere with toddlers, infants or young children.

Car Safety Tips

Safety first when travelling means never being in so much of a hurry that you forget to strap children into their car seats or ensure they are wearing their safety belts.  It also does not matter what sort of transport means you are using.  Below we want to refresh you on 5 basic child car safety rules for parents that should be not negotiable:

1.  First and most importantly is to ensure the fastening of seatbelts or restraints, toddlers or infants should be secure in their car seat.

Toddlers and little children can be naughty in a car and even cause an accident by distracting you.  Besides this, they can also easily hurt themselves in a moving vehicle if they are not secure when you need to brake suddenly or take a sharp corner.

2. Keep all the children or baby essentials with you when travelling with children and babies.  For babies, this means milk bottles, nappies, wipes and medicines.  For bigger children something to keep them occupied, bottled water or cool drinks as well as any other things they may need during the journey irrespective of whether it is a long or short distance you will be travelling.

3.  If you are going shopping make sure that your child seat is in a position behind you where you can see them at a glance and while in the store position the child in the middle of the shopping cart to prevent them getting hurt by passers-by or from other shopping carts bumping into yours.

4.  For longer journeys, you need to bring along toys that will keep children occupied during the ride and make sure they are safe toys that cannot be swallowed if you have toddlers. Toys should not be heavy noisy or bulky which could distract the person driving the vehicle. If the child is distressed don’t hesitate to pull over and investigate.

5. Control your child on any mode of transport whether it is in a car, bus, or plane and teach them to sit quietly and safely until the journey is over.

It is your responsibility to make sure the child behaves and in public transport, this is particularly important because naughty, unsupervised children can cause irritation and discomfort for other passengers.

Road Trip Travelling Tips

A long road trip with small children can become a nightmare for parents, especially in hot weather.  Read more child safety tips for travelling with children in this category.

With some diligent planning by parents from where you will stop for breaks and refreshments to how to keep children from getting bored, the experience can be comfortable and exciting for everyone.

* Firstly, plan your route and the roads carefully and use the internet and a GPS to see where stops are for ablutions, snacks and stretching your legs.

* Make sure children have the correct car safety seats or are strapped in properly and comfortably.  Have an extra travelling pillow for when they doze off to prevent stiff necks.

* Work out the average fuel cost you will use on your road trip and make sure that you have the resources to pay for this and extras along the way.

* Make sure your vehicle is well serviced and that tyres are in good condition as well as the vehicle in entirety.  Have an emergency number for roadside services in the different regions you will be travelling through.

* Set off early while the day is fresh and everyone too.  Try and travel during the day rather than at night when danger increases.  Pack the vehicle carefully and make certain all luggage is securely stowed away.

* Double check that all passengers are secured with safety belts and child safety seats as mentioned above.  Check that the baby car safety seat is properly installed.

* Keep your children occupied which means providing them with games, books, puzzles, tablets or music to keep them stimulated.  You will know your children well enough to find what is best to keep their minds from becoming bored.

* Stop often in safe areas and well away from the road shoulder so that everyone can stretch their legs and get fresh air.

Enjoy the family trip together and get safely to the destination and when you are ready to return home, apply all of these safety tips again.

Road Trips With Children

When travelling whether short distances or long journeys it is a wise decision as a parent to be fully prepared especially on planes, trains and buses which can be a danger for little children when they want to explore.

This means as a parent you should always plan ahead carefully making absolutely certain that your children will be safe until you arrive at your destination.

Most parents will have to travel every day and the most important tips are child car safety which should become a habit for you.

Just remember that overlooking simple safety could mean serious injury or even be fatal for children and as a parent that means safety first, every time.

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