Your Travel Checklist for Holidays Abroad to Ensure a Smooth memorable Holiday.

Holiday Checklists

Start Your Travel Planning With A Travel Checklist

Travelling on holiday is something everyone will do in their lifetime and when travelling abroad a handy travel checklist will ensure that everything goes smoothly from planning to the actual holiday experiences.

We have already touched on some of these points in travel extras but for your convenience, we are going to summarize this travel checklist to remind you of the most important points to write down on a travel checklist and then tick them off once completed...

Holidays abroad should be a safe memorable experience but sometimes things do go wrong, and if you have planned for any eventuality you can avoid letting these issues ruin your holidays abroad...


Travel Checklist

1)Have at Least x3 ID Copies – When you are travelling irrespective of the destination have at least three copies made of all your travel documents beforehand.

This includes passports, driver’s licenses, insurance documents and visas. Leave one with a family member or friend at home and a copy with your partner with whom you are travelling. If they are lost or stolen then your friend or family member can have them couriered to you.

Travel Checklist


2) Know the location and Culture – In some countries, tourists stand out and become targets for criminals so know the local customs and try to act like the locals do in order to blend in and maximize your holiday experience. Dress similarly; to how they do and act as if you belong there and your holiday will be a better all-around experience.

3) Investigate Local Weather Patterns – Some countries weather can be very unpredictable so do some research online and make certain you have the clothing to accommodate adverse weather conditions should they arise. Knowing the weather is also important for your safety in case an extreme weather occurrence arises like tornadoes, severe thunderstorms or monsoon rains come pouring down.

4) Know Emergency procedures in Accommodations – Find out what the procedures are for emergencies in hotels and resorts in case of an emergency.

This is overlooked by 90 per cent of travellers. Most of them will have emergency maps clearly displayed on the back of the room doors. Take note of emergency exits before you unpack your suitcases.

Travel Checklist emrgency services

5) Know Local Emergency Numbers – In every country, there are emergency numbers to call like the United States, which has 911. This differs in each country so it is a good idea to find out from the hotels or locals what the emergency numbers are and write them down as well as add them to speed dial in your Smartphone so that you can call for help in an emergency.

Safety for you and your family while travelling abroad must always be a priority and if you are properly prepared, you will enjoy your holiday without any serious incidents to ruin it.

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