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Holidays in Greece

Cheap Travel Options This Summer…Make The Most Of Them!

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How to Find Cheap Travel Options…

Cheap Travel Options for More Holiday Value!

Holidays, where you travel abroad, are not exactly cheap so saving money means doing some due diligence to find where you can get cheap travel packages and all inclusive holidays.

When you see the costs of flights to an exotic destination in the sun you would like to visit then you may pass this up because you cannot afford it.

Cheap Holiday Abroad have a selection of exclusive suppliers that offer discounted cheap travel options that will even allow you to take the whole family to fabulous destinations without it breaking your bank account.

Today booking your travel online from accommodation to flights and local tours and activities can save you hundreds of Pounds and a little investigation on our website will show you some amazing offers you certainly must take advantage of.

The internet or actually our website is your gateway to planning where you can access some exceptional value cheap travel options from suppliers that will help you plan a dream holiday abroad.

Bahamas Holidays

Travel Club Discounts.

A very popular method to get incredible discounts on travel is joining travel clubs and it is surprising that so few people take advantage of these options. Memberships are affordable but the discounts you get on flights, accommodation, tours and activities are simply mind-blowing.

Travel clubs offer incredible cheap travel options that range from car rental to travel insurance and there are even clubs that focus on providing adventure activities suitable for the whole family.

Imagine Luxury Accommodations Without the Expense…

Cheap Hotels Accomodation De3als


Last minute travel deals clubs offer some amazing accommodation cheap travel options plus many other exciting offers for members.

Having a travel membership with them, you can expect luxurious accommodation for lot less than normal tariffs in exotic destinations from Israel to the United States and the Caribbean.

Last Minute Holiday Deals

With cheap travel options like we have just covered your money goes so much further and all you need to do after investigating what they offer is choosing a destination according to what you want to enjoy in leisure and relaxation.  Some examples of fun holidays can be golfing, skiing, relaxing on beautiful beaches, family attractions and amusements.

Start an Internet Home Based Business in Travel

The travel industry is exploding online and you can help others finding cheap travel options by referring them to suppliers that have exceptional deals at the time.

You can learn to even become a travel agent by doing courses online and then become certified.

A home-based business in travel allows you to recommend best cheap travel options packages to others via the Internet, and you can help people all over the world too.

You don’t have to always spend your holiday time in the same old place because cheap travel options the likes you find on our website allow you to enjoy a luxury vacation for a fraction of the prices.

Travel Discounts



Tips for Planning Family Holidays. A Time to…Renew Those Bonds!

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Tips to Plan Dream Family Holidays for The Upcoming Holiday Season…

Planning Family Holidays

Plan the Dream Holiday You Deserve!

If I said the holiday season is in the air some people would probably shoot me considering the adverse weather conditions in countries where snow, floods and hurricanes are the norms right now. This doesn’t really change the fact that soon summer will be here and then it time to plan family holidays and you will certainly want to visit somewhere warm and relaxing.

Everyone needs a good break from the daily grind of exhausting everyday activities where you are a stay at home parent or have a demanding career. Instead of the same old, same old family holidays consider going somewhere exotic as a family to renew bonds, have fun and explore the world.
Now that you have found our website you will agree there are some simply amazing discount package holidays and all-inclusive deals as well as exciting travel clubs you can take advantage of.

Want to Compare with Trivago?
Travel Can be Affordable and Exciting.

Travel is expensive and that means doing some research and making comparisons to see where you get the best deals and that is what this portal is really all about. Use your savvy and plan a dream holiday together taking advantage of discounts from travel suppliers that have been made exclusive to us.

Here are some tips to Plan affordable family holidays:

Family Package Holidays

Book Travel Early. You know the saying and it is apt when it concerns saving money and that is The Early Bird Catches the Worm!  Once everyone has agreed where you would like to have a beach holiday or sun holiday then speak to your travel agent to arrange bookings well in advance. The closer it gets to the holiday season, the higher demand becomes for flights, resorts, hotels and holiday tours and that is the time when prices are at their highest.

Travel agents will arrange you some great deals so once you are ready to start your family holidays planning, then go right ahead and do all your arrangements with a friendly travel professional.

Choose your Travel Itinerary. Discuss together as a family what tours and holiday activities you want to experience. This is where being a member of travel clubs is a good idea because here is where you can get massive discounts. Write down your holiday activities and tours on a piece of paper so that you know exactly what you are going to do while enjoying your holidays abroad.

Direct Flights from London to Barcelona

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Tickets from 45


Compare Accommodation Early.  The same applies here that the earlier you make your hotel and resorts bookings the better the deals are going to be. Look at all inclusive holiday deals as well where accommodation is part of the package and see what they have regarding meals too which will save you money while on family holidays.  This is even more important if you have children and ravenous teenagers.

Family Holidays

Make a List of Travel Documents. Make certain that everyone passports are valid and keep a list of what travel documents you are going to need from visas to identification so that you have peace of mind. The travel agent will assist you with a what you need relevant to the country you are going to visit.

Research the Destination. The internet has a wealth of information about any destination you are planning to visit and some research will maximize enjoyment for your holidays. Investigate weather conditions, sights that you can visit, different holiday activities and the local cultures.

You may find that there are some places you can visit which are not listed on some travel website and once you find these ask your travel agent to help you find out whether there are guided tours. Family holidays are a time when you can push the pause button on life for a while and it is a time where you enjoy experiences as a family.

21st-century lifestyles and technology makes time fly past and even families drift apart so what better than getting together for a holiday? With some careful planning and common sense, family holidays can be the experience of a lifetime and you make cherished memories together. There is also another saying to add to this article in conclusion and that is: ‘Life is short…Pack it Full!’

Family Holidays

Beach Holidays All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Tips for Planning The Perfect Fun Filled Beach Holidays!

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Fun in the Sun Beach Holidays At Exotic Island Destinations…

Planning Tips for Memorable Beach Holidays

To get the chill of the long icy out of their bones most people in the UK plan beach holidays or sun holidays and at Discount Holidays Abroad we can offer you just that.

Everyone in the family loves beach holidays giving the youngsters the joy of frolicking in the sand, while mums and dads and teenagers can explore tidal pools and lounge in the sunshine taking in the views and getting a much-needed tan.

Exotic islands beach holidays are the perfect options where the climates are always sunny and warm disturbed only by warm breezes, and there certainly are plenty of wonderful options in the Caribbean for beach holidays.

It is vital to plan your beach holiday packages carefully and you will find what you are looking for on our website. Simply choose your destinations and when you are ready, licensed registered travel agents will help you with bookings.

Beach Holidays All Inclusive Holiday Packages

All-Inclusive Savings for Beach Holidays.

Road Trips Tips.

You may want to arrange beach holidays in your own country and drive there and when you do you would use our facilities to find beach holidays cottages, hotels, or resorts, so you have accommodations ready and waiting when you arrive there. When planning a long road trip for your holiday give your vehicle a good servicing, check the tyres, give it a good clean and you are ready to go…

Travelling with children can be a challenge to make certain they have games and books to keep them occupied and ensure they are strapped in while you are on the road. Of course, they will be particularly excited and very impatient when knowing they have exciting beach holidays.

Beach Holidays All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Safety Tips on Beach Holidays

After staying covered up in the long cold UK winters skin can become sensitive and soft and sun holidays are just that, with lots of sun, so you must provide for skin safety. It is wise to stay in the shade and avoid long times exposed to direct sunlight especially between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 P.M when the sun is at its hottest

Use a quality sun-block or suntan lotion if that is the term you understand with a high SPF rating (Sun Protection Factor)  After swimming apply more liberally and don’t leave any part of the exposed skin to chance.

Another great tip for beach holidays is the choice of towels. The type towel you choose can make a difference too and we recommend avoiding thick towels that get heavy when wet as well as tend to trap a lot of sand. Consider thinner low pile towels and don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and lastly decent sandals or flip-flops because that sand gets very hot out there.

With a little planning and foresight preparation, your beach holidays will be enjoyable and you will find the perfect island destination on our website. Your yearly holiday will be unforgettable and when you get back home you are sure to feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the next tasks life throws at you.

Beach Holidays All Inclusive Holiday Packages


Bookmark our website because soon enough it is going to be time for your next beach holidays and Cheap Holidays Abroad UK take all that stress out of planning…


Hawaii: Hawaii Holidays & Popular Activities

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All Inclusive Hawaii Holidays And Popular Places To Visit…

All Inclusive Hawaii Holidays

All inclusive Hawaii holidays are perfect for family holidays because these islands offer exciting fun-filled and even adventurous activities for everyone. That’s beside of course taking time out to luxuriate in the sun on beautiful beaches in between.

Finding value for money in all-inclusive Hawaii holidays is easy when you use our website to find what you are looking for from discount airfares to luxury holidays accommodation that will not empty your wallet.

Why Visit Hawaii on Family Holidays?

There are simply endless options in many amazing activities to do in Hawaii and to give you an idea we have listed some of the more popular options and you will even find the perfect guided tours if your plan is exploration and adventure.

First of all, you should remember that Hawaii is made up of quite a few different islands and each one of these offers their own specific activities for family holidays. If you are planning all inclusive Hawaii holidays then find out which ones include some of the tours ion these activities listed below.

The goal of your family holiday together is for you all to have the most fun possible, make cherished memories, take time out to relax from y0ouyr busy lifestyle and enjoy your Hawaiian vacation to the maximum…

Hawaii Holidays

Here is a list of popular Hawaiian activities:

  1. Visit the Beautiful Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is situated close to the island of Oahu, and for lovers of marine life and snorkelling, it boasts an amazingly beautiful coral reef that many insist will take your breath away.

There are multiple fish species that make Hanauma Bay coral reef their home, and for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts this is a fascination marine exploration activity destination not to be missed.

  1. Visit the Majestic Hawaii Volcanoes

When you visit the majestic Volcanoes National Park like many others you will find it an experience out of this world. This incredibly beautiful protected national park consists of over 300,000 acres that are preserved for hiking and sightseeing. You can also encounter the Mona Lau volcano that is currently dormant and if you like consider visiting the active, lava flowing Kilauea volcano.

Families will love exploring the Volcanoes national park and it is worth spending a few days there too.

  1. Driving along Maui Drive

If you plan all inclusive Hawaii holidays see if you can add the Maui drive excursion where you will drive from the Kahului Airport all the way to Hana. On this route reminiscent of the beautiful Garden Route in Cape Town South Africa you will pass over dozens of bridges while taking in the beautiful landscape where see pineapples grow and proceed through the tropical rainforest where other amazing fruits grow in addition to eucalyptus trees.

It takes a few hours to make this short drive, but as you reach the end you will certainly be impressed with the vision of black sandy beaches that are simply breathtaking in their beauty. When you finally arrive in Hana you can enjoy planned guided excursions to waterfalls and for the adventurous some great hikes.

Hawaii Holidays

  1. Visit the Waimea Canyon

On one of the bigger islands, Kauai is the Waimea Canyon which all tourists must see on their visit to Hawaii which is simply a fascinating experience. The canyon is large and colourful and Mark Twain dubbed it the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

You will love the beauty, adventure and panoramic scenery at Waimea Canyon so you must include this guided tour on your family holiday in Hawaii “to do” list.

  1. Lounging in the Sun on Waikiki Beach

If you want the most stunning luxurious resort and a beautiful relaxing beach where you can soak up the sun, then Waikiki Beach is the perfect place for you.

The majority of holiday resorts are located on Waikiki and this spot was made popular in the 1800s by Hawaiian royalty who often frequented the area for its pristine beautiful beaches. Waikiki beach is a luxury holiday at its best if y0ou want to pamper the whole family in Hawaii

All Inclusive Hawaii Packages

  1. The Kona Coasts.

The Kona coasts are also a popular holidays resort location and its stunning beaches are fabulous for sunbathing and for a variety of great family activities including fishing and even snorkelling.

Many people choose their family holidays at Kona coast simply with there being so many activities available in one place.

There are also guided tours to the sprawling coffee plantations that produce the natural and organic Kona coffee. On these trips you will be able to see how coffee is grown, the way it is picked cured and processed, and ultimately how it is packaged and sold.

  1. The Na’Pali Coast

The island of Kauai is where you will discover one of natures wonders in beauty the Na’Pali Coast.

Here are breathtakingly towering cliffs originating on the ocean’s floor and rising up from the water to create incredible with crashing waterfalls streaming down over centuries causing artistic erosions in the stone.

You can choose options to visit the Na’Pali coast, with helicopter rides and boat charters, although hiking can also be planned if you are fit and feeling adventurous but it can take some time to get there this way.

Hawaii Holidays

  1. Visiting the Iao Valley

If you would like a smattering of history on your all-inclusive Hawaii holidays to visit the cloud covered Iao valley on the island of Maui. Professional guides will explain to you this flourishing valley was the home of the agricultural god, Lono.

You will be amazed at the beauty of the valley and the general feeling of awe of its history which guides will tell you about while you visit this amazing place on Maui.

  1. Majestic Whale Watching

Whale watching is an awesome experience and a spectacular one so be sure to investigate what whale watching charters are on offer for your Hawaiian holidays.

These planned whale watching tours can conveniently be booked from Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, or Maui but due to popularity book well in advance and check the time of the year when these are available.

  1. Visit Luau

When you visit the magical islands of Hawaii you absolutely must attend a Polynesian luau to round off your vacation. You will love the vibrancy of it all the food, music, fun dancing, and sites of the luau. This will make your holiday to Hawaii one to remember and something that will stay in your mind for years to come.

When you want to plan the perfect vacation for your family all inclusive Hawaii holidays are the first choice and once you have visited and experienced the magic and enchantment of these islands and their friendly cultures, like many others you will return again because there s is simply so much to see and do on these beautiful sunny islands.

Best Value Flights

Read The Advantages of Our All Inclusive Holiday Packages!

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The Advantage of all Inclusive Holidays Packages…

All Inclusive Vacations

Beat The Budget with All Inclusive Holiday Packages

When you take advantage of all inclusive holidays packages you save quite a bit of money and for this reason families and people on a budget find them very appealing. Most of these holiday packages come with accommodation, meals and even guided tours at your destination as well as the travel airfare or cruise if you are going on a cruise ship.

It is still sensible to do fill research on what these all inclusive holidays packages consist of to make sure there are no nasty surprises in additional costs later. Cheap holidays Abroad UK offer you top rated travel partners where you can plan your next exciting holiday smoothly and experienced registered travel agents will help you every step of the way.

All inclusive holidays packages are superb if you have bigger children and teenagers because then you know they are not going to eat a hole in your pocket because meals are included.

All Inclusive Holiday packages Deals


These meals could be buffet dinners, breakfasts and light lunches, while on cruise ships the supply of delicious food is said to be never ending too. Take advantage to get more out of your holiday by looking where there are additional extras like free tours and recreation options to make your getaway as a family fun and enjoyable.

In most cases all inclusive holidays packages mean that your spending money goes further if you want to do souvenir shopping but do keep some money for tips, the odd taxi fare if you want to go on your own sightseeing expeditions and some money for extras like ice cream, rides at theme parks and other holiday activities of your own.

These all inclusive holidays packages are a great hassle free way of going on a holiday especially if the family is coming along because you do not need to work out all the individual costs like how much your accommodations will cost, travel fares, and finding the best hotels and resorts to stay at.

All Inclusive Holidays vacations


What is important though is to book as soon as you can because first of all Prices for these budget beating packages vary and could be limited too so they are snapped up quickly. There are many ways you save on these all inclusive holidays packages and when dinners are buffet style you have a wide choice of different foods to choose from and can als0o eat as much as you desire. Service is helpful at these hotels and resorts and they often have great comfort, amenities and activities include.

Visit some of the great deals in all inclusive holiday packages from our travel partners to find what you are looking for and enjoy a holiday that offers everyone more while you end up having more holiday spending money to boot.

One of the best advantages at specific destinations like Disneyworld, for example, is that at these theme parks many activities will be included. Some examples of these may include rides on their water parks, miniature putt-putt or adventure golf, canoeing, biking tours for sightseeing, and if available horseback riding.

The resort where you stay may offer free shuttles back and forth between the theme parks which means you save on transportation and taxi fares.

Holiday Deals UK

What You Should Know…

Cheap Holidays Abroad offer you access to direct links to travel partners for all types of all inclusive holidays packages whether you want to plan a skiing adventure, or beach vacations in the sun, or exploration expedition to beautiful exotic destinations all over the world.

You should make certain to explore everything carefully about all inclusive holidays packages to make sure there are no hidden extras and if you are not sure don’t be afraid to ask your travel agent all the questions you like to get complete peace of mind.


How To Start Travel Blogs and earn Money

5 Tips: How to Diarise and Share Your Holidays On Travel Blogs..

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How to Earn Extra Money Sharing Your Overseas Holidays Writing Travel Blogs.

How to Start Travel Blogs

Starting and Maintaining Profitable Travel Blogs

Blogging is a super way to share your travelling experiences and a travel blog is both fun and interesting to people that want to travel in the future too.

When you build your travel blog it can also become a super money spinner when you share your overseas travel experiences, because it is simple enough to find some super travel affiliate programs to advertise.

While on holidays abroad, document your travel by making notes of places you visit; taking beautiful pictures to brighten your blog up, and add some amusing things that happened to you to entertain visitors.

Travel Blogs to Share Travel Experiences

Maybe you have wanderlust or want a gap year to backpack to some exotic locations, and if so, it is perfect to keep your travel blog updated with lively information as you tour the different destinations abroad. Here are some useful tips to build travel blogs including how to monetize it as well.

A) Choose what sort of Travel you will focus on– Try to stick to a theme on your travel blogs, like your cruising experiences if you are a cruising enthusiast, or historical travel experiences if you love history in the different countries. Perhaps backpacking is your passion or travelling by trains.

There are endless options for starting travel blogs, but try and make it focussed on a certain travel niche, rather than overcomplicated, and trying to stuff it full of every possible option in overseas travel experiences.

B) Entertain your Reader and followers– keep it natural and write as a real person when you communicate with your readers. Add a bit of humour here and there and write engaging content that will be shared.

Don’t be shy to add funny experiences, videos of fascinating places you went to visit, or even scary stuff that happened to you while on holiday because these all make travel blogs just so much more entertaining to read.

C) Be Unique and original– There are many travel blogs out there and you want yours to stand out so try and make it different and original. That will keep your readers coming back for more. Add special photos interesting facts about your travelling experiences and make it a fun travel blog.

Travel Blogging Guides

D)Share it and Share it. – When you build a travel blog, make sure to add a Facebook page to it and social media sharing buttons so that others can share it on your blog as well as Facebook page. Your readers will also know when you add new content as well.

E) Add Useful Travel Tips. Lastly, on your travelling blog, you can be helpful by adding useful tips about travelling abroad. Your readers will appreciate it and when they travel, they will put these handy hints to good use.

Luxurious Cruises

Luxury Holidays Guides for Tours & Cruises Around The World.

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Luxury Holidays Planning for Memorable Holiday Experiences…

Luxury Holidays Australia

Luxury Holidays Around The World.

Let us go over some smart tips for planning luxury holidays to any destinations all over the world. One of the most popular extended holidays are around the world tours and these are best experienced on luxury cruises.

Students on gap years or those with a wanderlust to explore the world will do well-taking advantage of round the world holiday packages, that come in a variety of special tours and even cruises.

The reason all-inclusive package holidays are the sensible choice is simple because it means they should include accommodation guides touts and sightseeing at all the best landmarks at each destination, and of course the air tickets or train tickets necessary for your trip to each country.

Luxury Holidays

Today there are around the world cruises where cruise lines offer package holidays of durations up to six months, stopping off at dozens of destinations to satisfy anyone with a desire to see as many countries of the world as possible.

Many people have a deep desire to explore cultures and historical places in countries, while others prefer sightseeing to see the many wonders of the world, and the beauty of nature and the diverse wildlife the world offers.

Here are some Tips if you are planning around the world package luxury holidays to make the best of your travelling.

a) List the Countries you want to visit: It is sensible to list the destinations you would love to visit rather than randomly trying to plan a trip to visit any or all destinations you possibly can. Round the world, travelling is better planned from map point to map point to make travel by air, cruise ship, car or train as cost-effective as possible.

b)Do your Planning Due Diligence –  Around the world package holidays mean doing some careful planning. This begins with working out costs for accommodation, for travel, investigating visa requirements for each country, and doing research on the destinations.

You will also need backup plans to make around the world trip flexible in case a particular destination is not practical, because of adverse weather conditions, politics, or other issues that make it an unsafe restrictive destination to visit.

c) Travel Insurance and documents– Having proper travel insurance is crucial for around the world package holidays, and you must do some research on the conditions of the countries you will visit. Are there diseases you could pick up, is the country safe, will you be able to cope with a medical emergency for you or your partner? What facilities are available embassies etc?

Research online information about each country carefully, and make notes in a diary because with so many countries you will be visiting in your package holidays, you are apt to forget some important details.

d) Keep Travelling Simple. With round the world package holidays you are going to be visiting many countries, and you do not want a ton of luggage to weigh you down which will also increase costs of baggage handling on planes, trains, and ferries.

Stick to packing basic clothing for warm and for cold countries, and keep an extra empty small carry bag handy. This can be for souvenir shopping, or when you need to add some necessities on your trips. Like the well known saying goes. ‘When packing avoids trying to take everything and the kitchen sink along’.

e) Nutrition Tips. While travelling the world on luxury holidays packages, it is wise to be careful, what you eat and where you eat because you could become ill. Stick to eating at reputable restaurants and don’t sample things at open markets just to try things out.  Make sure you always drink lots of water, and in certain countries stick to bottled water.

Take some vitamin supplements along and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on your round the world package holidays, making certain they washed properly before consuming them.

Luxury Holidays

f) Culture and language. Today there are smartphone applications that can help you communicate in foreign countries where the basic language is not English. Alternatively, keep a mini-language dictionary handy so that you can find useful phrases when you need communicate with the locals.

As above after doing, some research about the destination online, write done some facts about the culture so that in certain countries you stay out of trouble by knowing what the customs of people are. Travelling the world is an exciting experience, and if you have a travel blog many readers can follow it while you travel from country to country sharing your experiences, photos and information.

Take advantage of around the world package holidays, which can be done with the help of a travel agent to maximize the world exploration holidays experience, and making it as cost effective as possible.