Accommodation Tips While Waiting to Plan Your Holiday During The Pandemic.


Accommodation Tips and Star Ratings Information to Help you With Planning Holidays.

With COVID ruining travel everywhere for a while still, allow us in the meantime to share these useful accommodation tips to take note of for planning future holidays.

Everyone knows that one of the largest expenses when traveling locally or abroad is holiday accommodation and while away, you want the type of comfort you are accustomed to, without blowing your holiday budget.

With such a huge variety in accommodation options wherever you plan to visit on holiday, here are some tips that will help you get exactly what you want at a budget beating price and without compromising on creature comforts.

Let’s go over important accommodation tips covering all types of choices from singles holidays to adventure and family holidays.

Accommodation in Ocho Rios

1) Hiking, backpacking, gap year students sharing Hostels and dorms: Choose the smaller dorms in hostels that are preferable over the large ones, even if they are more expensive. You may still end up sharing with someone but you can get some great travel information from your roommates.

Do some diligent research while planning your GAP year or backpacking tours to make sure the hostel, youth center or backpacking hotel is reputable, and then always double-check and confirm bookings well in advance before leaving for your next destination each time.

2) Planning family holidays: You should always try to get holiday accommodation as near to the airport as possible if you don’t want to rent a car while on holiday. Check whether the hotel has a shuttle service or taxis available or whether the holiday package includes airport transfers.

Something that you must always consider in this case is that not all airports are located in the best areas of the cities and there may be a lot of noise from aircraft activity.  Levels of crime could also be higher close to some airports where criminals prey on travelers.

When choosing holiday accommodation; although you will find close to airport options cheap and comfortable, they might not be secure and you will have to endure the noise, and travel further for some sightseeing activities or to local beaches.

Playasol Riviera Hotel

3) Location of holiday accommodations plays a large part in what you will pay for them: All Hotels, Resorts, and holiday rentals will always charge a premium rate in exchange for the convenience of their location; this may be close to beaches, holiday activities and amenities. For a good example, check the prices for holiday accommodation on or close to Disneyland in comparison to others on the outskirts of towns or cities.

4) Choose accommodations that are relative to the tours and holiday activities you have planned for your holidays: For example, if you are going together as a family you will enjoy much better use of your limited vacation time by making sure the travel distances between the tours and attractions are as short as possible.

If you want to see sights in London for example, then get accommodation within London or in the nearby locations where bus, train, and taxi transport to London is easily accessible..

5) Hotel, Resort, and B&B Star ratings aren’t everything when you choose holiday accommodation: Even one-star hotels, resorts, and hostels are clean, have great services, and good food if it is inclusive.

When you are staying for a longer duration while abroad go down a few 'stars' and you will find an enormous difference in rates plus you save a ton of money in the difference.  Other options to consider are the comparisons between all-inclusive, package deals, bed, and breakfast or dinner and self-catering.

You will always get what you pay for, and often a lot of amenities and facilities you might not even use but will still pay for them regardless.

Holiday Resorts

Accommodation Tips Regarding Star Ratings

You can always trust large established chains such as the Hilton or other well-known brand resorts, but do your homework when choosing accommodation because smaller independent chains with fewer stars also have their merits besides being cheaper.

Although the star rating system was created to help guests and tourists judge how good a hotel is, these days many people read the reviews and take these as gospel rather than look at what the accommodation offers.

Star ratings will indicate the level of services, comfort, and standards a guest can expect, recognized worldwide and rated from 1 – 5.  Stars are allocated to accommodation according to the quality of service, facilities and amenities, the size and condition of rooms, furnishings, and the food.

They are also given according to safety and security, the standards of the buildings, and the efficiency of staff and services for guests.  Here are some accommodation tips regards star ratings;

1 Star Rated Accommodations

These are down-to-earth types of hotels and resorts or motels offering guests practical and budget-beating accommodation.  They will offer you all the basics and sometimes the ablution facilities will be communal with the same applying for dining which may mean buffet meals too.

One-star accommodation is very cheap in most instances and a bargain which makes them great for those on tight budgets that are not worried about en-suite or luxury accommodations.

Accommodation Tips; before paying for your accommodations first check the rooms and facilities, because you don't want the bed bugs to bite.  Also check the location is in a safe area of the town or city and that there is access to public transport.

2 Star Rated Accommodations

Although many hotels, motels, and smaller resorts offer en-suite facilities there are still a few where you might have to share a shower and bathrooms with other guests.

Most two-star accommodation options will offer comfortable furnishings and television, with choices for bed and breakfast or bed and dinner, either both or one of these two choices.


3 Star Rated Accommodations

As with going up in star ratings, almost all 3-star accommodations offer private bathrooms in rooms and color television with comfortable furnishings.  Some may offer stocked minibars and additional vending machines, free ice, snacks, and cable TV.

These days 3-star accommodation comes with improved services and facilities, inclusive bed and breakfast, improved staff service, and even room cleaning.  Resorts, hotels, and motels vying for another star will go out of their way to get good reviews which help them along the way.

4 Star Rated Accommodations

With Four-star hotels, resorts, motels, and other accommodations you are now going upper class and this means paying more for the luxury you should get.  All of these offers spacious rooms with private bathrooms and as close to luxury as possible in all the creature comforts. Look forward to higher-level services, emphasis on quality dining facilities, including room service and cleaning, dry cleaning and great locations.


5 Star Accommodations are The Top of the Log

Need it be said that this accommodation is simply the best of everything and often comes at the highest cost with it? The interiors and rooms will all be of the highest standard possible to treat guests with pampering and luxury.

Stylishly furnished rooms with services for guests are unsurpassed and anything amiss will immediately be addressed and resolved.  Five-star means that nothing is too much for guests and there will always be room service, luxury amenities, jacuzzis, spas, massages, and other luxury services available.

Guests will enjoy flawless services and high standards in luxury and delicious meals to make sure guests are always happy with everything.

These holiday accommodation tips regarding star ratings are a general guide to what you should expect while choosing accommodation.  Even so, sometimes lower star rated accommodations are also top class, treating guests with everything of the highest standards. Naturally, all of them want a 5-star review from guests as this is good for future business.

With so many hotel chains and resorts and in so many different countries there can often be a lack of consistency in hotel ratings.  Sometimes a 2-star hotel in a certain country will make you feel as if you are staying in a 4-star hotel because the services and facilities were fabulous.

It can go either way where a top-class hotel gives you less than great services that you were expecting for what they have been rated for!

Help for All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Some Help to Make Holiday Accommodation Choices

Where it comes to useful accommodation tips, reviews go a long way in helping people choose the accommodation they want and other options are asking trusted friends or colleagues that have traveled to the same destination what they would recommend.

You can also do some research online about the hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast by typing the name of your intended hotel and reading what they offer in facilities and services.  Trip Advisor is also useful to find reviews that will help you choose accommodation for your holidays.

Naturally, these reviews are a great watchdog to find great accommodation, but beware, even these are often negative because in this world even the smallest thing going wrong can make some people throw their toys out of the cot.

Cheap Uk family Holidays

They will of course then negatively rant and rave in the review they write, but in reality, the hotel was still great holiday accommodation.

Use your common sense with the above in mind when choosing accommodations for trips abroad to ensure that you all have an enjoyable and memorable vacation!

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Useful Covid-19 Travelling Tips for Everyone To Think of While Planning Any Trips Whether Locally or abroad!

Covid-19 Travelling Tips

Covid-19 Travelling Tips to Prepare for Stress-Free Travel

With so many restrictions and lockdowns all over the world during the pandemic, it is going to be some time before everything normalizes again.  However, if you do travel and are able to properly preparing will save you time and money while keeping you and your family or traveling partners safe. take note of these covid-19 traveling tips so that you are properly prepared for business or holiday travel.

Before you even consider traveling there are certain facts to consider while at the same time being diligent in adhering to your country lockdown rules.

Examples of regulations  to investigate while planning is:

  • Checking available open destinations, border regulations and available attractions for your holidays
  • Make certain all your paperwork is in order from visas to required health certificates, COVID test results where it may be required to enter the country, to travel insurance which is now compulsory.
  • Know what COVID regulations are in place at airports before you leave and what measures are in place WRT social distancing, sanitizing, and security.
  • Make certain you have a mask and sanitizer for everyone before you leave preferably with some spares.

Making a proper checklist for your holiday is one way to plan it all without stress and prepare for a safe journey. If you have made sure to cater for all eventualities there is no reason you will not enjoy a holiday.

Covid-19 Travel Planning

The pandemic has severely curbed where you can go and this is going to be the case for the foreseeable future. Even so, this does not mean you cannot travel abroad to visit family you have not seen for a long time if the country permits this.

COVID-19 The New Travel Normal.

Travelers will have to adhere to regulations for where you live as well as for international travel so it is wise doing some research online to find out what these are according to where you are going.

There are different levels of lockdown in place according to the severity of infection and death rates relevant to different countries. Unfortunately, guidelines are constantly changing so it is best to visit your government’s website to see the latest.

Many people have suffered cabin fever and frustration of not seeing family and friends for a long time this year. If you are prepared to meet all the requirements it does not mean you cannot travel at all.

There are some countries have removed their travel restrictions, although there will be certain regulations in place like having a COVID test certificate, or having to be quarantined for a while. Fortunately many holiday and travel suppliers now offer refund protection in case something happens at the destination you are visiting preventing you from going.

Covid Travelling Tips

Where accommodations, visitor’s attractions, and tourist activities are concerned many are closed but there are just as many available with covid-19 regulations in place to keep everyone safe. Do some due diligence to check local and overseas government regulations while planning so that you are properly prepared in every way

Proof of Flights, Accommodation, and Tourist Attractions

The pandemic means there are track and trace procedures for everyone to limit infection rates so before you leave make sure you have two copies or even more proof of flight accommodation and activities.

The same applies to all your travel documents and leave a copy at home or with a family member or friend just to be safe in case yours go missing along the way. Travel insurance is now compulsory for everyone and you can shop around to see what deals are the best without compromising on cover. Other insurances include refund insurances and COVID-19 cover with proper medical coverage for everyone you are traveling with.

Flights are now a new kettle of fish with many new procedures in place to keep passengers safe. Due to this there can often be some delays so cater for this by arriving early to go through all the procedures and checks.

Lastly: Today one of the most important accessories no one should be without is your mask and a bottle of sanitizer don’t be without this otherwise you will be turned away.

Explore London

Smart Ways to Plan a Holiday Abroad During COVID-19 & Useful Information

Villa Holidays

Can You Go On Your Summer Holiday Right Now?

Many countries are opening their borders to tourism again and those hankering after a holiday abroad will find that there are some safe options available. Travelling locally and to nearby nations in Europe is your best bet right now, and fortunately, many tourist spots are currently not overcrowded which means social distancing is not a problem.

Cheap Holidays Abroad recently recommended a Villa holiday abroad for safe family holidays where you can rent your own home away from home and bask in the sun safely away from Covid-19 crowds.

If you do some research online you will easily find the mandatory rules and regulations for flying and tourism, and armed with some common sense and your Cocid-19 mask, you can still get away from it all on a well deserved holiday.

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Plan Your Holiday Abroad Today

Investigate the country you are travelling to border restrictions and flight regulations carefully while planning a holiday abroad, and you will find they are not as draconian as you believe, all just in place for making certain that passengers are safe.

Recent research data shows that there are only rare occasions of transmissions during flights and as long as people follow the WHO and flight organization guidelines this will remain so.

Social Distancing is the Key to a Safe Holiday Abroad.

Beach vacations at the sea in the sunshine are the most popular options right now and renting a Villa rather than staying in a hotel is the smart option.

There are social distancing rules for visiting the beaches and you cannot catch the virus from seawater but from other beachgoers so keep your distance.

A villa rental for your holiday abroad can be booked for your whole family, for couples or a group of friends but make certain you know all there is to know about travelling between your countries and where you are going and what is necessary once you return home.

Explore Spain

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Villas in Spain

Adhering to all the protocols for preventing transmission and infection of the virus should be second nature by now for almost everyone. Sometimes people do forget the rules and it is simple to politely ask that person to maintain their distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands thoroughly.

Download this Free Travel Fact Sheet from the European Commission with full guidelines on travel  if you are planning a holiday abroad.

For further reading of where tourism is now available in different countries do a search on Google for updated information. This news article from Sky News recently updated is also useful information you can use to plan your next holiday with peace of mind CLICK HERE

Corona Virus Free Travel Destinations

Where is it Safe to Travel With Current Travel Restrictions?

*Check Local News For Updated Information

Picture by Kayak Click Below for More Details

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Travel Restrictions Curbing Travel Wanderlust.

The pandemic has seriously damaged the tourism industry and many countries that rely on tourism have suffered a massive loss of revenue as a result of current strict travel restrictions.

With travel revenue generated by tourism is an integral part of many countries' economies, many are hoping that the pandemic will be over soon so that tourists can return.

Travel restrictions remain with some countries completely locked down with others only offering extreme reason travel only.

Airlines are the second industry that has seriously taken a knock due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many smaller companies have gone bankrupt with thousands of people losing their jobs.

Furthermore, the knock-on effect of travel restrictions is horrendous with yearly vacations have been put on hold by consumers, small travel businesses going bust, guest houses closing and losing incomes and the cruise industry crashing.

Cheap Holidays abroad are keeping tabs on current travel restrictions and will occasionally update everyone with what is transpiring.

Some people are already optimistic about booking holidays for 2021 and doing so provisionally because massive savings can be had as accommodation and flights are cheap but no one can really tell whether there will be a vaccine available or whether travel will be completely open again for everyone.

If you want to provisionally book travel in the future we will assist where ever we can and you can message us on Facebook with what you are planning travel-wise to get help.

The impact of COVID 19 pandemic on people all over the world cannot be understated on health,  employment, and everyday life, and social distancing, wearing masks and lock-down quarantines are going to be the norm for many months to come.

COVID 19 Travel

We will do our best to keep everyone updated on what travel becomes available as soon as possible. In the meantime follow our Facebook page where we will share news, interesting travel pictures videos, and external travel news links.

We hope that we will be able to help you plan a dream vacation to an exotic destination soon and believe like everything else as history has shown in the past, this pandemic shall soon pass as well...

Explore Local Attractions

How to Earn Extra Money Sharing Your Overseas Holidays Writing Travel Blogs.

How to Start Travel Blogs

Starting and Maintaining Profitable Travel Blogs

Blogging is a super way to share your travelling experiences and a travel blog is both fun and interesting to people that want to travel in the future too. With travel restrictions in place with the COVID-19 pandemic, consider sharing past travel memories with others that hankering to tour the world again in the future.

When you build your travel blog it can also become a super money spinner when you share your overseas travel experiences, because it is simple enough to find some super travel affiliate programs to advertise. Rest assured travel and tourism although now limited during this pandemic will open again soon enough.

Explore Local

While on holidays abroad, document your travel by making notes of places you visit; taking beautiful pictures to brighten your blog up, and add some amusing things that happened to you to entertain visitors. Visit our picture galleries for some beautiful holiday destination pictures, and you are welcome to share these on your blog too.

Travel Blogs to Share Travel Experiences

Maybe you have wanderlust or want a gap year to backpack to some exotic locations, and if so, it is perfect to keep your travel blog updated with lively information as you tour the different destinations abroad. Here are some useful tips to build travel blogs including how to monetize it as well.

A) Choose what sort of Travel you will focus on– Try to stick to a theme on your travel blogs, like your cruising experiences if you are a cruising enthusiast, or historical travel experiences if you love history in the different countries. Perhaps backpacking is your passion or travelling by trains.

There are endless options for starting travel blogs, but try and make it focussed on a certain travel niche, rather than overcomplicated, and trying to stuff it full of every possible option in overseas travel experiences.

B) Entertain your Reader and followers– keep it natural and write like a real person when you communicate with your readers. Add a bit of humour here and there and write engaging content that will be shared.

Don't be shy to add funny experiences, videos of fascinating places you went to visit, or even scary stuff that happened to you while on holiday because these all make travel blogs just so much more entertaining to read.

C) Be Unique and original– There are many travel blogs out there and you want yours to stand out so try and make it different and original. That will keep your readers coming back for more. Add special photos of interesting facts about your travelling experiences and make it a fun travel blog.

Travel Blogging Guides

D) Share it and share it. – When you build a travel blog, make sure to add a Facebook page to it and social media sharing buttons so that others can share it on your blog as well as a Facebook page. Your readers will also know when you add new content as well.

E) Add Useful Travel Tips. Lastly, on your travelling blog, you can be helpful by adding useful tips about travelling abroad. Your readers will appreciate it and when they travel, they will put these handy hints to good use.

Here is a useful guide on how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

3 Great Songs That Remind You to Live! Sing Those Blues Away.

Remembering Life’s Simple Happiness in Today's Scary Times.

Travel is mostly banned worldwide right now with this scary pandemic but while you are isolated or in lock-down, you can remind yourself life is worth living, there is still joy and good everywhere, and there are people doing the best to help each other more than ever before. You can still unleash the song in your heart!

Ditch the doom and gloom and sing happy songs while you are at home, dream a little, and live life the best you can right now. Let loose the optimist in you no matter how dark things may look right now. (Below are some videos of happy songs and more in this post)

Explore Where you Live

Spare a Moment of Prayer and be Joyful.

Sometimes while I am in the shower or alone there is always one of three songs that seemingly to pop up out of my subconscious, at the time, and I start singing them, or humming the tunes.

On certain days these tunes get stuck in my head all day…

Giving these tunes/songs some thought it actually makes me realize how relevant to life they are, and this is why I deemed it appropriate to share what I think about them.

It is especially important right now to get closer to family, renew your bonds with God, and don't be afraid to tell those close to you that you love them.

Just today I was singing this one while thinking about my two grown-up sons, called the Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. I went to have a look online for it, and found that the video of this song has been viewed over 8 million times.

It was written quite a few years ago, but for today’s fast-paced lifestyles, with families being torn apart it is more apt than ever before. Isolation has made it even worse for many families living apart right now too.

In normal times busy parents with fast-paced careers and jobs, just do not spend time with their children anymore, and perhaps the same is going to come full circle when you are retired.

Your children will just be too busy to spend time with you…

We are all just so busy chasing money and trying to live, that we actually don’t live our lives at all.

The world has changed right now with this pandemic showing us we have new priorities, those which we have forgotten in our modern lifestyles.

Think about that fact for a few moments; about your own family and how much time you really spend together.

If it has been in the past fleeting, only on special occasions, or when you think you have time, then make a concerted decision to change. In today's times of this horrific pandemic fix those relationships now before it is too late.

Spend more time with your loved ones before it is too late, and remember time is short.

Sing a Song

Another song I often sing to myself is the one by The Hollies ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s my Brother” I lost both my brothers early in life, and recently my sister too, and in hindsight, it seems I could have, should have, spent more time with them when I had the chance.

It is not just that we are all brothers and sisters and you can define the song in another way which is telling you to reach out to anyone offering a helping hand in support any way you are able to...

It seems that people have become colder towards each other and less caring too and I see that a lot on social media how people are criticizing and lambasting others. Are you trashing your country's president, being nasty to others because of their opinions, or simply being a hater troll on social media?

Stop that if you are guilty of doing this.

There is so much family conflict as well, and brothers, sisters, and even parents can become totally alienated from each other for lifetimes over trivial matters. Where is the love…?

These days when you smile at someone, it is treated with suspicion, and when last did you perform an act of charity straight from the heart that will make you feel great and fulfilled afterwards?

It does not make you weak reaching out to others to ask for help, forgiving to heal a conflict with friends, family, colleagues, or offering your friendship, and a warm smile to someone is all free.

Think a little about that for a while, and make a firm decision to be a better person especially in today's troubled times while we are suffering this pandemic. Think especially about the seniors right now how fearful they are so reach out if you know old people or have grandparents in your family.

Its Time to help Others


The last favorite song always stuck in my mind is the one ‘Sing a Song sung performed by famous people like Shirley Bassey, Perry Como and the Carpenters, which is my favorite versionIt has also been performed in some children’s shows too.

This tune also makes me feel good when I sing it, (sometimes out loud) and it reminds me that I am good enough for everyone, for everything and have a purpose in this world.

Have a song in your heart, live love with joy and happiness, because you can and to do so you just need to slow down life just that little bit… You are special to someone…

I thought I would just share these thoughts about these songs which I think are really good and the links to those videos of these so you can listen to them. I am sure that can help you feel better about yourself and your life. Just in case you are feeling down. Listen to the words…

There are many other songs that have great lyrics which we can apply to life like the one that was very popular back in the day’ Don’t Worry be happy’ ‘All you need is Love’ and many more.

Why not start singing right now and you will find it brushes away the doom and gloom. You have your own favourite songs I am sure.

Singing is good for you and you can make up some favourite tunes of your own to sing to your children or grandchildren.

Here is one I made up for my granddaughter the love of my life, that I often sing to her since she was one year old, to the tune of ‘This Old Man he played one etc’ it goes like this:

‘I love you… You Love me,

We are a happy family…

Because you are my Sweetie pea,

I love you and you Love me!

Happy Songs



Travel and Trends in the Digital World The Only Destination You Have Right Now During The Pandemic.

(*Grab the Useful Guide Within This Post)

Travel at Home

Heal Your Mind With Digital Travelling and Update On The Current Trends Online

Everyone needs to travel in their lives because we all know that traveling can be a time of spiritual renewal, a time to relax, regenerate and get away from stresses and strains and an overall healing process. Unfortunately, travel has taken a massive blow and it will be a long time before it is truly safe to travel again.

The only way to set your mind free now and travel places are within the digital world of travel and trends, and at least it is something.

Why Not Explore Where You Live?

Why now browse through some of our photo galleries to take a look at some stunning travel pictures to reminisce being there if you have or planning future travel in the years to come? Click Here To Browse.

Current trends now are seeking ways to earn money on the internet after many have been laid off, lost incomes from their small businesses, and imagine how travel agencies of all types have suffered during this pandemic with huge loss of incomes.

On that note, below is a useful guide that has been shared to help you find ways to earn an extra income online while in isolation in multiple different ways.

earn an extra Income Online

New travel and trends after this pandemic will be forever changed and recovery will be a long-drawn-out process because it will take some time for people to trust any destination to be free of the Corona Virus.

There may be travel enthusiasts that will travel to far-off exotic destinations out of the way some that may not have been touched by the pandemic but getting there could be a problem in the first place.

Maui Countryside

The Economy all over the world has also taken a huge beating with many businesses down the tubes forever without any hope for recovery. Take a look at this guide below which is useful to help you weather the current and forthcoming economic collapse. Rest assured the crisis is far from over too.

Eventually, after the pandemic has died down we will be able to fly again but many destinations will probably have some restrictions and health checks. For now, you can read past articles on some fabulous destinations and perhaps make future plans for travel.

On the positive side many resorts, hotels, and travel destinations will drop their prices to do what they can to have tourists returning but its going to take some time for this pandemic to die down, and right now travel is the last thing on most peoples mind.

Today everyone has one thing to think about and that is avoiding getting the Corona Virus...

Corona Virus



Most People Are Asking Whether They Should Cancel Their Holiday Plans and Travel Because of the Corona Virus: Here Are the Advisories!

Corona Virus and Travel

Have Your Holiday and Travel Plans Gone Down the Drain?

One of the biggest debates right now is whether you should cancel holiday plans and travel because of the Corona Virus outbreak.  There certainly is a lot of media sensation about this virus and a lot of it has caused fear and uncertainty especially around travelling.

Before you cancel your holiday plans outright or choose to travel, it is wise to step back and do some proper research about the Corona virus in the news and online.  Once you have all the facts then you can begin weighing up your travel and holiday plans carefully before coming to a final decision.

It’s a fact that new Corona virus cases are surfacing almost daily in many countries all over the world doing huge damage to economies, the tourism industry and the stock markets.  If you have booked your holiday early then it is definitely time to read the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy carefully, otherwise you could lose some or even all your money.

Some travel insurance companies will not just cancel travel simply because the traveller is fearful of the Coronavirus.  However, if your destination is to one of the countries where there is a serious outbreak of the disease preventing travel it may be a different story altogether.

Holiday Destinations With/Without the Corona Virus.

There are still many holiday destinations that are free from cases of the Coronavirus, so if your holiday is at one of them then travel may still be fine.  Recently we wrote some guidelines on preventing this virus while travelling which has information directly from the World Health Organization.

You might have booked a special trip way in advance to places like Las Vegas or Paris in order to save money and have paid quite a bit for a special holiday at your destination.  Before you cancel any travel or holiday plans, firstly investigate whether your hotel and flights can rather be rescheduled when the virus dies down perhaps sometime in the future.

Changing travel plans may cost you a small fee but it is better than losing the whole holiday booking and many hotels and airlines will do what they can to assist you with this.

The Corona Virus Travel Debate

To Cancel or Not to Cancel?

Before you cancel holiday plans and travel find out whether your destination has an outbreak of the Corona Virus. It’s easy enough to find the list of countries and rate of infection online and in the news.

Another important factor that could affect your survival from the Coronavirus or any disease is your current health and medical conditions as well as your age group.  Remember before you do anything to check your travel insurance to see terms about cancelling as full refunds are hard to come by these days.

For flights and accommodation reservations that are in the middle of affected areas, you are likely to get some or almost all your money back because in this instance you do not have alternatives due to the travel restrictions in place.

Tips for Passport Safety, Travel Documents & Cash While On Holidays Abroad and At Home.

Travel Abroad Safety

Take Heed of These Passport Safety Tips While Travelling Abroad and Share Them With The Family Too.

These passport safety tips will help you keep this valuable document and your other travel documents safe while travelling and at home.

Your passport will be the most valuable item that you must keep safe while travelling abroad.  It confirms your citizenship of whichever country you are from and for this reason may be the most valuable document you have in your possession.

First of all, never give your passport to anyone as collateral for any reason, (something which many people do), and always watch it carefully while it is in someone else’s hands while using it to confirm identification, book into hotels, or checking in for your flights.

Many countries you enter will require certain details before your flight lands; like your reason for travel, where you will be staying and your passport number, so you will need to have it handy.

When registering at hotels your proof of identification will also be required, and this is once again your passport.  It is used so many times for various things which we do not really take note of but pointing them out highlights the importance.

Cheap Flights

In certain countries,  the law may require that your passport will be needed to be kept by the resort or motel overnight for verification by law officials, and this is standard in many countries due to passport fraud being rife all over the world.

Should this be the case where you are staying and your passport is not returned immediately the next day, report this to the authorities, your country embassy and/or your consulate with no delay.

With passport fraud on the rise all over the world, it is vital that the authorities do everything possible to protect the integrity of legitimate passport holders and citizens.  Often this may cause slight delays at airports, and hotels or where passports are used for verifying your identity, so exercise some patience.

If your passports are lost or stolen, there will be lengthy delays in getting a new one issued because details are checked and re-checked of the applicant.  Your embassy may provide you with a temporary travel document to return home in the meantime if this happens.

Safeguarding Your Passport.

Passport safety must be your number one concern with this extremely valuable document.  In many cases, loss or theft of passports is due to the carelessness of the holder and could have been avoided with a few common-sense precautions.

Sometimes while travelling you will need to keep your passport with you for banking and cashing out travellers checks, and in some countries, it is required to be on your person at all times.  When this is the case, make certain you keep it in a safe place securely on your person.

Travel Documents Safety

Keep it securely in your handbag if you are a woman, making sure you are always holding your bag and strap tightly while out and about.  Men should keep it in a money pouch or fanny pack that has a strong belt and is firmly attached.

When you do not need your passport, it is wise to rather leave it in the hotel or accommodation safe and not packed into your luggage or in the closet or in the bedside drawers.

 Guard Passport Theft by Thieves!

Think about passport safety at all times and beware that coat pockets, hip pockets and wallets are all susceptible to thieves with expert pickpocketing skills.

While travelling and enjoying holiday activities prevent money and passport theft by carrying all your belongings in a secure way and avoid crowded areas and streets where pickpockets lurk.

Planning Travelling

Women with shoulder bags should keep the bag securely tucked under the arm and at the same time wrap the bag strap around your arm as well. Men should keep their wallets and passports in their front pockets or use strong durable money belts. If possible use waterproof money packs or wallets.

While travelling or wherever you go always be vigilant in large crowds on buses and trains while shopping and on the subways.  Don’t fall for distractions by strangers because they often work in pairs or trios and one will distract while the others will rob you.

Keep copies of your passport and all your travel documents, and make at least three of them.

One copy can be left with family or friends at home and the others with family members that are travelling with you. In countries where you need to keep your passport on your person, rather keep a colour copy which suffices in almost all cases.

Consider applying these passport safety tips at all times and chances are you will never have any problems at home or travelling abroad.

Explore Local Attractions

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