Should You Cancel Holiday Plans and Travel Because of The Corona Virus?

Virus and Travel Plans

Most People Are Asking Whether They Should Cancel Their Holiday Plans and Travel Because of the Corona Virus: Here Are the Advisories!

Corona Virus and Travel

Have Your Holiday and Travel Plans Gone Down the Drain?

One of the biggest debates right now is whether you should cancel holiday plans and travel because of the Corona Virus outbreak.  There certainly is a lot of media sensation about this virus and a lot of it has caused fear and uncertainty especially around travelling.

Before you cancel your holiday plans outright or choose to travel, it is wise to step back and do some proper research about the Corona virus in the news and online.  Once you have all the facts then you can begin weighing up your travel and holiday plans carefully before coming to a final decision.

It’s a fact that new Corona virus cases are surfacing almost daily in many countries all over the world doing huge damage to economies, the tourism industry and the stock markets.  If you have booked your holiday early then it is definitely time to read the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy carefully, otherwise you could lose some or even all your money.

Some travel insurance companies will not just cancel travel simply because the traveler is fearful about the Corona virus.  However if your destination is to one of the countries where there is a serious outbreak of the disease preventing travel it may be a different story altogether.

Holiday Destinations With/Without the Corona Virus.

There are still many holiday destinations that are free from cases of the Corona virus, so if your holiday is at one of them then travel may still be fine.  Recently we wrote some guidelines on preventing this virus while travelling which has information directly from the World Health Organization.

You might have booked a special trip way in advance to places like Las Vegas or Paris in order to save money and have paid quite a bit for a special holiday at your destination.  Before you cancel any travel or holiday plans, firstly investigate whether your hotel and flights can rather be rescheduled when the virus dies down perhaps sometime in the future.

Changing travel plans may cost you a small fee but it is better than losing the whole holiday booking and many hotels and airlines will do what they can to assist you with this.

The Corona Virus Travel Debate

To Cancel or Not to Cancel?

Before you cancel holiday plans and travel find out whether your destination has an outbreak of the Corona Virus. It’s easy enough to find the list of countries and rate of infection online and in the news.

Another important factor that could affect your survival from the Corona virus or any disease is your current health and medical conditions as well as your age group.  Remember before you do anything to check your travel insurance to see terms about cancelling as full refunds are hard to come by these days.

For flights and accommodation reservations that are in the middle of affected areas, you are likely to get some or almost all your money back because in this instance you do not have alternatives due to the travel restrictions in place.

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