Explore The World from Your Armchair With These Fun, Free Virtual Travel Programs

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Virtual Travel Programs

Feeling Cabin Fever? Virtual Travel is the Perfect Relief During Lockdown

Lockdown has been going on for weeks and in some cases months all over the world shutting down travel everywhere. Virtual travel is still possible allowing you to explore the world in a different way, and can be a lot of fun when you do it together as a family while allowing you to plan your next holiday with useful information about any destinations

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We have listed some awesome virtual travel programs and applications below for your convenience, which will allow you to explore our world and have lots of fun doing so.

PRO TIP: Connect your laptop or use Chrome cast to view the world in all its glory and your children will love it for sure.

It’s easy and free to install virtual travel programs and the children will love flying around the world to see all the different countries right down to sea level. Below are the links to virtual travel programs and they all open in new windows so you will not lose your place.

Virtual Travel Globe Trotting

Google Earth Program

Earth 3D Maps

The Globe Program

Web Earth

Earth DAY

Beaches Around The world


Explore Sensational Beaches, Places of Interest, and Celebrities Homes all at Ground level.

Virtual travel globetrotting is one of the most popular right now featuring celebrity homes and other useful maps as well as some fun games related to travel.

Naturally, Google earth which is well known is one of the top choices. The latest update allows you to explore right down to street level and you could just as well be a little bird sitting in a tree with this awesome program.

Check out the world in 3D with the Earth3dmap program and see some epic images of our world. This program allows you to search out capitals, special landmarks, and even mountains and skyscrapers.

Globe. Gov is a great one and fun for students with lots of great world information and options to explore the world your way. Want something for your kids in virtual travel and activities? Then earth day is the perfect option and you will find everything you need to keep them occupied.

Virtual Travel


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