Escape on Bahamas Holidays to Soak Up The Sun On a Magical Holiday in Tropical Paradise.

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Looking To Travel Somewhere Different? Bahamas Holidays are Perfect for Sun Seekers.

Who hasn’t heard of the beautiful Bahamas? This is one of the most popular sun holidays you can imagine offering an array of holiday activities found at every island destination.

Book great deals with us for epic Bahamas Holidays and soak up all the sun you can handle on endless sandy beaches.  This magical destination offers beautiful sightseeing, awesome cuisine and friendly locals that take care of tourists to make their stay a memorable one.

These beautiful islands cover over 100,000-square-miles comprising of over 650 islands and 2400 cays located just a few miles off the Florida coast.  Choose a variety of accommodation options from family budget-friendly to luxurious 5-star resorts. Alternatively, book a luxury cruise that stops off at the Bahamas and take advantage of the shore excursions to these islands.

Considering the tropical climate, the Bahamas enjoys lovely year-round weather making it a top holiday destination visited by tourists from all over the globe.  Look forward to laid back Bahamas holidays that will help you truly relax and unwind from modern-day stresses.

The best time for Bahamas holidays are between June and August and although it is a tropical destination, travellers should be aware that winters can often be a little cold during December through to January, besides this, blazing sunshine is the order for over 300 days of the year!

If you want to travel to the Bahamas next year, book now and secure some smashing cheap deals on flights and accommodation for your 2020 holiday.

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What to Do On Your Bahamas Holidays.

The Bahamas offers multiple attractions, activities and diversity with a rich history, heritage, and friendly local cultures.  Keeping busy is pretty easy with the laid back vibe making it perfect for young and old.

Those that love surfing can enjoy the surf and sandy beaches and for those with a hankering for exploration, visiting the Hatchet Bay Caves or bird watching at Inagua is the ultimate adventure.  The main attraction is the laid back lifestyle in this tropical paradise which is infectious and you will find that you start relaxing completely.

With so many things to do, places to visit and sights to see, many visitors always return on Bahamas holidays with each one being a unique experience and pleasure, we have no doubt this will also not be your last holiday to the Bahamas either.

Check Out Some Epic Activities Below!


Sun holidays on pristine beaches close to lapping crystal blue and emerald green waters make it a sun-seekers paradise and millions of people from colder countries luxuriate in the Bahamas soaking up all the sun they can get.

The Bahamas has over 450 miles of the earth’s clearest waters and an endless array of beach and water activities, while the beauty of the scenery makes it an equally popular honeymoon destination...

Bimini Island

Bimini Island is an anglers paradise known as the deep-sea fishing capital of the world as it is teeming with marine life that few ocean destinations can match.  Boat charters for fishing trips can be planned for this to experience the thrill of the deep blue.

If you are into nature, there are plenty of destinations and guided tour adventures to choose from on your Bahamas holidays.

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The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Here you can visit a 175-square-mile preserve and wildlife refuge that is home to many indigenous rare birds, colourful marine life and exotic reptiles, including the Bahamian Iguana that is currently on the endangered list.

Another must-visit is to the ‘Abaco National Park on Out Island’ or the ‘Great Inagua’ in the Bahamas, which are considered two magical bird-watching destinations for bird lovers.

Locals on these islands go out of their way to make travellers feel welcomed and enjoy their holidays in this tropical paradise so don't be afraid to ask and engage with them to get tips and important insider information!

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Whether it is sampling local cuisine or holiday shopping you will certainly feel like you are at a home away from home in this wonderful tropical paradise.

Plan your all-inclusive Holidays to the Bahamas with Cheap Holidays Abroad and look forward to a wonderful family holiday to remember.

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