4 Answers to The Question: Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?

Answering the All Important Question: Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?

Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?

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While watching television you will find it peppered with advertisements for travel and hotels the likes of ‘Travelocity’, or ‘Trivago’ for some examples. Surely enough people can book travel easily on these automated travel websites, but they will never get the personalized services you would get from a home based travel agent.

With the growth of the internet for easy travel booking the question still needs to be asked: >>>Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?<<<

Large travel websites have a huge diversity of options to choose from and thousands if not millions of people do use the convenience to make their travel arrangements online. It is harder to find niche specific travel on large travel websites like group bookings, business travel, honeymoons student travel or nurse travel as just a few examples worth mentioning here. This is where the answer to ‘Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?’ becomes a resounding NO!

Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?

Many home based travel agents work in specific travel niches like those mentioned above and business clients, executives, and individuals will enjoy a helpful professional travel agent services that cater to these needs.

Compared to an automated system there are certain services that a real travel agent can provide that cannot be replicated online. Another factor is that automated systems do make errors often when internets services are interrupted, meaning you have to start your planning all over from the beginning.

Examples of services that home based travel agents can provide travellers and business executives include:

Travel Agents at home

a) Focussed Personalized Professional Services. If you are a business traveller, for example, you cannot afford delays or incorrect bookings as you have specific objectives to conclude.
Home based travel agents will take time to listen to tour needs and offer flexible targeted travel itineraries, hotel and rental car options and any other additional requirements for a smooth business trip. The same direct helpful services applies for holiday bookings , student travel assistance and other niche travel options clients seek.

b) Best Value for Money. Even automated websites offering travel bookings are limited to what they can prvide you in pricing as these ranges are set and not flexible. Home based travel agents can do the legwork to save money for travellers in everything from airfares to accommodation and car rentals.

*Home based travel agents have direct contact to large travel suppliers meaning they can negotiate better rates. These travel agents will work hard to service business clients and individuals bending over backwards to make sure what your travel plans are as close as possible to the mark in budget and itineraries.

c) At Your services anytime. Real home based travel agents can be contacted or emailed at any time if something on your trip goes wrong which is not as easily done with an automated travel booking services.

d)  Solving Travel Problems. Maybe you encounter problems on your holiday because weather caused rescheduling of flights, hotels overbooked online so you need to find new accommodation for examples. Professional home based travel agents will do everything in the power promptly to resolve these matters and give you peace of mind.

e) That added personal touch. Home based travel agents want you to use their services repeatedly and will always give you the highest level of services they can muster to make your trip a wonderfully smooth experience.

Honeymoon Planned home based travel agents

You may be a special needs client with a disability restricted diet, or other limitations and an automated travel booking system will not know what you need to cater for these requirements whereas a home based travel agent being a real person can make the necessary arrangements for you.

Conclusion Comparing automation with Live Services

So let us once again repeat the question this article is related to and that is: ‘Are Home Based Travel Agents Obsolete?’

The factors alone above will easily convince you that a home based travel agent is a far nicer way to plan business trips, family holidays and specific travel compared to an automated travel system online. A human home based travel agent guarantees that the type of travel arrangements you want is done to satisfy your every need as close as possible and they will dedicate themselves to making sure your business trips or holiday travel is just how you envisaged…

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